What Does Cloud Adoption Really Mean?

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Lately, there have been several debates about what implementing the cloud really means for a business.  People are seeing different views about the cloud and how it is integrated into a company’s existing IT systems.  Cloud as a “business model” and cloud as an “operations model” are the two main views that people are taking.

Cloud as a business model: People who take this model think of the cloud as a way of selling IT capability as services over the Internet.  The idea that cloud is about acquiring IT resources over the Internet on a pay-per-use basis is an old way of thinking because cloud has evolved to become much more than this.

Cloud as an operations model: The other way to look at the cloud is as a way of operating IT capabilities.  The idea is that cloud is not a new computing technology, but just a new way of operating these technologies as on-demand, scalable services.

If you are looking at cloud as a business model, it would be hard for an enterprise to deploy cloud hosting as a cost effective solution unless you are using an internal billing system to hold departments within the company accountable for the resources they use.  However, if you look at cloud as an operations model, private cloud hosting services become enticing because with a private cloud, you can distribute and monitor resources throughout the company in an efficient manner and scale resources based on demand.

You can immediately see the inconsistency between these two models and why this topic sparks debate, even between people in the same company.  Taking into account that business decision makers are probably most aware of the business model view of cloud and IT managers are probably most comfortable with the operations model view, it is easy to see why even internal staff members have trouble seeing eye to eye on what cloud adoption truly means.

Make sure you and your team members are on the same page in regards to what cloud adoption means for your business.  Atlantic.Net specializes in providing cloud servers, colocation, dedicated servers, and virtualization hosting services and our data center in Orlando is recognized for providing exceptional business hosting services since 1994.  Contact an advisor today at 800-521-5881 to learn how our hosting services can benefit your business.

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