How to Add an Additional IP on Arch Linux

Verified and Tested 08/12/2015 Introduction This guide will show you how to add an additional public and/or private IP on your Arch Linux server. Prerequisites -An Arch Linux server and an additional public IP reserved and assigned to the server or a private IP chosen for your granted private IP range. -Netctl installed on the […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – How to Add a Private IP on Fedora

Verified and Tested 09/27/2015 Introduction This guide will take you through how to add a private IP address to a Fedora server. This guide has been tested with Fedora 20, 21, and 22. One thing to note before we start is that our cloud hosting service automatically uses eth1 as the private interface. Prerequisites -A […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – How to Add a Private IP on CentOS 7

Verified and Tested 08/31/2015 Introduction In this how-to we will go over configuring your CentOS 7 server to work with a private IP address. For our Cloud, the private IP address range is available via the Cloud Portal and contains the full list of private IPs assigned to your account. Prerequisites -A CentOS 7.X Cloud […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – How to Add a Private IP to a Centos 6 Server

Verified and Tested 08/27/15 Introduction In this article, we will go over how to configure a private IP on a freshly provisioned CentOS 6.6 cloud server. Every cloud account comes with a pre-allocated private IP range that can be used to link cloud servers. This is ideal in certain cases, such as wanting to separate the […]

How to Add a Website in cPanel and WHM on CentOS 6.7

Verified and Tested 08/17/2015 Introduction This guide will show you how to add a website in cPanel & WHM server. Adding a website to cPanel is an easy task that is critical for using cPanel. Prerequisites An Atlantic.Net Cloud server with CentOS 6.7 and cPanel & WHM. If you do not have a server already, you […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – Can I Scale Up My Cloud Server?

Verified and Tested 03/26/2015 Getting Started! In this article, we will be going over how to scale up your server on the Atlantic.Net Cloud. This process can be done anytime you would like to upgrade your server. This will not harm any data currently stored on the server, and will upgrade your server specs to […]

How To Add an Additional IP Address in WHM cPanel

Introduction This tutorial will walk you through adding an additional IP address to your WHM/cPanel server. Additional IP addresses can be used for services such as additional sites, mail handling, or DNS, to name a few. Prerequisites –  A server with cPanel installed. If you do not have a server, try our one-click cPanel Hosting. […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – How Can I Update My Customer Information For My Cloud Account

Introduction In this article, we will be going over how to update customer information for your cloud hosting account. Some of this information includes billing, password, account information, and credit card information. Prerequisites To update information, you will first need an active account. Please see “Getting Started With Cloud Services” for more info Getting […]

Atlantic.Net Cloud – How To Reprovision A Cloud Server

Introduction In this article, we will be reviewing how to reprovision a cloud server. Reprovisioning a cloud server will allow you to keep the current IP address assigned to your server, but choose a new plan or operating system. This walkthrough will show you how to complete this process. What Do You Need? In order […]

How to Add A Private IP to an Ubuntu Server

Verified and Tested 10/31/2015 Introduction In this How-to, we will learn how to configure a private IP address on an Ubuntu Server. Private networking is a great way to keep the traffic between your servers internal and not accessible publicly. It allows you to communicate between your servers without using your Cloud bandwidth as well. It […]

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