Dedicated Hosts

High-Performance Dedicated Hosts

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Dedicated Hosts

Dedicated Hosts

Dedicated Hosts are perfect for anyone wanting superb performance with the flexibility of cloud interconnectivity all from the same host. All Dedicated Hosts are pre-loaded with Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Platform and can be directly integrated into all Atlantic.Net Cloud services. Dedicated Hardware is also a great choice for any business required to meet regulation and compliance obligations.

A Dedicated Cloud Host is a configurable dedicated instance designed to accommodate all of your hosting requirements in one easy package. Rapidly deploy a dedicated host (it literally takes seconds) all via the ACP cloud console.

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Dedicated Host Plans

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 256GB RAM
  • 6.4 TB NVMe

From $730.93/month

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 512GB RAM
  • 6.4 TB NVMe

From $802.09/month

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 1024GB RAM
  • 6.4 TB NVMe

From $944.42/month

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 256GB RAM
  • 12.8 TB NVMe

From $864.34/month

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 512GB RAM
  • 12.8 TB NVMe

From $1,021.81/month

Dedicated Server

  • 64 vCPU
  • 1024GB RAM
  • 12.8 TB NVMe

From $1,164.13/month

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A Dedicated Host,

Ready for You in Seconds

A High Performance Dedicated Host, Ready for You in Seconds

The deployment process is super simple; it's the exact same way you deploy all other servers available from Atlantic.Net :

Success Log into the ACP Cloud Console -

Success Choose the hosting plan you want from the Dedi Hosts menu

Success Deploy your instance in seconds!

Icon No Lead Time

No Lead Time: Each Dedicated Host Is Available Now!

There is no lead time on the dedicated host fleet; each physical server plan is available from the cloud console. Our technical experts can enable your cloud account to have access to over forty customizable plans (if required) on top of the three standard plans available to all.

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Customized Dedicated Host Plans

An on-demand dedicated host can utilize the default plan configurations, or you can just call or email us with the physical server CPU cores, RAM, storage needed, and any other requirements, and we will do the rest. Physical dedicated hosts plans can be upgraded as needed.

Choose from:

  • Success  System Memory: From 128GB to 2TB of RAM
  • Success  CPU Cores: From 20 to 104 CPU cores
  • Success  Storage: Up to 90TB NVMe SSD Storage, and SATA SSD available

ACP hosts and dedicated instances are available at all eight of our global data center locations, strategically located throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Each dedicated host plan is competitively priced, and you can transfer eligible software licenses to keep costs down.

Automatic Instance Placement

Automatic Instance Placement on the Same Physical Server

Atlantic.Net operates an instance placement scheme that allows you to create any dedicated instance on any ACP Dedicated Hosts you have signed up for. With Atlantic.Net's instance placement scheme, you are assigned a Dedicated Host ID automatically via the ACP console, and you can deploy any new dedicated instance directly onto a specific Dedicated Host or any other host you have with Atlantic.Net. Dedicated Hosts enable you to run as few or as many dedicated instances on the same host as you like with multiple instance size support. As your business grows, you can purchase more Dedicated Hosts and split the stack workload between your hosts using instance placement controls. Controlling instance placement is easy from the Atlantic.Net cloud console.

Licensing Costs

Licensing Costs - Dedicated Hosts

Dedicated Hosts enable greater visibility and access to the physical server hardware. Latency is minimal on our Dedicated Hosts. It's a perfect choice if you opt to bring your own license (BYOL). We know many of our customers have already heavily invested in critical business applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server licenses, or Exchange Server. BYOL allows you to transfer those licenses onto Atlantic.Net Dedicated Hosts. Simply pick a dedicated host (single host) that has the same physical cores as set out by the terms and conditions of your license fulfillment.

Pricing And Billing

Dedicated Host Pricing and Billing

With a Dedicated Host, you can maximize your investment by deploying multiple dedicated instances on top of your dedicated host with multiple instance-size support. This can be achieved using any of the available one-click applications provided by Atlantic.Net. You can leverage your own virtualization per your preference, for example, via Linux, containerization via Docker, or even by Web Hosting Management (WHM) with applications such as cPanel. Dedicated Host Instance billing is simple and straightforward. All you pay for is the dedicated physical server(s); there is no charge to launch instances, deploy an instance family, or consistently deploy multiple instance types! Unlike most other Cloud Providers, with Atlantic.Net you just pay for the dedicated host! Another great example of why you should choose us when comparing dedicated hosts.

Windows Server Licencing

Windows Server Licencing

The only extra charge we have to enforce is to manage licensing for Microsoft Windows Server; this is applied to instances automatically and is required for Microsoft products only. This practice is enforced because Microsoft does require license affinity on Windows Server AMIs. If you have any queries about licensing, please contact the team. Additionally, we offer a generous discount for sustained usage agreements for host billing starting from monthly, one-year, and three-year terms for our on-demand instances.

Hybrid Cloud Options

Hybrid Cloud Options

Launch Cloud instances on your Dedicated Hosts and Atlantic.Net’s Public Cloud Platform based on your project needs. Whether you deploy on only one service, both, or even decide to add on a specialized hosting need, Atlantic.Net's Dedicated Host fleet has you covered with all types of hybrid cloud models.

Dedicated Host Features:

Launch Cloud instances on your Dedicated Hosts and Atlantic.Net's Public Cloud Platform based on your project needs.

Whether you deploy only on Dedicated Hosts, set up Dedicated Hosts and Cloud in tandem, or need a customized solution,

Atlantic.Net has you covered with a variety of hybrid cloud models.

Metrics Graphs

Metrics Graphs

View usage metrics graphs for all your Cloud Servers and Dedicated Instances on your Dedicated Host. Monitor the physical servers and your instance family on one intuitive interface, offering additional visibility into your environment.

Bring Your Own Licenses

Bring Your Own Licenses for Software

Reduce licensing costs by using your own server-bound software licenses, perfect for Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, and other server-bound software licenses.

Compliance Ready

Compliance Ready

Secure and ready to help you address and meet your compliance and regulatory requirements. Atlantic.Net is an expert in compliance hosting, and we specialize in HIPAA-Compliant and PCI Compliant dedicated physical servers and virtual machines.


Manage Your Resources

View and manage all RAM, CPU, and Disk space in use on your Dedicated Host. It doesn't matter if you have a single dedicated host or a cluster of physical servers; everything can be managed directly from the Atlantic.Net cloud console.

Provision Any Plan Type

Provision Any Plan Type

Freedom and flexibility to provide any plan. Deploy instances on the same physical server, change your plan, migrate and grow as your business grows. The freedom to provision any plan type and controlling instance placement is hugely popular with our customers.


Scale Up with Live Migrations

Running out of resources? Not a problem; live migrate to a larger dedicated host with no downtime! The Dedicated Host Platform scales as your business grows. Start with a relatively a small dedicated host with the option to always upgrade whenever you choose. Enjoy the freedom of being able to migrate dedicated instances or launch instances live between the hosts.

Optional Backups

Optional Backups

Daily, Hourly, and 15-Minute Frequency for Onsite and Offsite Backups for your instance. They are a great way to address corporate compliance as well as provide the peace of mind that your critical business data is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dedicated Hosts

Dedicated Host FAQ

Dedicated Hosts are dedicated physical servers that reside in the Atlantic.Net data centers. You can purchase one or many Dedicated Hosts. A dedicated instance is a server that runs on the Dedicated Hosts. You can run multiple dedicated instances on a Dedicated Host up to the resource limit of the host. Instance placement controls depend on available physical cores, memory, and disk space being available.

Dedicated Hosts are a perfect fit for those looking for companies that have hit a certain level of resources and now can receive pricing discounts. Also, a Dedicated Host is ideal for organizations looking to remove all noisy neighbor scenarios or working towards meeting regulation or compliance requirements.

Dedicated Hosts will save growing businesses cash, help them address corporate compliance and regulatory requirements, and provide powerful, dedicated resources to their cloud assets. Resources are ring-fenced in a protected environment (perfect to address corporate compliance) meaning only your servers have 100% resource guarantees - there are no noisy neighbors here!

The number of websites will depend on many different factors. Are you including the possibility of additional plug-ins in your scope? Are you utilizing cPanel and WordPress solely or allowing other types of software? Atlantic.Net’s Dedicated Hosts range greatly in terms of vCPUs, RAM, and Disk Space, so the size of Dedicated Host will affect how many sites you are able to host. Some of our largest customers utilize a cluster of Dedicated Hosts for one website, while other resellers will use one Dedicated Host to serve up to 1,000 websites.

ACP’s Dedicated Hosts provide options and scalability to your business while also aiding in obtaining and meeting compliance requirements and regulations. The unmatched performance of our Dedicated Hosts, term pricing, and Atlantic.Net’s 24x7 support are the reasons why Atlantic.Net has one of the lowest customer churn rates in the industry when comparing Dedicated Hosts! Atlantic.Net also has Managed Services that enable our engineers to help with issues your team may run into with your Dedicated Host that are outside our scope of support. We pride ourselves on never saying “no” and always providing a path forward.

Dedicated Hosts have many use cases; they are a great fit for small and medium databases (such as SQL Server) and for businesses that need guaranteed baseline CPU performance. Perhaps you have existing Dedicated Hosts you want to offload individual services to improve performance on your stack. Dedicated Hosts are great at hosting virtual machines of varying instance sizes. Hyper-V on Windows Server is a popular choice for a specific Dedicated Host, as Microsoft offers generous per VM software licenses if you choose Windows Server. As a result, you can run an entire Windows-based Hyper-V platform only paying for software licenses against each host - these benefits save money.

Linux Operating Systems - CentOS, Ubuntu, Rocky, Fedora, Debian, Oracle Linux, Rocky Linux, Arch Linux, and FreeBSD

Windows Operating Systems - Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022

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