Is Linux VPS Hosting Right for Your Website?

If you have done your research, you know that there are a few basic categories of traditional website hosting—Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated web hosting, colocation, etc. In terms of affordability, purchasing a VPS plan is a smart choice. But what operating system should you have installed?

When choosing between operating systems for your Virtual Private Server, you typically have three options: Windows, FreeBSD and Linux. For a multitude of reasons, Linux could be the ideal candidate for many applications.

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system that has evolved the way consumers view open-source software. More often than not, Linux is the operating system of choice for hosting providers to have installed on their servers and mainframe computers. Because Linux is open-source, there is no special software, license or permission that is required before installation, thus making a VPS hosting solution more cost-effective for both the provider and the consumer. Our Linux hosting plan with 1 GB RAM starts at only $9.93 per month, whereas our Windows VPS with the same configuration starts at $14.97 per month.

One of the largest benefits Linux-based servers provide is the fact that Linux is almost always protected from virus attacks and malicious intrusion attempts. This factor greatly contributes to the popularity of this operating system. Additionally, since Linux does not regularly consume many resources, disk space, and bandwidth, RAM is conserved and up-time is maximized. Managing the server becomes an easier process due to the simplicity of the software, and all of these saved dollars are passed to the customer.

Overall, choosing a Virtual Private Server installed with Linux software is a great decision due to its inherent security, reputation for innovation and simplistic architecture. To learn more about Atlantic.Net servers installed with Linux, contact us at 1-800-422-2936 today.

Linux Distributions supported by Atlantic.Net VPS:

Here at Atlantic.Net, we support Linux distributions to include Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Debian in addition to FreeBSD.

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