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How to Install Jenkins with Docker and Docker Compose on Arch Linux

Jenkins is a free, open-source, self-hosted automation server that helps developers to automate all parts of the software development process. It is based on Java and offers 1800+ plugins to support the automation of all kinds of tasks. Jenkins aims to continuously deliver your software by integrating with a large number of testing and deployment […]

How to Install Netbox on Arch Linux

Netbox is an IP address management and data center infrastructure management tool for modeling and documenting modern networks. It is designed for network and infrastructure to empower engineers with network automation. It helps you to make your work easier by creating a map of every device in the data center. It is free and open-source […]

How to Install OpenNMS on Arch Linux

OpenNMS is a free, open-source, self-hosted network monitoring and network management solution developed by OpenNMS Group. It helps you to visualize and monitor everything on your local and remote networks. OpenNMS can be integrated with business applications and workflows to monitor your networks. It comes with a web-based interface that allows you to monitor everything […]

How to Install phpIPAM on Arch Linux

phpIPAM is a free, open-source, lightweight, and modern IP address monitoring tool for system and network administrators. It uses MySQL as a database system and is written in PHP, jQuery libraries, Ajax, and HTML5/CSS3. phpIPAM gives you a real-time inventory of both used and unassigned IP addresses with other details like subnets, status, hostname, and […]

How to Install reveal.js on Arch Linux

reveal.js is a free and open-source HTML presentation framework. It allows users to create a simple and beautiful presentation via a web browser. You’ll need a browser with support for CSS 3D transforms to see it in its full glory. With reveal.js, you can create a presentation that supports mobile gestures, such as pinch and […]

How eCommerce Companies Can Protect Both Their and Customer Data In Six Ways

The significance of data for business growth can not be underestimated. And the fact that data is critical for decision-making and overall business operation increases the importance of data protection.

What Is CloudOps and How Can it Improve Your Compliance Efforts?

What Is CloudOps? CloudOps, short for Cloud Operations, refers to the practices, tools, and methodologies used to manage and optimize cloud-based infrastructure and services. It involves the deployment, monitoring, and management of cloud-based applications and infrastructure in a way that ensures high availability, scalability, and performance.

How to Install SonarQube on Arch Linux

SonarQube is an open-source and self-hosted code quality analysis tool used to check code in several programming languages via plugins. It allows development teams to find bugs and code duplication in a software application. It helps developers to decrease application size, code complexity, time, and cost of maintenance and makes code easier to read and […]

How to Secure SSH Server on Arch Linux

OpenSSH is a secure shell protocol that provides a secure channel over an unsecured network. It allows the system administrator to manage Linux servers remotely over a secure channel. It works on a client-server architecture and allows users to connect to the SSH server remotely. Unlike unsecured protocols, SSH encrypts the traffic, login sessions, and […]

How to Install and Configure Squid Proxy on Arch Linux

Squid is a free, open-source, fully featured proxy server that provides proxy and cache services for Hyper Text Transport Protocol. It reduces bandwidth, reduces server load, and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. It also offers access control features that help you to filter Internet traffic. Generally, Squid proxies only HTTP […]