Speed Test

Speed you need and the network you can depend on!

Atlantic.Net operates world class carrier-neutral data center facilities, consisting of multiple top tiered network providers. Our system is designed to automatically select the fastest route to transfer your data. Test our networks now:

Name Location Host Name Download File
US West 1 San Francisco, CA – USA speedtest.sfo-ca.atlantic.net http://speedtest.sfo-ca.atlantic.net/150M_SFO-CA.img
US East 2 New York City, NY – USA speedtest.nyc-ny.atlantic.net http://speedtest.nyc-ny.atlantic.net/150M_NYC-NY.img
US Central 1 Dallas, TX – USA speedtest.dal-tx.atlantic.net http://speedtest.dal-tx.atlantic.net/150M_DAL-TX.img
US East 1 Orlando, FL – USA speedtest.orl-fl.atlantic.net http://speedtest.orl-fl.atlantic.net/150M_ORL-FL.img
Europe West 1 London – UK speedtest.lon-uk.atlantic.net http://speedtest.lon-uk.atlantic.net/150M_LON-UK.img
Canada East 1 Toronto – Canada speedtest.tor-on.atlantic.net http://speedtest.tor-on.atlantic.net/150M_TOR-ON.img