When choosing the right hypervisor for your enterprise environment, it is essential for IT managers to know which features are most important, the pros and cons of each of the technologies, and the appropriate implementation methods.  Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware should be examined thoroughly and rated on factors such as performance, scalability, and ease of integration with the company’s existing system.

One of the main differences between Hyper-V and VMWare is that Microsoft wants virtualization, cloud, and data center management to be an extension or expansion of the current infrastructure. In contrast, VMware wants the vCloud Suite to be a completely separated and isolated infrastructure.  VMware is looking to create a completely isolated ecosystem that consists of a collection of machines with different capabilities working independently, making up the features within the infrastructure.

Lately, Microsoft’s Hyper-V has become a formidable competitor to VMware, especially with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012.  A few years ago, virtualization was seen as the final destination, but now it is clear that this technology is a building block to the agile and responsive world of VPS Hosting.  IT leaders care about deploying a platform that is reliable, stable, cost-effective, and easily adaptable to changing business needs, which is what Microsoft Hyper-V delivers.

Atlantic.Net understands that each business is different and needs a specific virtualization hosting solution to fit their needs.  Both Hyper-V and VMWare are rather effective visitors and are two of the most popular platforms in the server virtualization market.  Atlantic.Net’s dedicated Hyper-V virtualization hosting puts a thin layer of software between the dedicated server hardware and the operating system (OS) that allows multiple instances of an OS to run, unmodified, on a single physical dedicated server at the same time.  Atlantic.Net also builds and deploys affordable, custom dedicated VMWare virtualization hosting solutions to ensure enterprise-level performance with ease of use, convenience, flexibility, and security.  Call 1-800-521-5881 to speak with an Atlantic.Net advisor today about the best VPS Hosting solution for your business!