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G2.1GB Cloud VPS Free to Use for One Year

50 GB of Block Storage Free to Use for One Year

50 GB of Snapshots Free to Use for One Year

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VPS Hosting in the Cloud

VPS Hosting from Atlantic.Net enables you to build, test, and deploy Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD servers in seconds.

Our VPS Hosting is backed by fast SSDs and redundant storage in the Cloud, combining the most advanced innovations and resources of VPS and cloud technology. We offer simplicity, security, scalability, and reliability to not only improve your performance, but also reduce your costs.

Get Started with Free-to-Use VPS Hosting

Windows, Linux, & FreeBSD VPS Hosting

With an SSD VPS in the Cloud from Atlantic.Net, you receive all the benefits of VPS Hosting, plus the scalability and guaranteed resources offered by the cloud. You also get to take advantage of an easy-to-use, simple, and secure control panel with any of our cPanel, Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux VPS Hosting plans.

Scale Up Your Cloud Servers

Scale Up Servers

Atlantic.Net VPS Hosting means you can be confident in the capacity to step up with additional VPS hosting resources or storage space whenever you require.

Daily Cloud Backup

Daily VPS Backup

We'll automatically back up everything stored on your cloud VPS server once per day for 20% of the server price. There is a minimum $1.00 USD Backup charge.

No Contract Required

Freedom and Flexibility

We believe in allowing our members freedom and flexibility with monthly VPS hosting pricing and discounted pricing with longer-term commitments.

RAID Cloud Storage

RAID-10 VPS Storage

Our highly redundant architecture ensures that your virtual private servers and apps stay up and running even when components misbehave.

Additional IP's

VPS IP Address

Our VPS hosting includes one IPv4 address. Additional IPs are available for $2.19/month ($0.003/hour). IPv6 support is available in select data centers.

Guaranteed Cloud Server CPU

Guaranteed CPU Cycles

We not only guarantee access to the CPU cycles you are paying for when you need them, but you can also burst to use additional CPU cycles when they are not in use.

Cloud cPanel & WHM Hosting

Optional cPanel & WHM

cPanel is the most powerful web hosting control panel on the market, which can be added to your VPS for only $14.97 per month.

Cloud RESTful API


Power and scale web applications easily using Atlantic.Net's RESTful Application Program Interface for VPS hosting.

Snapshots and Cloning

VPS Hosting Snapshots

Snapshots are available at all seven data center locations. Snapshots save a point-in-time copy of your VPS local storage.

One-Click VPS Hosted Applications

Simple VPS Hosting Pricing

All of our available plans are listed below. You can sort and compare to find the plan that is right for your project.
Category RAM vCPU SSD Transfer Linux Windows
General Purpose 1 GB 1 40 GB 3 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 2 GB 2 80 GB 4 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 4 GB 2 100 GB 5 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 8 GB 4 160 GB 6 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 16 GB 8 200 GB 7 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 32 GB 12 350 GB 8 TB () () Sign Up
General Purpose 64 GB 20 650 GB 9 TB () () Sign Up
Storage Optimized 16 GB 2 500 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Storage Optimized 32 GB 4 1 TB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Storage Optimized 64 GB 8 2 TB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Storage Optimized 96 GB 12 3 TB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Storage Optimized 128 GB 16 4 TB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Memory Optimized 16 GB 2 40 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Memory Optimized 32 GB 4 80 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Memory Optimized 64 GB 8 160 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Memory Optimized 128 GB 16 350 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Compute Optimized 8 GB 4 40 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Compute Optimized 16 GB 8 80 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Compute Optimized 32 GB 16 160 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up
Compute Optimized 64 GB 20 350 GB 10 TB () () Sign Up

*Prices listed above are based on the service being utilized for the period specified.

*All Servers include one IPv4 Address. Additional IPs are available for $2.19/month ($0.003/hour)

*Unlimited inbound bandwidth. If free outbound bandwidth is exceeded, each additional GB is $0.02

*Optional Daily Backups are available for 20% of the server price. Minimum $1.00/month.

*cPanel licensing cost starts at $14.97 per month

Windows VPS Hosting in the Cloud Made Easy!

With our Windows VPS, there are no more licensing costs and headaches; we take care of license payment and activation. New Windows Server operating systems are available at no additional cost, so you will never be locked into an obsolete operating system. Our Desktop edition is great for a desktop replacement or for solutions that need a graphical user interface.

Instantly create, manage, and delete servers with our easy-to-use control panel. You can get your Windows VPS Hosting with one of the following distributions:

  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Desktop Experience)
  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (with Containers/Docker)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (Desktop Experience)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter

Provision one Windows VPS Server or thousands of Windows VPS Servers from the control panel in less than 30 seconds:

Create Your Windows VPS Now!

Linux VPS Hosting in the Cloud

We are delighted to offer an extensive selection of easy-to-deploy Linux VPS instances in the cloud. Take the complexity out of building your own Linux virtual private server and take advantage of our intuitive automated configuration tools. In the Atlantic.Net control panel, we offer multiple instances and flavors of Linux fulfilling all your requirements, with new instance types being added frequently. We offer pre-configured one-click apps, such as LAMP and LEMP stacks, which will instantly spin up a Linux VPS of your choice, saving you time and the effort of manual configuration.

Point, Click, Deploy – It’s That Easy!

Instantly create, deploy and manage your Linux infrastructure from the Atlantic.Net Cloud control panel. This control panel will give you the ability to create your virtual private server with a couple of mouse clicks. All our virtual private server instances self-configure and will deploy into the Atlantic.Net data center of your choice. In 30 seconds, you can simultaneously deploy as many virtual private servers as you need from the control panel!

Create Your Linux VPS Now!

VPS Hosting Linux Distributions



All Ubuntu distributions are available in 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server 32-Bit
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server 64-Bit
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server 64-Bit
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server 64-bit


All Debian distributions are available in 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)

  • Debian 8.11.0 Server 32-Bit
  • Debian 8.11.0 Server 64-Bit
  • Debian 9.13.0 Server 32-Bit
  • Debian 9.13.0 Server 64-Bit
  • Debian 10.4.0 Server 32-Bit
  • Debian 10.4.0 Server 64-Bit


All CentOS distributions are available in 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64)

  • CentOS 6.9 Server 32-Bit
  • CentOS 6.9 Server 64-Bit
  • CentOS 7.8 Server 64-Bit
  • CentOS 8.2 Server 64-Bit


Fedora is only available is 64bit (x64) distribution

  • Fedora 30 Server 64-Bit
  • Fedora 31 Server 64-Bit
  • Fedora 32 Server 64-Bit
FreeBSD (Unix)

FreeBSD (Unix)

FreeBSD is only available is 64bit (x64) distribution

  • FreeBSD 11.3 Server 64-Bit
  • FreeBSD 12.1 Server 64-Bit
Arch Linux

Arch Linux

Arch is only available is 64bit (x64) distribution

  • Arch Linux Server 64-Bit
A Support Team Backed

A Support Team Backed by Decades of Experience

Signing-up as a VPS Hosting member with us means you'll have 24/7 access to a crop of dedicated veterans capable of solving any technical problems or questions you throw their way.

Blazing Fast SSD Cloud Hosting

Blazing Fast

Our virtual private servers are powered by enterprise-grade solid state drives (SSDs), providing blazing fast performance for your servers and applications.

Highly Available Infrastructure

Highly Available Infrastructure

Our highly available infrastructure stands ready to accommodate hosting projects of any scale and size. Backed by a 100% up-time guarantee, our VPS hosting gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

A Support Team Backed
by Decades of Experience

With over two decades of experience, our support team is always here to assist you. You'll have 24/7/365 access to a crop of dedicated veterans, capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

Email Support


Phone Support


Cloud Hosting

Hosting Available in Multiple Data Centers

International Cloud Data Center Locations

VPS Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS Hosting in the cloud?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a viable alternative to a dedicated server hosting, which allows users to take advantage of the latest cloud technology, backed by redundant systems. Many clients prefer VPS for hosting to a physical machine because they get the same full root access and administrative server control, as they would with a dedicated machine without incurring the cost associated with running a dedicated environment. What sets VPS hosting in the cloud with old fashioned VPS is speed, agility, reliability, and affordability. All of these benefits are a result of virtually managing numerous physical servers that work together to process, store, and transfer client data.

What’s the Difference between a VPS and Dedicated Servers

The main difference between a VPS and a dedicated server is that with VPS hosting plans, you are sharing the physical resources (CPU, RAM, etc.), while enjoying the freedom and control of a private server. On the other hand, with a dedicated server, you have the server and all of its resources to yourself.

In essence, VPS is like a dedicated server, except that you “own” only part of the server’s resources. In our last blog post, we explained that a cloud hosted VPS is created by taking massive servers and partitioning them into several independent servers sharing resources, with built-in redundancy. Virtualization layers are then created to ensure each virtual environment appears as a standalone server. Each “virtual server” has the ability and resources to run its own operating system and applications.

Why Choose Cloud VPS over Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Cloud VPS is ideal for websites that have outgrown shared hosting and are in need of additional resources or full root access, which happens with a lot of high-traffic websites. A Virtual Private Server in the cloud provide users with full root access to the server (unlike with shared hosting), while still keeping the ease and simplicity of a shared hosting account.

Whereas shared hosting may not be enough resources or control and dedicated servers are a big financial and technical investment, Cloud VPS is a viable option that is substantially less expensive, allows full root access, comes with technical support for any questions, and does not require the ownership (and therefore, the responsibility) of the hardware. Cloud VPS hosting is usually much more affordable and cost-effective than dedicated hosting, helping network administrators to control costs.

Why is it better to have full root access to your VPS?

Full root privileges grant direct control over server resources. When getting started with your VPS hosting plan, root access is essential to configure the private server to your exact specifications. Atlantic.Net’s VPS hosting platform empowers system administrators with full root access rights to the virtual private server.

Each server connection uses encrypted remote access, SSH for Linux, RDP for Windows. Admins also have access to a VNC remote console to directly administer the server as if they are sitting in our data center. With full root access, you can interrupt the boot sequence to troubleshoot or use it to install additional software.

The primary user is no longer fighting against operating system privileges or permission restrictions, as they have full control over the granular settings. Linux platforms are heavily reliant on filesystem ownership rules; many applications such as Apache, Websphere, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Tomcat are locked down to a specific user account, and a standard user would have no control of these application filesystems.

The best practice when using full root access is to use it only for any activity that needs root privileges. In other words, root should not be your day-to-day user account. Some of the most important root tasks include the editing or deleting of files from system directories (such as /bin /boot /dev /etc / home etc.). Root access is needed to amend Operating System files as well as granting other users privileges such as sudo root access.

Full root access gives server management control over the hard disk drives, allowing the creation of logical partitioning and the disk manipulation needed to create a fast and durable server.

Full root access enables system administrators to update the operating system, the kernel, and install any application from any repo list available. This approach enhances the security of the server and offers greater flexibility benefits.

What system resources can I choose for my VPS?

When you provision a virtual private server on the Atlantic.Net cloud, you provision a virtual client that has been allocated dedicated resources within our data center. The resources and bandwidth you have purchased are exclusive for your use only. You can choose a VPS plan when you first provision a VPS, and you have a number of options regarding the performance and capability of the server.

You can choose the location of the VPS Server in either the United States, Canada, or Europe, and resources can be replicated between locations for an additional small fee. All our VPS servers use ultra-high-speed SSD storage, and we offer generous bandwidth limits which you are unlikely to exceed per calendar month.

Ingress and egress network traffic is provided using world-class, ultra-high-speed durable networking. Transferring data inside the network is incredibly fast, and downloading updates or applications from the Internet is, likewise, impressively fast.

You are given the choice of how much CPU, Disk, and Memory you need on the VPS. The plans vary from general-purpose, storage-optimized, memory-optimized, or compute-optimized VPS platforms. You can select 1vCPU to 20vCPU, 1GB of RAM to 128GB RAM, and 40GB SSD Hard Disk to 4TB SSD Storage (and almost everything in between).

The resources are statically allocated when you choose your VPS, and you always have the option to change the resources when needed. All you need to do is snapshot the data on your server, reprovision the server to a new VPS plan, and recover data from the snapshot: simple!

What server configurations are available?

You have a choice in what operating system is needed, and we have the premium licensed offerings from Microsoft Windows Server (2008 R2 SP1 up-to 2019 Datacenter). We also have a great selection of open source Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora. FreeBSD, and Debian.

Atlantic.Net has a wide selection of automatically deployed, one-click application servers that are available to use in less than 30 seconds. These include cPanel, WordPress, Docker, Node.js, and LAMP, to name a few.

The process is simple: click create a new server, give your server a name, and choose the operating system or one-click application. Next, you choose the VPS plan (CPU/Disk/Memory) and click create. Wait a few seconds and your server will be ready for you to connect to.

The login credentials are available immediately after the server has been deployed. Make a note of these details in a secured password repository; the details are also emailed directly to your registered email address for a permanent record. We always recommend that you change the password after you first log in. Make sure you harden your server with a complex password.

How easy is it to use a VPS?

If you know how to use a server in your day-to-day business operations, then you will know how to use a VPS. The only major difference that the Virtual Machine is cloud-based. Many of our customers choose Windows Server as their operating system of choice; most do this as it provides a user-friendly and familiar platform that is compatible with all the popular Microsoft products and every mainstream application.

Our more experienced customers may choose to opt for a Linux platform, Linux can certainly be a more difficult platform to grasp; however, you only need to know basics to get ahead and the benefits that Linux offers are absolutely worth the extra effort. With Linux, you do not pay extra for licensing your operating system, and the overwhelming majority of applications are free (open-source) on all Linux Distributions.

Deploying a VPS using the Atlantic.Net cloud management platform is an intuitive, extremely user-friendly process to follow. The clean design and clearly labeled sections present you with the tools and options you need. Point, click, deploy - it’s that easy!

Why should I choose VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is best defined as an intermediary hosting solution that offers the affordability of shared hosting with the power and performance of dedicated hosting. To recap, shared hosting is when your server shares unreserved resources on a host. Dedicated hosting is exactly the opposite; your server has 100% access to all resources on the host.

VPS strikes a great balance between the two, as you get the benefits of having guaranteed resources on a host despite sharing with other clients. If you buy 2 vCPU, you get 2 vCPU to use exclusively. If you buy 64GB Ram, no other VPS can use that but you. The resources are always there, no matter what. A VPS also offers the cost benefits of shared hosting, as VPS hosting is only a small percentage more expensive than shared hosting but is significantly cheaper than dedicated hosting.

How easy is it to upgrade a VPS?

We want your business to grow and have the infrastructure that can grow with you. New customers typically start with modest resource requirements, but what happens when your server is struggling to keep up with the demand?

The first thing you do is snapshot the server from the Atlantic.Net cloud manager interface. Creating a snapshot is as simple as selecting the server you want to upgrade and clicking “create snapshot.” Then click Add Server and choose the new plan you need. Next, just click “create server.” It is that simple.

Within a few minutes, your higher spec server will be deployed, and the data from your previous server will be restored automatically using the Atlantic.Net snapshot technology. Point, click, deploy - it’s that easy!

Can you provide a Windows VPS?

Yes, Atlantic.Net provides a wide selection of Windows Server VPS platforms. We provide you with the latest builds, including the latest patches. You can choose from the following versions: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition, Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition, Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition, and we even offer Windows Server 2008 SP1 R2 Datacenter edition.

With each version of Windows, we provide the Desktop Experience version, or if you prefer, the command line version. We take care of the licensing of the server; you just start using it when you need it.

What versions of Linux can I get?

Not only is Linux licensing completely free, but you also have access to huge volumes of free, high-quality, open-source applications. Check out the Atlantic.Net blog, where you can find a library of procedures to guide you through installing and using the best Linux software out there.

We provide a number of Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, and the minimalist Arch. Each distro has many different versions available, including the latest edition, and is consistently updated to ensure you have the latest security patches.

Do you offer cPanel packages?

Yes, our cPanel applications are installable using the one-click app deployment wizard found here. As cPanel is a licensed product, you can choose from 5 to 500 cPanel users, and we have sourced incredible cPanel licensing costs, no matter what your requirements are. All you have to do is choose the VPS plan needed and create the server. cPanel will be available in next to no time.

The beauty of cPanel is that you never have to log into the server (if you don’t want to); everything you need is available via the cPanel management console, making it perfect for web designers or users who are not confident with the Linux command line.

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