According to a recently published study by RightScale, a reputable cloud management provider, one in four organizations is regularly and heavily using the cloud for their usual business activities. This data was published in their second-annual “State of the Cloud” survey and included 625 companies from around the globe.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic included within this study was that only eight percent of respondents reported that they wanted absolutely nothing to do with cloud server technology; this represents a true transition to newer, more advanced hosting technology.

RightScale separated the study into four main types of companies: cloud watchers, those who have developed plans to implement the cloud but have not yet actually taken steps to do so; cloud beginners, who are new to cloud computing and are working on first projects within the cloud; cloud explorers, who have implemented some cloud projects and run a few application in the cloud; and cloud-focused respondents, who heavily utilize cloud technology and have observed a ground-breaking transformation in their business routine due to the cloud.

Survey respondents were interested in learning ways to combine cloud technologies to create an all-encompassing technology they can use to push creativity further. Eight percent of the advanced-level respondents even saw faster times to produce their applications, thus saving money and making more profit!

Cloud and Future Trends:

Businesses are running to use cloud technologies at an astonishing pace. Soon, we will all be connected by the amazing network that is the cloud. There is a massive growth in the utilization of the cloud due to its low-cost benefit. More and more companies are choosing cloud for their websites, applications, and data. There is also a huge shift from a dedicated server, shared hosting, and colocation hosting to the cloud – even supporting HIPAA compliant hosting setups.  To learn more about how VPS hosting can help your business, contact Atlantic.Net today. We stand ready to assist you 24/7/365.