Colocation Policies and Regulations

The colocation facility will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of an emergency. Atlantic.Net shall use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice to Customer regarding material changes to or suspension of the hours of operation.

Customer will assure its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and visitors who are granted access to the building and the colocation facility, comply with the policies and procedures set forth herein and individual facility policies. Customer will be responsible for any damages caused by its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, subcontractors, shipping providers, and visitors.

Atlantic.Net may provide a kitchenette, conference room, restrooms, and work area in the colocation facilities. Use of any of the foregoing will be in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth herein or as posted at the colocation facilities.

Customer shall comply with all laws, orders, and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction over the building and/or Customer’s activities and with all of building owner’s and Atlantic.Net’s policies and procedures.





Equipment Delivery & Storage

Atlantic.Net will accept delivery of and store customer’s equipment in accordance with the guidelines set forth below. Due to limited storage space in each colocation facility, Atlantic.Net, at its sole discretion, has the right to deny or limit the amount of storage space and storage time to customers.

Delivery Scheduling

Due to individual building requirements at each site, all Customer deliveries must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with Atlantic.Net’s Network Operations Center (NOC), reachable toll-free at 800-540-4686. In the event a loading dock is required for the delivery of the equipment, Customer shall be responsible for any applicable charges imposed by the landlord or building manager, if any. If Atlantic.Net has not been notified of equipment arrival, Atlantic.Net will deny acceptance of shipment.

Third Party Equipment Delivery

If the equipment is delivered by a third party, Atlantic.Net facility personnel will receive it on behalf of Customer, provided that Customer pre-scheduled the delivery with Atlantic.Net’s NOC. If Atlantic.Net has not been notified of equipment arrival, Atlantic.Net will deny acceptance of shipment.

Include the following packing and shipping information:

  • Customer account number
  • Customer ticket number (assigned by Atlantic.Net) on the shipping label
  • Atlantic.Net colocation facility address
  • Customer cabinet or cage number (assigned by Atlantic.Net)
  • Special instructions

Customer shall prepay all shipments, freight, packages, etc. Atlantic.Net will not accept shipments that require any payment, whatsoever. Customer is responsible for all shipping and/or freight claims.

If the shipment is large and cannot be easily brought into the Data Center then it is the responsibility of the Customer to have the shipping company bring the equipment into the Data Center from the building loading dock.

Upon receipt of Customer’s equipment, Atlantic.Net will provide the following:

  • Verify that the shipment is for the correct colocation facility.
  • Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the external packaging for possible damage.
  • Inventory all boxes and verify that the carton count matches shipping receipt.
  • Place the equipment in Customer’s Space or store the equipment in a secured area until Customer’s Space is ready or available in accordance with the equipment storage policy.
  • Notify Customer of receipt of all shipments, damages, or shortages, if any.

In the event of damaged external packaging, Atlantic.Net will accept the equipment and indicate, “damaged shipment/freight” on the shipping receipt and request the delivery driver to countersign acknowledging delivery of “damaged shipment/freight.”

In the event of a discrepancy, Atlantic.Net will accept the shipment and indicate “short shipment/freight” on the shipping receipt and request the delivery driver to countersign acknowledging delivery of “short shipment/freight.”


If Customer’s equipment can be safely locked in the Customer’s Space, no storage charges will apply. However, once the initial customer build has been completed no spare equipment can be stored in cardboard boxes within the confines of a customer’s space or any portion of the colocation floor. If there is not enough storage area in a Customer’s Space, Atlantic.Net will store Customer’s equipment in a designated and secure storage area if there is space to do so at the discretion of the site Operations Manager and the Atlantic.Net NOC. Customer will have fifteen (15) days in which to retrieve its equipment from the storage area from the date the equipment was delivered, after which, storage fees will apply.

All equipment left in Atlantic.Net storage areas for more than forty-five (45) days will be shipped to a Customer specified location at Customer’s sole cost and expense.

Atlantic.Net is not responsible for loss or damage to Customer equipment stored in Atlantic.Net facilities or in transit if returned to Customer.

Inventory of Equipment

Atlantic.Net requires an inventory of Customer equipment configuration upon execution of a colocation contract or installation. Atlantic.Net has the right to conduct, upon reasonable advance notice to Customer, an inventory of Customer’s equipment and equipment configurations during the term of Customer’s license. Customer is required to notify Atlantic.Net of any significant change in equipment, including, but not limited to, upgrades, reconfigurations, and deinstallations.


Prior to the use of the Space, Customer shall install or have Atlantic.Net install within Customer’s Space an appropriate number of (i) patch panels, (ii) DSX panels for category 5 twisted pair, coax, single and multi-mode fiber, or (iii) other appropriate point of demarcation equipment number. Atlantic.Net may modify the appropriate amount of demarcation equipment required by Atlantic.Net from time to time in its reasonable discretion. Upon such modification, Customer shall install or have Atlantic.Net install within the Space licensed by Customer, the appropriate amount of demarcation equipment.

Customer is solely responsible for any connections, wiring, and items inside Customer’s Space between the demarcation equipment and Customer’s equipment. All wiring, connections, circuitry, and utility ports shall be labeled to include appropriate information in accordance with Atlantic.Net standard procedure for identification purposes. Upon Customer’s request and if Customer provides the required information, Atlantic.Net shall provide such labels. However, Atlantic.Net shall have no liability with respect to such labels, even if Atlantic.Net provides the labels.

All cables, interconnections, demarcation equipment, and wiring must be cleanly wrapped and tied together and kept within the applicable cabinet or rack within the Space licensed by Customer in a manner satisfactory to Atlantic.Net. Upon request, Atlantic.Net shall assist with cleanly wrapping wiring, interconnections, Customer demarcation equipment wiring or cables through our Remote Hands services. Customer shall not permit any wiring, interconnections, Customer’s demarcation equipment connections or cables to enter any other space outside of Customer’s cabinet, rack or Customer licensed Space.

Customer shall not install any equipment that cannot be securely affixed or bolted into a cabinet or rack in a manner reasonably acceptable to Atlantic.Net. Any and all equipment that is too large or heavy for a rack or cabinet (including, but not limited to large servers) shall be fastened, securely affixed or bolted directly to the floor by an Atlantic.Net technician. Customer shall not stack or rest any equipment on any other equipment. In addition, nothing may be mounted on cage walls that may restrict the airflow through the Atlantic.Net facility. No equipment shall be placed directly on the floor. The equipment shall be at least 6 inches off the floor using either shelves or rack rails. No other method shall be used. (i.e. Cardboard boxes to elevate equipment).



Atlantic.Net facilities are physically secure installations that are accessible to authorized customers 24x7x365. A closed-circuit television security system typically is located at all entrances. A biometric scanner/card access system controls access to the facility. All visitors at the facility must sign in and state their affiliation to an Atlantic.Net Customer.

Customer may not prop open any doors within the Atlantic.Net facility. No one may shield his or her face in any manner from the Atlantic.Net security system. All Customer employees, vendors, and visitors must display their access badge or visitor badge prominently AT ALL TIMES.

All customers shall present an “access list” of permitted employees that are allowed entry to the facility and access to the customer space. Any Customers that wish to grant access to an employee not on the permitted “access list” must ensure that the employee is accompanied by someone on the “access list’ at all times. Customers are responsible for all actions of their employees.

Access/Security Badges

Upon execution of a colocation contract, Customer must also complete Atlantic.Net Security Form prior to the issuance of security badges. The Security Form contains information on which Customer employees or Customer vendor employees are authorized by the Customer to enter an Atlantic.Net facility on the Customer’s behalf. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep the Security Form updated at all times by contacting Atlantic.Net’s Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686 with any changes.

The standard number of security badges issued will be in accordance with the number of cabinets or amount of Space licensed by Customer. Upon the first visit to every facility, Customer authorized personnel are required to contact Atlantic.Net personnel to go through the identification and badge issuance process. All persons accessing the facility will be required to show a valid driver’s license or other government-issued form of picture identification. Once Customer’s identification is confirmed, Atlantic.Net personnel will build the Customer into the palm scanner system. Once this process is completed, Customer will have access to its Space and shared areas of the colocation facility without further need of assistance from Atlantic.Net personnel. Customer must have a minimum of one cabinet or cage space to obtain access or security badges or 24/7 unescorted access to the facility.

Additional and replacement security badges

If a badge is lost or stolen, Customer must contact Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686 immediately. A completed Security Card Form is required to order additional or replacement security badges and must be submitted to Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center by fax at 407-660-8094 for proper authentication and processing. Customer’s identification number and password will be required when requesting additional security badges due to possible additional charges. Customers will be assessed a replacement fee for any lost badges at the then applicable rate.

Customer Sponsored Visitors

Facility tours must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance by contacting your Sales Representative. Please allow 1 business day for confirmation of tour approval. Atlantic.Net at its sole discretion may apply tour charges. Customer will be informed at the time of confirmation if Customer will incur a charge for the tour. All tours must be canceled 24 hours in advance or tour charges may apply.

All visitors entering the colocation facility will be required to sign in on the visitor roster, present a valid driver’s license or other government-issued form of picture identification, and sign a Nondisclosure Agreement. Customers are required to escort their sponsored visitors in the facility at all times, including entering and exiting the facility.

Escalation Procedures

The following escalation procedure has been established to ensure a timely response to Customer’s critical needs and is triggered upon Customer’s call to Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686

Level Interval Title Phone
1st Level 0-2 Hours Network Operations Center 800-540-4686
2nd Level 2+ Hours Senior Network Operations Engineer 800-540-4686


Power provided will be based solely on accepted equipment configurations as set forth on any applicable executed colocation contract. Atlantic.Net cannot guarantee additional power for equipment reconfigurations or upgrades.

Atlantic.Net may provide redundant A and B feeds for DC power. Atlantic.Net may, with 24 hours notice; temporarily remove from service any individual DC power feed for maintenance of the power infrastructure. Customer may not use a redundant power feed as an individual power feed.

All individual power runs are to be installed and maintained by Atlantic.Net. Customers may not install any batteries in the colocation facility.

Customer must inform Atlantic.Net immediately upon discovery of any worn, frayed or cut cables by contacting our Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686.

To ensure the safety of the Atlantic.Net facility, each cabinet installed in the Space may have a circuit maximum of 60 Amps AC (7,200 watts) or 60 Amps DC power. Each rack may have a circuit maximum of 100 Amps AC (12,000 watts) or 120 Amps DC power.

All equipment utilized in an Atlantic.Net facility must meet Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing or a similarly recognized governing board. No soldering or open flames are allowed.

Customers may not plug any equipment into receptacles or courtesy power outlets without the express written permission of Atlantic.Net.

No equipment specifically designed to emit Radio Frequency (RF) energy is permitted to be installed in the Customer Space or to be operated within the Atlantic.Net facility without express written consent of an authorized Atlantic.Net representative.

No device that is specifically designed to emit an electrical control signal on either AC or DC power lines is permitted to be installed in the Customer Space or to be operated within the Atlantic.Net facility without the express written consent of an authorized Atlantic.Net representative.

Use of Colocation Facilities, Building and Customer Space

Customer shall maintain its Space in an orderly and clean manner and in good repair and condition, satisfactory to Atlantic.Net. Customer shall keep the Space free of litter, cartons, packing materials or packaging, and related items (collectively “waste materials”). Customer shall deposit all waste materials in designated trash receptacles that may be located in the colocation facility or within or outside of the building. Under no circumstances shall waste materials be discarded or left in the colocation facility or the building. Customer shall deposit all non-hazardous waste in appropriate receptacles located outside the building. Atlantic.Net does not provide and is not responsible for providing receptacles for Customer waste materials.

Customer shall ensure that their Space is in compliance with all Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) standards. Customer will be responsible for all damage that may be caused by failure to comply with any OSHA standards within the space and under the customer’s control.

Customer shall not eat, drink, or smoke within the colocation facility or the building, except in areas designated by Atlantic.Net or the building management.

Customers shall not bring any weapons, including guns, knives or mace, alcohol; or drugs within the colocation facility or the building.

Customer shall not photograph, videotape, or film any areas in the colocation facility or the entrances to the colocation facility.

Customer, its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and visitors shall behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times while in an Atlantic.Net colocation facility or the building in which the colocation facility is located.

Customer, its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and visitors shall not touch, access, tamper, or interfere with another customer’s or Atlantic.Net’s Space or equipment without such customer’s written authorization, even if Customer owns equipment within another customer’s Space.

Customer, its officers, employees, technicians, agents, representatives, subcontractors, and visitors shall not loiter or solicit within the colocation facility, the building in which the colocation facility is located, or on the grounds that the colocation facility is located.

Customer shall not do or permit anything to be done, or fail to do or permit anything to be done in, on, or about the building that might constitute or result in a private or public nuisance or waste.

Customer shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements to the Space without the prior written consent of Atlantic.Net, which shall be in Atlantic.Net’s sole discretion.

Customer shall not, nor shall Customer permit others to: (i) fail to maintain a suitable environment as specified by Atlantic.Net; (ii) alter, tamper with, adjust or repair any equipment or property of Atlantic.Net or any other property (other than its own equipment inside Customer’s Space) located within the colocation facility or the building; or (iii) abuse or fraudulently access the building or the colocation facility to obtain or attempt to obtain service by any means or device with intent to avoid payment, unauthorized access, alteration or destruction, or any attempt thereof, of any information of Atlantic.Net or any other customer of Atlantic.Net by means of devise, use of any equipment in violation of the law or in aid of any unlawful act, use any equipment so as to interfere with the use of the Telecommunications Network operated by Atlantic.Net or customers or authorized users or in a manner which, in the opinion of Atlantic.Net is not in accordance with its generally accepted standards of Telecommunications access and use.

Customer shall wear slip-resistant shoes while on the data center floor and inform Atlantic.Net technicians immediately of any unsafe facility conditions of which the Customer is aware (e.g., loose ladder racks, slick floors or electrical issues).

Each Customer cage and cabinet in Atlantic.Net facilities are designed to provide colocation to an individual customer and Atlantic.Net does not allow more than one customer per customer cage or customer cabinet in any Atlantic.Net facility.

Customer agrees to safely configure, operate, and maintain equipment in Customer’s Space. This includes appropriate engineering and design of equipment systems in adherence to manufacturer specifications. Failure to comply with these safety measures can result in an order to remedy or shut down unsafe equipment.

Cubicle workstations may be utilized on a first come first serve basis and must be vacated and cleaned daily. Customer may not leave equipment in the work area without a Customer technician present.

Conference Rooms

A conference room is available in most Atlantic.Net facilities. Customers can reserve conference rooms for periods of 2 to 4 hours by calling Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686. Customers will be charged a minimum of two hours and additional hours in one hour increments. Cancellation charges shall apply if rooms are not canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

Order Processing and Invoicing

Upon order acceptance and approval, Atlantic.Net will (i) issue a letter acknowledging the order and inform Customer of the Target Installation Completion (“TIC”) date. The TIC date indicates when the customer space and services are customer ready”. The TIC date also represents the date that monthly recurring billing will begin, regardless of whether Customer actually occupies the Space. Activation fees are due immediately in order to initiate the installation process. Orders may have more than one TIC date for Space and power.

Atlantic.Net deployment team may engage Customer during the installation planning stage at which time mutual tasks, responsibilities, and timeframes will be identified and committed with regard to the TIC date. Cross-connects will be billed when installed by Atlantic.Net. Atlantic.Net will not be responsible for delays of the TIC date caused by Customer.

Customer can request one-time services such as remote hands, conference rooms, etc., by calling Atlantic.Net Network Operations Center at 800-540-4686. Once a month, Atlantic.Net will invoice the customer for all fees associated with service requests performed during the prior month. Any consultive work to be performed by Atlantic.Net must be paid for by credit card before work commences.

Change Orders

Changes to an executed Colocation Contract must be made in writing using the appropriate Change Order Form and submitted to Atlantic.Net. Any changes made to the initial Order Form may cause serious delays and change fees will apply. Installation fees associated with a Change Order are due and payable when the Change Order is submitted to Atlantic.Net.


Atlantic.Net maintains the confidentiality of Customer’s identity within the colocation facility, including, but not limited to, the location of Customer’s equipment. Customer may not post any signage in the Atlantic.Net facilities, including Customer cages or cabinets. Customer may, at its discretion, and provided Customer completes the required documentation, have its name displayed on Atlantic.Net standard customer signage.

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