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Virtual Private Cloud

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Secure Virtual Private Cloud

Secure Virtual Private Cloud

Atlantic.Net Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables you to have complete logical isolation on a virtual network using the Atlantic.Net Cloud. VPC is like a physical network that you would see in a data center; however, it completely resides on Atlantic.Net's Cloud services and is 100% logically separated from other VPCs in the Atlantic.Net Cloud. This allows you to have a secure and compliant network, as with a dedicated host, while adding all the features of cloud-like scalability.

Atlantic.Net VPC Benefits

Atlantic.Net VPC Benefits

VPC Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance

By logically segmenting your network from all other networks in the Atlantic.Net Cloud, Atlantic.Net VPC helps secure your environment for today’s unique compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOC, NIST, etc.

VPC Managed

Atlantic.Net completely manages your VPC network and builds it to fit the model you require. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team works extensively with you and your team to determine the proper setup for your environment while making sure it fits with your organization's compliance needs.

In the Atlantic.Net Cloud
In the Atlantic.Net Cloud

Atlantic.Net VPC allows you to keep all the redundancy, performance, and scalability of the Atlantic.Net Cloud while adding the security to pass and exceed the compliance standards your organization must adhere to.

Atlantic.Net VPC Features

Atlantic.Net VPC Features

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Atlantic.Net VPC Features

Atlantic.Net VPC Features


Restrict access to your servers with the Atlantic.Net Managed Firewall.


Securely connect to your Atlantic.Net VPC on a smartphone, computer, office, etc. via Atlantic.Net's VPN.

Intrusion Prevention Service

Atlantic.Net's Intrusion Prevention Service analyzes network traffic flows and blocks the malicious security threats from coming into your VPC.


Atlantic.Net captures network traffic going in and out of your VPC and integrates this into an easy-to-read report.

Load Balance

Distribute incoming traffic load across multiple Atlantic.Net servers for improved performance and redundancy.

BGP Routing

Enable Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to your VPN and route your own IP ranges to Atlantic.Net's Cloud infrastructure.

Private Routing

Connect between other cloud servers without the need for an external IP address.


Connect your VPC network across other projects or even other companies (upon request) with secure VPN tunnels.

Virtual private Cloud Use Cases

Use Cases

We can easily customize the network configurations on your Atlantic.Net VPC. Below are some popular use cases with VPC; however, Atlantic.Net VPC is not limited to this. Please consult your Atlantic.Net sales representative to consult on all available options

Atlantic.Net VPC with Managed Firewall

In this scenario, the Firewall NATs a public IP address to the private IP address on the server. By default, all ports on the firewall are closed. To open a port, a request needs to be made to our SOC team detailing the specific port to open. For example, you may be running a web server, and you would need to open port 443 to allow HTTPS traffic to flow through.

VPC with Managed Firewall
VPC with VPN and NAT
Atlantic.Net VPC with VPN and NAT

In this scenario, we have the same functionality as the VPC with the Atlantic.Net Managed Firewall, but with the addition of a secure virtual private network (VPN) from your network. This gives your company's system admins, developers, and other authorized personnel a secure way of accessing the environment. Atlantic.Net uses IPsec and OpenVPN to connect, and we can connect our firewall to your firewall or our firewall to your device. Public IPs still NAT to private IPs, and ports can still be opened and closed.

VPC with VPN and NAT
Atlantic.Net VPC with VPN without NAT

Like Atlantic.Net's VPC with VPN and NAT, we can create a secure tunnel from your corporate network to the Atlantic.Net cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we can completely segment off the public network to the cloud servers. This creates a complete extension of your network into the VPC.

VPC with VPN without NAT
Atlantic.Net VPC with Load Balancing

In this scenario, we have added load balancing to the VPC. With load balancing, incoming traffic can be distributed across multiple Atlantic.Net Cloud servers. This creates better performance and additional redundancy.

VPC with Load Balancing
Atlantic.Net VPC with Replication

In this scenario, we have added replication to another site with VPC for redundancy purposes. This creates a hot copy of your server to a completely different facility. In a disaster event, we can fail everything over from one facility to the next.

VPC with Replication

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Award-Winning Service
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