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Data is important to an organization of any size, whether you are a medical corporation with hundreds of thousands of health records or an independently owned storefront keeping track of sales and orders.  A company cannot successfully run without its data.

Imagine…poof!  Your data is gone!  Oh no!  Hopefully you have a disaster recovery solution in place.

While there is a variety of disaster recovery solutions that could involve anything from a simple USB drive to an entire cluster of dedicated servers, cloud hosting provides the most flexibility.

Why use cloud hosting as a disaster recovery solution?

A successful disaster recovery solution requires resources that are as identical to those used in your daily operations as closely as possible.  In other words, you need to purchase two of everything in terms of your infrastructure.  Furthermore, backing up data takes time and requires uninterrupted network access.

Cloud computing’s flexibility allows it to be one of the most easy to use, cost-effecive disaster recovery solutions.   As opposed to purchasing two physical servers (one as your normal, day-to-day server and the other as your backup), cloud servers provide the benefit of being able to easily create multiple servers in the cloud without needing to lease physical servers.

With a cloud implementation via a premier service provider like Atlantic.Net, primary working IT infrastructure is also essentially a vigorous backup system – your data and applications reside in an offsite, secured data center facility with backup, uninterruptible power supply, and dedicated support staff.

If your primary system is offsite, secure, and well-managed, then you get a double benefit: it simultaneously reduces the likelihood of ever needing to use your disaster recovery solution, while also ensuring that the disaster recovery solution (hosted elsewhere in the cloud) is more effective and affordable than an in-house version.

Let Atlantic.Net help prevent the loss of your data with our latest offering, cloud computing.  Contact us today to learn more about cloud hosting and how it can benefit your business.  As we provide a variety of hosting solutions, we welcome the opportunity to make your business more efficient while saving you time and money.  Please contact an advisor today by calling 800.521.5881 or emailing [email protected]

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