HIPAA Hosting Services

HIPAA Hosting Services

Whatever your hosting needs as a healthcare provider, Atlantic.Net’s got you covered. Custom-built HIPAA-Compliant Hosting solutions are our specialty, and we have over two decades of experience in providing them. It’s not just our expertise that makes us a great choice, though – it’s also our infrastructure.

HIPAA Diagram

Originally constructed at a cost of $15 million, our HIPAA-Compliant data center is designed to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes and Earthquakes, and is located 59 miles from the Eastern US coastline. It was initially certified as a SAS 70 facility in 2009. Since then, it's been regularly audited and certified by a CPA firm to ensure it's up to the exacting standards of the healthcare industry. Located in Orlando, Florida, the data center is SOC 2 and SOC 1 certified, and approved as Safe Harbor compliant by the United States Government. What that means for you is that it's the perfect place for you to host your critical data and records. If you'd like more information about the specifics of the facility, you can find the full specifications here.

HIPAA-Compliant Colocation

We've served thousands of colocation clients over the past two decades, and we know exactly what our clients need. We’re confident that if you host with us, your data will be safe - and more importantly, that it’ll be accessible exactly when and where you need it. That’s a promise.

Thanks to our fully-redundant infrastructure and high-quality on-site security, colocation has never given better peace of mind. Colocation clients enjoy an industry-leading service-level agreement which promises 100% uptime - hosting with us means neither your network nor your infrastructure will ever make your data inaccessible. Factor in our superior on-site security, and it’s clear why we’re the logical choice for colocation if you’re in the healthcare industry.

We offer fully-secured, custom-sized cabinets and colocation cage space, to be scaled up or down according to your needs.

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Hosting

You could be forgiven for thinking the cloud isn’t secure enough for healthcare - there’s plenty of paranoia about the safety of cloud hosting, after all. You needn’t worry, though. We’ll provide your healthcare firm with an ultra-secure private cloud that only you can access; you’ll have access to all the benefits of cloud hosting with none of the risks.

We’ve taken the following security measures to make sure our cloud is as ironclad as possible:

  • A fully-managed firewall that prevents unauthorized network access
  • A robust intrusion detection system to root out specific breach attempts
  • A virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt data moving into or out of the system via SSL certificates and other technologies.

Beyond security, we understand that healthcare organizations desire quick, efficient, and effective support. We’re more than up to the task of providing just that. All Atlantic.Net clients have access to 24/7 phone and email support.

If you’re looking to be HIPAA-compliant, a dedicated server can be one of the most nightmarish hosting choices in the industry. In order to keep your server up to par with regulations, there’s a good chance you’re going to need to gather a mishmash of security software, encryption platforms, and VPNs. Of course, you could always just host with Atlantic.Net - our experience means that we’re uniquely-positioned to provide your dedicated server with everything you need in order to stay compliant.

Atlantic.Net’s dedicated servers include the following features:

  • Complete Root Access for Administrators
  • Live, 24/7/365 Support and Monitoring of all Systems
  • Certification for SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II (Formerly SAS 70)
  • Full Line of Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Options
  • Various Tier-1 Internet Backbone Network Redundancies
  • Industrial-Strength UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and diesel generator
  • Failsafe HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and Fire Suppression Systems
  • Our HIPAA Compliant Hosting solution has been audited by an independent third party against the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee and 100% Network and Hardware Uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)

HIPAA-Compliant Application Hosting

The applications run by healthcare companies are frequently incredibly resource-intensive, requiring a dedicated server imply to operate effectively. This server, whether a dedicated or virtual system, needs to be both secure and compliant. That’s doubly true if the company is a healthcare application service provider, which routinely manages patient data from a wide array of firms.

Once again, Atlantic.Net is fully-equipped to deliver.

Our three-machine design includes an application server that can be adapted to your needs whether your architecture is physical or virtualized. Even better, all Atlantic.Net application servers are protected with a full suite of security components, including a fully-managed firewall appliance, an encrypted VPN with GeoTrust SSL, and a powerful intrusion detection system with proactive monitoring.

HIPAA-Compliant Database Hosting

Perhaps the most frequent reason for a healthcare provider to look into hosting services is the operation of a database in order to store patient and organizational data. We’ll provide you with whatever format of database best meets your needs - and it’ll be affordable no matter what your choice. Whether you choose Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL, we've got you covered.

Our HIPAA-compliant database security incorporates our fully-managed firewall appliance, an encrypted VPN with SSL technology, and our intrusion detection system. Further, everything we do that concerns your hosting plan is considerate of compliance implications; we honor regulatory parameters at all times.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing to host your database with Atlantic.Net:

  • All data exists in one defined place
  • You can customize security specific to the database
  • Organization of the data can make administration more efficient
  • Responses to data requests are streamlined
  • Multiple users can retrieve data simultaneously.

HIPAA Compliant Managed & Unmanaged Hosting

At Atlantic.Net, we’re all about providing you with the perfect solution to fit your needs. What that means is that we offer both managed and unmanaged HIPAA-compliant hosting plans. Whether you want to control every facet of your server on your own or leave the technical stuff up to us, you can rest assured that your information is safe either way.

In addition to managed/unmanaged dedicated servers, we offer virtualization hosting solutions with the following hypervisors:

  • Hyper-V Private Virtualization Hosting – Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0/3.0
  • KVM Private Virtualization Hosting – Proxmox VE 4.2+

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Included With All HIPAA Hosting Plans

Share your vision with us and we will develop a healthcare hosting environment tailored to your needs! Contact an advisor at 800.422.2936 or email us at [email protected]