With a challenging economic climate and a growing focus on data-driven decision-making, businesses across the globe are turning to cloud technology. Cloud-based solutions can help enterprises to keep up with the demand for real-time insights that cut through conventional boundaries, helping companies make better decisions, grow, and improve efficiency.

Business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) are essential for today’s businesses. They allow companies to make better decisions, improve operational efficiency, and compete more effectively. The problem is that BI and BA can be expensive and complex to deploy and use. As a result, many businesses are turning to the cloud to provide these capabilities. This article will look at the top 10 cloud business intelligence or analytics solutions on the market and help you decide which is the best for your business. We’ll base our rankings on several factors, including features, ease of use, pricing, customer support, and scalability.

What Are Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions?

Business intelligence platforms help businesses store, manage, analyze, and report on their data to gain insights. The best BI or BA platforms are robust, easy to use, offer easy-to-understand interfaces, work with a large variety of data types, and can present complex data formatting.

Top 10 Cloud-Based Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

1. Domo

At the top of our list is Domo, a comprehensive cloud analytics software platform that promises to combine your data, business intelligence, and workflows into one cloud-based location. Thanks to its customizable, real-time, and easy-to-use interactive dashboards, unparalleled data integration, and world-class centralized data governance tools, it heads our list.

Domo’s BI solutions are tailored to specific industries, for example, retail, healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing, providing solutions to industry-specific problems. Pricing is based on your company’s requirements, but you can take advantage of a free trial to discover if Domo is right for you.

2. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics, previously Zoho Reports, is a modern self-service and cloud-based BI platform established in 2009 that supports millions of users across the globe. Zoho provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools to allow in-depth data analysis and generate informative and actionable insights.

Zoho users can visually analyze their data and create powerful reports using the simple drag-and-drop interface. The output is a visually attractive and informative report produced via an intuitive online interface.

3. QlikSense

The cloud-based BI platform QlikSense stands ahead of its competitors by offering ‘active intelligence’ capabilities using real-time, AI-driven, collaborative and actionable analytics. While QlikSense’s user interface is optimized for touchscreen, you can use QlikSense at any time, on any device. In addition, its intuitive ‘search & conversational analysis’ tool provides a quick and easy way to query data and discover actionable insights using natural, conversational language.

4. Tableau

Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool that produces interactive and sharable data visuals and has been around since 2003. It helps users quickly find patterns and insights in data. Notably, Tableau was acquired by Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, in August 2019.

Tableau Cloud allows businesses to make intelligent and informed decisions more quickly. Data security remains a priority for the platform, with Tableau adhering to best-in-class security certification standards like SOC 2 and ISO.

5. Yellowfin

Yellowfin is an integrated analytics platform that can either be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. It is an affordable, elastic, and scalable business intelligence solution designed to help organizations make informed and actionable decisions to engage customers and employees at the right time effectively. Yellowfin successfully combines interactive dashboards with easy-to-use and robust data analysis features.

Yellowfin also offers predictable and scalable pricing, with the option for a free 30-day trial to test out their services.

6. SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics provides a single platform for reporting, data exploration, and analytics. Available on-premise or in the cloud, SAS Visual Analytics allows users to visually identify and recognize patterns and automatically spot outliers and clusters. Core features of SAS Visual Analytics include interactive data discovery, chat-enabled analytics, augmented analytics, and machine learning and natural language capabilities.

SAS Visual Analytics is highly scalable and allows easy and efficient reporting via customizable interactive reports and dashboards.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing analytics and dashboard software solution that helps businesses analyze the success and performance of their marketing campaigns. HubSpot can filter analytics based on geographic location or specific URLs to provide more meaningful insights. In addition, key website metrics provide you with the necessary information to optimize your company’s website.

8. Integrate.io

Integrate.io is a cloud-based big data analytics platform that allows businesses to process, integrate and analyze data within a coding and jargon-free cloud environment. This leading platform offers sales, marketing, customer support, and development solutions. Integrate.io caters to the advertising, hospitality, and retail industries.

Integrate.io operates using a subscription-based pricing structure, and potential clients can benefit from a free 7-day trial.

9. Sisense

Another widely popular end-to-end BI and analytics solution is Sisense, which currently supports over 2,000 global companies, including Rolls-Royce, Phillips Healthcare, and GitLab. Sisense is also recognized as a leading cloud analytics platform by experts like Gartner, G2, and Dresner.

Sisense provides drag-and-drop tools for technical developers and business analysts to process and visualize their data. The platform has a unique “In-Chip technology,” which produces 10–100x better computation, significantly improving computation speed. While some users complain that Sisense has a steep learning curve, their comprehensive product tutorials can help with this.

10. Microsoft Power BI

Falling within the central Microsoft ecosystem, Power BI is an all-encompassing toolkit designed for business insights; it allows users to generate results using interactive dashboards. As downloadable software, users can opt to run Power BI either locally or in the cloud. Power BI’s stand-out features include integration and connectivity with many sources, powerful and intuitive data visualization, easy-to-use functionality, intuitive and informative reports, and mobile compatibility.

Microsoft Power BI offers end-to-end encryption, real-time access monitoring, built-in AI capabilities, and Excel interoperability. Clients can take advantage of a generous 60-day free trial. A fully functional free version of the software is available for a single user, after which the pricing is tiered.

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