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Barcamp Blitz 2010

Over the last 16 years, Atlantic.Net has remained one of the most influential and relied-upon companies in the hosting industry. During that time, we have been on the bleeding edge of technological advancement – first as one of the fastest growing ISPs in the United States, and more recently, as a global Cloud infrastructure provider.

Defining our industry has allowed Atlantic.Net to help tens of thousands of companies gain a competitive edge. Our customer list includes brands that serve millions of consumers. Companies that cannot afford downtime choose Atlantic.Net as their partner in technological advancement. It’s that simple!

Now, with Cloud Servers, Atlantic.Net can provide the sort of redundancy and high performance Cloud hosting architecture that was previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Deploying Cloud Servers is now fast, easy, and affordable!

Atlantic.Net’s commitment is to change the way that the world experiences Infrastructure as a Service. For us, that means more than making the most powerful Cloud Hosting Infrastructure available to the public. Sending our team to talk at events across the country gives us an opportunity to share what we have learned with engineers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people.

Barcamp is one of our favorite events, with talks scheduled democratically throughout the day. Anyone is able to speak, and some of the conversations that have been started as a result.

Barcamp Charleston -

By far the largest Barcamp event I have attended, with well over 300 people coming to the historic College of Charleston to learn, present, and discuss the latest technology changing today’s marketplace.

Atlantic.Net sponsored the event in conjunction with our friends at Google and the Yahoo! Developer Network, as well as quite a few other companies. From entrepreneurs to computer scientists, to students and interns, Barcamp Charleston was a thought-provoking discussion between every player in the IT industry imaginable. A big thank you to Chrys at SciRes and the College of Charleston for organizing an amazing event!

Charleston is a military town (Charleston International Airport is also Charleston Air Force Base). Building custom Cloud hosting environments to meet the most stringent security requirements was a hot topic. With 16 years of designing and implementing secure IAAS, Atlantic.Net was at the center of that discussion.

The Google Charleston Team reserved the top floor of a chic local bar for attendees, with free drinks and food all night. There is definitely a lot of folks working hard to help Charleston grow, with Google playing a huge role in developing the local IT community.

Atlantic.Net is doing our part by working to provide Enterprise-class Cloud servers to companies  affordably. A huge part of the value of our new Atlantic.Net Cloud is that it allows new companies to leverage one of the most advanced computing systems in the world to provide the IT backbone of their business.

Stay on the lookout for more Barcamps!

BarCamp Orlando 2010

9:30 – Wall Street Plaza -

It was a beautiful day in Orlando, with temperatures in the high 70’s and not a cloud in sight!  Atlantic.Net, a two-time sponsor, was out in full force to mingle with industry professionals at BarCamp Orlando 2010! I arrived, bright and early, to sign Josh W. up for his very first presentation on Clustered Hosting.  This year’s event was hopping with programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and inventors who were more than eager to share their knowledge and ideas!

This being my first BarCamp, I was a little overwhelmed by the rush of people who jumped at the presentation board.  I squeezed myself in, to politely sneak up to the board, and select our speaking time slot and topic.  Luckily, I was able to secure our spot on the board, 2:00 – Clustered Hosting by Josh W. of Atlantic.Net!  Not too shabby for an old gal.

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BarCamp Tampa Bay 2009


As I settle down to ink my day at the “creme-de-la-unconference” of the year, I am looking for words that can contain my enthusiasm, tether the free spirit that runs amok at the BarCamps, and still capture the essence of what was a day replete with fun, sharing, networking, learning, and being involved with shaping the future of information technology (IT).


Sept 26th & 27th, Barcamp TampBay (BTB) at the  USF, College of Business (COB), among other things, saw the “geek” and the “chic” coalesce. Yes, you read it right! There were attendees with belly T-shirts, colored hair, Louis Vuittons and I think they didn’t look one bit out of place, given that this was like a weekend getaway.  Still thinking about colored hair? See here .


Day 1 was Developer’s Day and day 2 was Media May (which is less technical and I did not attend).  Early Saturday Sept 26, I drove  to Tampa, got lost a few times on Fowler Avenue, thanks to electronic navigation, but overall did not have too much trouble finding the Sun Dome parking lot next to USF COB. Welcome is always warm at Barcamps with a flurry of familiar faces going, “Whats happening Ritesh?”, “How’ve you been Mr. Chaube?”. Continue reading

BarCamp Miami 2009

Change is good? In this case, it surely was. With barely a week to go, the location for Barcamp Miami 2009 (http://www.barcampmiami.org/) was changed from Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts to Anokha Miami. And, boy, was it good! Set amidst the trendy settings of CocoWalk & Mayfair mall, the 2009 edition drew smiling faces and eager minds from an exciting array of businesses in South Florida and startups from the West and East coast. BarCamp conferences are a great place to meet, interact and put a face to many of the familiar names in the IT circle.

Right after parking in the Cocowalk garage, I met Mark from scrapblog.com, a south Florida startup, who seemed equally confused on how to get to the venue from our parking spots. In no time, friendly organizers, a free t-shirt & wristband greeted us upon arrival. Continue reading