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Atlantic.Net can help manage your hosted server infrastructure. You can take advantage of our server management services and bring focus to your core business. Coupled with Server Management Services and your choice of hosted infrastructure; Atlantic.Net can help you achieve your business goals and help you stay focused on your core business. We provide the following services:

Server management
Available Operating Systems
Available Operating Systems
Atlantic.Net One-Click Apps
Atlantic.Net One-Click Apps
General Features
General Features
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Database Service Support
Control Panel Support
Control Panel Support
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DNS Support
Email Server Suppor
Email Server Support
File Sharing
File Sharing
Load Balancing
Load Balancing
OnWatch Platinum
OnWatch Platinum Monitoring Platform
Server Migrations
Server Migrations
Server Patching
Server Patching and Updates
Vulnerability Scans
Vulnerability Scans
Web Server Support
Web Server Support
Web Server Support
Web Service Support - SSL
VPN Support
VPN Support
Available Operating Systems negative

Available Operating

SuccessWindows Server: 2016, 2019, 2022

SuccessRocky Linux: 8

SuccessDebian: 10, 11

SuccessUbuntu: 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS

Atlantic.Net One-Click Apps







General Features

General Features

  • Server deployment while following industry best practices, including server hardening
  • General baseline performance metrics completed and provided upon initial release
  • 20% discount on Atlantic.Net Professional Service Agreements
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Upon request, troubleshoot issues relating to server network connectivity, host load, and server operating systems
  • Reinstall server operating system as needed
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Database Service Support

Note: This does not include support
query analysis

BluesuccessSupported platforms: MSSQL2017/2019; MySQL 5.7+, 8.x Recommended; Percona 5.7+, MariaDB 10,4+

BluesuccessAssist with setting up local database backups

BluesuccessInstallation and secure configuration of database users

BluesuccessAssist with import of remote databases

BluesuccessAssist with setting up new database and database users

BluesuccessAssist with basic security changes

Control Panel Support

Control Panel

BluesuccesscPanel / WHM

Note: Support is always current LTS version

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DNS Support

BluesuccessWeb portal available to allow for client to make their own changes

BluesuccessAssist with importing customer provided DNS information to Atlantic.NetDNS servers

BluesuccessImplement DNS changes on Atlantic.Net DNS servers and help facilitate migrations to
Atlantic.Net services

BluesuccessAssist with advanced DNS configurations, such as setting up domain keys and SPF records

BluesuccessAssist with troubleshooting DNS resolution problems

Email Server Support

Email Server

BluesuccessInstall and configure Mail Server on Windows or Linux server, including Mail Transfer Agent
(MTA) and Webmail portals

BluesuccessEnable anti-spam and anti-malware settings by configuring e-mail virus and spam scanners,
rate-limits, and Realtime Blackhole List checks

BluesuccessAssist with setting up mail-related DNS records

BluesuccessAssist with setting up new domains

BluesuccessAssist with setting up new users

BluesuccessAssist with troubleshooting mail delivery and mail queue issues

BluesuccessProvide customer with settings needed to set up e-mail client for receiving e-mail

File Sharing

File Sharing:

BluesuccessIncludes support for Windows and Linux file shares

BluesuccessAssist with setup and mapping of NFS shared folder

BluesuccessAssist with setup and mapping of Samba/SMB shared folder

BluesuccessAssist with setup and mapping of SSHFS shared folder

BluesuccessAssist with setup and mapping of Windows shared drive



BluesuccessIncludes support for Linux and Windows systems
BluesuccessAssist with setup and configuration FTP, FTPS, and SFTP
BluesuccessAssist with setup of new users
Load Balancing

Load Balancing (optional add-on):

BluesuccessConfigure load balancing to distribute incoming application traffic across multiple servers

BluesuccessConfigure load balancing service type - Round Robin, Static Round Robin, Least Connections, IP Source

BluesuccessConfigure load balancing features - sticky sessions, health checks, SSL termination, multi-port, connection throttling

BluesuccessNote: GeoIP Load Balancing also available via Edge Protection service

OnWatch Platinum

OnWatch Platinum Monitoring Platform (as requested):

BluesuccessSNMP-based CPU usage
BluesuccessSNMP-based RAM usage
Disk I/O
BluesuccessSNMP-based NIC throughput
BluesuccessHardware RAID status (if applicable)
BluesuccessWebsite, E-Mail, MySQL port status
Server Migrations Negative


SuccessAssist with migrating client data from another hosting provider and with getting started on Atlantic.Net's Managed Platform server

File Sharing

Server Patching
and Updates

BluesuccessUpon request, install requested updates and patches

BluesuccessAutomated patching service available

BluesuccessCritical patches installed daily

BluesuccessGeneral patches installed monthly

BluesuccessSchedule times for server reboots after patching, if needed

BluesuccessUpon request, pre-patch report on the current status of pending updates

BluesuccessUpon request, post-patch report on the application of the latest updates

Vulnerability Scans Negative


Note: This does not include support for site code
or query analysis

BluesuccessSupported platforms: MSSQL2017/2019; MySQL 5.7+, 8.x Recommended; Percona 5.7+, MariaDB 10,4+

BluesuccessAssist with setting up local database backups

Web Server Support

Web Server

BluesuccessIncludes support for Windows IIS, Apache, Nginx

BluesuccessInstall and configure requested common web extensions, such as PHP

BluesuccessApply general security tweaks and performance optimizations

BluesuccessAssist with setting up new websites

BluesuccessAssist with setting up domain redirects and rewrites

BluesuccessAssist with setting up custom logging

BluesuccessAssist with enabling web authentication

BluesuccessAssist with server generated outbound e-mail issues

BluesuccessAssist with troubleshooting connectivity to an SQL server

BluesuccessAssist with troubleshooting permissions and file issues

BluesuccessAssist with evaluating customer logs

Web Server Support

Web Service
Support - SSL:

BluesuccessAssist with order and setup of SSL for hosted domain
VPN Support

Web Server

BluesuccessAssist with configuration of Client-based VPN (user authentication)

BluesuccessAssist with configuration of Site-to-Site tunnels

BluesuccessAssist with setup of access lists to ensure VPN is restricted to specific servers and accounts

BluesuccessUpon request, modify VPN configuration settings


Atlantic.Net is unable to assist with any website or database content generation, scripting or programming

Atlantic.Net may request removal of any installed third-party application prior to troubleshooting server issues if there is reason to believe the application may impact server performance or reliability

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