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They Hurt the Wrong People

You can learn a lot by simple observation. Last week, there was a brouhaha as several banks nearly collapsed, and then some did. The usual discourse will be set with educated people explaining how something was right, wrong, or neither. A joint statement by the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, and the United States Treasury affirmed […]

Most Promising Start-Ups to Watch in 2023

A startup is a type of business that is new and innovative, offering something unique to the market. The tech industry is full of startups searching for new and creative ways to improve the way we do business. Startups always look for ways to enhance their products and services to create value, meaning that startups […]

Top 10 “Best in Mobile” Cloud Solutions in 2023

Businesses have been moving to the cloud for years, and there’s no sign of that stopping anytime soon. As enterprises move more and more of their operations to the cloud, they need solutions that can keep up. In an increasingly mobile world, businesses need to ensure that their solutions are just as mobile-friendly – and […]

What Lessons Can HIPAA Compliance Teach Other Industries When It Comes to IT Operations?

HIPAA is the federal legislation that controls how the security and privacy standards of protected health information are governed. Atlantic.Net has been providing HIPAA-compliant hosting services to healthcare institutions across the United States. In addition, we are experts in upholding the physical, technical and administrative safeguards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of […]

The Impact of Cloud Computing in the Pharma and Life Sciences Space

If ever there was an industry sector that could benefit from migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, it’s the Pharma and Life Sciences sector! Innovation and growth within Pharma and Life Sciences companies is strong, and these companies must turn to cloud computing solutions to power them through the vast changes taking place within the sector.

PCI DSS Cybersecurity Requirements: A Practical Guide

What Is PCI DSS Compliance? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards that apply to any organization that processes, accepts, stores, or transmits credit card payments. The PCI DSS was established by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), a group of payment card companies, […]

Top 10 Best Cloud Payment, Finance, or Billing Solutions in 2023

The cloud is ubiquitous these days, with businesses and organizations utilizing cloud-based tools and services for a variety of purposes. From data storage to software-as-a-service (SaaS), the cloud has revolutionized how we work and live. As the cloud has grown in popularity, so too has the field of cloud-based payments.

How to Set Up Kubernetes Cluster Using Minikube on Arch Linux

Kubernetes is a free and open-source platform that allows you to deploy, scale and manage containerized applications automatically. It supports various container runtimes such as Docker, containerd, CRI-O, and any implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface). Kubernetes automates several container-related tasks, including deployment, rollouts, service discovery, storage provisioning, load balancing, autoscaling, and more. […]

How to Install Jenkins on Arch Linux

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool based on Java. It helps developers to build, test, and deploy software projects automatically. Jenkins is an important part of DevOps, allowing you to continuously deliver your software by integrating with different technologies. It offers a lot of plugins that help you to integrate various DevOps stages. Jenkins is […]

Which Compliance Standards Require an IPS?

What Is an Intrusion Prevention System? An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a network security tool that monitors network traffic and analyzes it for signs of malicious activity or policy violations. If such activity is detected, the IPS can take various actions to prevent the activity from succeeding. These actions might include blocking the traffic, […]