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Established in 1994, Atlantic.Net is a market-leading hosting provider, with presence in state-of-the-art data centers in New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, Ashburn, and Orlando.

Over the years, we’ve steadily built a reputation as an exceptional hosting company known for simplifying complex technologies, providing top-quality services, and demonstrating our trustworthiness to our clients time and time again.


Atlantic.Net, Inc.

Trusted Hosting Solutions Provider

Our reputation is founded upon over twenty-nine years of direction and counsel given to CEOs, managers, engineers, and IT professionals. Atlantic.Net provides an array of hosting services, to include cloud, dedicated, colocation, private virtualization, and managed hosting.

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Manoj “Marty” Puranik

Founder, president, and CEO

Manoj “Marty” Puranik is the founder, president, and CEO of Atlantic.Net. Marty’s strengths as a leader and visionary have helped him lead a successful business for over two decades. Atlantic.Net thrives thanks to Marty’s strategic acumen, technical prowess, and his valuable, old-fashioned habits of thrift, modesty, and discipline.

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Career Opportunities

We’re regularly on the lookout for new faces to add to our team of engineers and professionals. If you’re interested in a career at Atlantic.Net, you can check out available employment opportunities here. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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We’ve repeatedly been recognized for our work by the hosting industry, having been awarded numerous regional and national business awards. We are dedicated to promoting grassroots technology initiatives and open-source organizations. Customer satisfaction is, always has been, and forever will be paramount at Atlantic.Net. You can depend on us!

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Community Involvement

Atlantic.Net is a loyal backer of grassroots technology initiatives and a generous supporter of various charities. Listed below are initiatives and charities to which we have contributed and lent support: