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What to consider when consolidating, migrating, or relocating data center resources

Whether you’re planning to move your company’s assets from one data center to another, or obtain data center resources for the first time, you need to ask yourself a few key questions to make sure you find the right provider and have the best possible experience during and after the transition. Your computing resources are vital to your business success, and a hosting provider needs to be more than a competent vendor – think of them as a trusted and reliable business partner. When choosing a hosting provider and data center location, first do your research and ask yourself these questions in each of the following areas:

Support from data center staff
How long has the data center / hosting company been in business? What areas of expertise do they have? What clients have they worked with in the past? What is the company’s track record for customer satisfaction?
If you have an unusual or challenging set of technical requirements, make sure the hosting company has in-house expertise to handle your case. But even for routine situations, some hosting companies are just better than others. Make sure you pick one that has the portfolio of results to back up their claims.

Experience with relocation
Does the provider have the necessary skills to help relocate you to their data center? Experience counts. Every hour of downtime means lost revenue and additional headaches for your business. Make sure your provider has a proven history of success.

Colocation options
Does the hosting company have a convenient location? For high-throughput applications, do they have a local data center that you can visit to avoid high bandwidth charges? Do they have geographically separate backup locations for offsite colocation in Orlando and disaster recovery planning?
Even though you will usually access your data center online, location still matters. You may need to visit to upload large files or add hardware for hybrid cloud deployments. And of course, data backups in separate locations are great protection against accident or disaster.

Data center infrastructure
Is the physical infrastructure secure, well-maintained, and reliable? What security measures are in place? What power supply backups are available? What professional or industry certifications do they hold, and how long have they held them?
When it comes to security, you want more than just the basics. But at the same time, you don’t have the ability to do a full security audit of every prospective provider, and most companies have the ability to make themselves sound secure. This is where industry standards and certifications are helpful: many of these (e.g. SAS 70, SSAE 16) are based on in-depth security audits performed over many months. Make sure your prospective provider carries the relevant certifications.

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