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BarCamp Orlando 2009

This was a fantastic BarCamp event.  It feels so good to be involved in such a good grass-roots technology platform.  Josh and I spent most of the day attending various presentations and seminars.  There were 300 people registered for this year’s event, and  more than 400 people showed up.  This was a huge success for Central Florida’s digital media scene.


I personally liked the SEO seminar and the seminar by Etan of the Orlando Sentinel .  Etan did a great job speaking on the future of newspapers and was able to put it in perspective; the future is the web and print media is pretty much history. This particular session was heavy on information, yet interactive.  Etan was able to engage the audience in more of a discussion rather than just give another drab lecture.  It was quite interesting learning about the future of our local newspaper.  Attending BarCamp felt as if most local businessmen and technology gurus had come together to offer their personal advice for improving our newspaper.  One of the ideas discussed was: creating a forum which would allow a discussion platform for our readers, taking the comments section to a whole new level!

Another good idea was to allow printable coupons, helping the local community, while creating a profitable channel for the Sentinel to increase traffic to their site.  I also offered an idea about the local sponsored events, which was heavily promoted by the local paper.  Such events can bring the community together and take the forum and discussions to the next level.

We enjoyed free food and nice weather.  We took pleasure in the food and sun!

We also attended a seminar about Healthcare IT and how this will be the future.  It was interesting to see the enthusiasm of the speaker, but deep down in my heart, I realized private enterprise does not want to get involved in a regulated industry where the rules can change overnight destroying business models.

This event was held on a Saturday morning at the “Wall-Street Plaza” in Downtown Orlando.  I was surprised with two parking tickets courtesy of The Great City of Orlando.  As I was leaving the area; I saw a busy crew printing tickets like there was no tomorrow!  I later called Josh and he reported having received tickets as well.  I think the city must have changed the free Saturday parking.  At any rate, I must congratulate the management of BarCamp Orando on putting together such a great event.  I look forward to many more in the near future!


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