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Partnering with a highly regulated managed hosting provider can help life science companies drive innovation, boost global collaboration, and deliver enhanced security and compliance. With a significant number of heavily regulated healthcare clients, Atlantic.Net provides a secure, reliable, and affordable HIPAA cloud hosting environment - perfect for life sciences organizations that work with healthcare big data.

If you need a fully compliant solution, with the required adherence to regulatory or compliance requirements, Atlantic.Net has added security and managed services that will help you take your research to the next level.

If you need complex computations at a fast pace without the required adherence to regulatory or compliance requirements, the Atlantic.Net public cloud solution can help you get up and running in a matter of seconds. You have access to thousands of machines ready to be turned on with a stroke of a button in seven global data centers.

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Icon Drive Innovation
Drive innovation and development

Innovation within the life sciences field is driven by the analysis of big data. Companies working within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research sectors require on-demand high-performance computing power to advance innovation, discovery, and development.

Atlantic.Net can provide your company with the capacity needed to crunch enormous data sets, opening up a world of potential and insight. Power your innovation with the latest cloud technology, backed by unparalleled support.

icon_Speed up discovery
Speed up discovery

Science moves fast, so life science companies must too. Shortening time-to-market provides a competitive advantage to companies within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Strengthening your computational power by employing a leading cloud hosting solution will increase your organization’s speed and efficiency, placing you at the forefront of discovery. What are you waiting for? Turn up a single or thousands of cloud instances in a matter of seconds, and accelerate your discovery process.

Icon Enhance Collaboration
Enhance collaboration

Enhancing global collaboration is key to driving innovation and growth within the life sciences industry. Efficient collaboration between colleagues in academia and industry requires the facilitation of secure connections to allow quick, around-the-clock information exchange. Atlantic.Net enables collaboration, creating greater interactivity by running services in any of our seven data center locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Our global reach allows clients to position resources internationally, encouraging greater interoperability while at the same time having reliable and secure transactions. Users can work concurrently on the same server via the Atlantic.Net Windows Remote Desktop Service. If data must traverse the network securely, why not implement a Private VPN connection, allowing your teams to work on a centralized project in a secure and encrypted environment.

Icon Unleash The Potential Of AI
Unleash the potential of AI

AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are helping to reshape the life sciences sector, transforming areas such as diagnostics and research and development. Big pharma in particular is turning towards AI-driven solutions to boost drug discovery by using deep learning to identify novel drug targets and promising drug candidates. Atlantic.Net can help you to leverage AI for real-time data access and analysis to reduce costs and streamline and accelerate your workload.

AI and ML-powered by Atlantic.Net fast cloud servers provide instant compute resources, turn up a single server or thousands of servers, and get your research to the next level at an accelerated rate.

If you are working on proprietary data that needs security and compliance, we can power your server with additional security and management services to ensure the integrity of your clinical trial data with a public and private cloud offering available no matter the scenario.

Icon Provide Flexible Scalability
Provide flexible scalability

A scalable approach is essential for businesses working within the life sciences industry. Genetic data analysis, which is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the drug discovery process and in the development of personalized medicine, demands highly available, elastic compute resources.

Atlantic.Net cloud servers can scale up in a matter of seconds; simply choose the upgraded plan needed, and alternatively, additional nodes can be added for large-scale and complex genomic analysis. On-demand scalability also allows clients to first run small-scale experimental models, then employ additional resources at the click of a button to determine the viability of running a large-scale task.

Icon Simplify Security
Simplify security and compliance

Are you looking for a fully managed or unmanaged hosting service? Whatever your needs, Atlantic.Net is here for you with over 29 years of experience, providing some of the world’s leading universities, biotech, healthcare, and life science companies with fully compliant, high-performance infrastructure designed to maximize the potential of their organizations.

At Atlantic.Net, we deliver an extensive list of security measures, perfect if your project involves sensitive personal information or Protected Health Information (PHI).

The Atlantic.Net Cloud provides our clients with fully managed firewall solutions, a robust Intrusion Prevention Service, an encrypted virtual private network (VPN), and robust log management.

We have tens of IVY league type universities that rely on our cloud platform for their research computations and you can also take advantage of our services, specifically designed to equip you with fast, futuristic, and reliable services. Contact us today to find out how Atlantic.Net can provide you with a hosting solution tailored to the needs of your organization.

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