A Few IT Services You Can Leave to the Cloud

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The cloud is not just for file backups anymore.  On top of saving companies from needing a data center and actual infrastructure, cloud computing can perform many IT services for your business that you would traditionally have to use a lot more resources to get.  In addition, switching to a cloud service provider offers businesses the potential to significantly improve communication and collaboration.  Your business can use cloud for a wide variety of applications in an overall effort to increase your business’ productivity.

Email Communications: It used to be that for business communications, you would need a dedicated mail server and an IT staff to manage it.  You would use a desktop email client to retrieve your emails, simply because there was no better option available.  However, now emails can be fully managed on the Internet and there is no need to save emails to a separate storage location.  By utilizing the cloud, your business can communicate on any platform easily and at an affordable rate.

Software and Applications: The cloud offers a plethora of options for businesses to store files online, making them accessible (and editable) from anywhere with an Internet connection.  The most well known Software as a Service (SaaS) is probably Google Docs.  An example of a very important business process that is now being automated through software in the cloud is the payroll system.  Traditionally, an accountant would administer and manage the payroll process.  Now, thanks to the automation available in the cloud, employees and employers alike can access an online payroll and administration software.

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