Managed Hosting

Free-up your IT resources with Managed Server Hosting.

Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting adds a layer of business-essential Managed Services to our award-winning hosting services, such as Public Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud, HIPAA Compliant Hosting, and Virtualization Hosting services. This enables organizations to focus on their core business and free up their valuable IT resources.

Atlantic.Net’s award-winning Managed Server Hosting eliminates the complexity of managing your server environment and returns focus to your business. Our certified engineers monitor your hosting environment around the clock to ensure your business is up and running 100% of the time. We handle everything from basic maintenance and server administration tasks to troubleshooting and technical support.

Made and managed in USA. No outsourcing, no finger pointing.

No up-front capital expense. One low monthly price.


AICPA SOC 1 and SOC 2 Certified Data Center Infrastructure

Atlantic.Net Managed Server Hosting Infrastructure is fully audited and AICPA SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified. Our hosting operations are routinely and systematically inspected. We focus particularly on control objectives in the areas of organizational structure, governance, administration, physical/environmental regulations, and physical/logical security. Our ability to meet the same strict standards over a prolonged period of time warrants continued service to Fortune 500-type clients.

Managed Hosting Features

Managed Hosting Features

Our Managed Hosting incorporates features that help you secure your infrastructure and provide tools that make your business more efficient.

  • Fully Managed Firewall Appliance
  • Security Analysis
  • On-Demand Updates and Patches
  • 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access
  • Optional Load Balancing of TCP/HTTP Traffic
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Reporting
  • Fully Managed Daily Backups
Managed Support

24/7/365 Engineer Support

We are always here. You can reach our support department 24/7/365 through phone, email and chat.

Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Hosting Environment Architects available to custom fit to your unique workloads to cope with any challenge

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Deep Security

Our security suite includes anti-malware, network security, log inspection, and integrity monitoring

Guaranteed Infrastructure

Managed Hosting Features

Whether you choose Public, Private, Dedicated or Virtualization Hosting, we back all our services with world class infrastructure and 100% up-time guarantee.

  • Guaranteed Resources
  • SOC 2 Certified Data Centers
  • RAID 10 - 100% Solid-State Drives (SSD)
  • Fully Redundant Power and Networking
  • Global Regions for Redundancy and Low Latency
  • Tier 1 Multi-homed (Redundant) Bandwidth Providers
  • RESTful API (Application Programming Interface)

Hosting in Multiple Data Centers

International Cloud Data Center Locations

Our Managed Services are versatile and extensive, including diverse services in the areas of Managed Security, Managed Storage Services, OS Management Services, and Managed Network Services. These services can be tailored for your particular requirements. If you include any of these high-touch, “white glove” services with your Atlantic.Net Hosting solution, you will have a team of certified and expert engineers at your service, performing double-duty in real-time monitoring and consultative capacities.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You'll love our Managed Hosting Solution or we'll give you your money back!

We're so confident that you'll love our Managed Hosting Solution, that we are offering our clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with our Managed Hosting Solution within the first 30 days of your service with us, we will make it right or refund your first month's payment and mutually agree to end the contract.

Free Up Your IT Resources And Save Big!

For over 20 years, Atlantic.Net has helped thousands of organizations with industry-leading Managed Hosting solutions, and we can do the same for you as well!

Since 1994, Atlantic.Net has been focused on delighting customers and providing solutions that help their businesses grow. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is one of the many ways our Managed Hosting Solution is the best offering on the market today. The sale is only complete when our clients are 100% happy with their solution!

Share your vision with us and we will develop a hosting environment tailored to your needs! Contact an advisor at 888-618-DATA (3282) or email us at [email protected]

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Read more about our Managed Services

We’ve been in the hosting industry for well over two decades, and if there’s one thing we can say with confidence, it’s that no other organization is capable of matching our hosting expertise and the depth of our services. The broad range of managed services we offer provides a clear, significant advantage to our clients, and our ability to easily tailor any services to their changing needs means we stand ready to match any client’s requirements.

Every managed service we offer is provided through the best vendor resources available and coupled with system designs of unmatched quality. Our operations are regularly refined through continual testing, and are backed by a team of seasoned engineers.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that technical expertise on its own isn’t enough – you also need a human element. That’s precisely what we provide. Atlantic.Net is more than just a host – we’re a valued partner.

Leave your in-house IT personnel free to contribute to your business’s goals. Our expert team of security professionals will handle the specifics of keeping your data safe. We’ve the resources necessary to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of protection, lightning-fast response times, and superior security software.

When you sign up for a managed security service with Atlantic.Net, our engineers will perform an initial vulnerability assessment. Once this is complete, you’ll receive regular vulnerability testing, ongoing threat detection, an on-demand response to any incidents that occur, and any other tools you feel that you require in order to secure your data.

It’s all cost effective, too - our security solutions are some of the most reasonably-priced in North America. You can read more about what we offer below.

Managed Firewall

Our experienced staff will work with you to provide your business with:

  • A thorough review of configuration, access rules, and recommended improvements to your security
  • Initial configuration of hardware and software, as well as updated configurations whenever necessary
  • Immediate responses to security threats or incursions
  • Ongoing expertise about the newest threats and vulnerabilities
  • A customized design using the best technology available from vendors (e.g. Cisco, Juniper, etc.)
  • Continual testing and maintenance of hardware and software
  • Configuration of data backup
  • Any recommendations to improve your security
Click here to download Atlantic.Net Firewall Appliance Brochure

Managed IDS

A firewall is a necessary component of any security package, but it isn’t always going to be enough. At the end of the day, it’s just a wall - albeit a digital one.

Every great wall needs a gate. You need to let some traffic through in order to run your business, after all; these access points can present a host of problems on their own. They provide cyber-criminals - who’ve been getting smarter and more persistent over the past few years - with an easy point of access for your server; this leaves your business open to malware, buffer overflows, and denial-of-service attacks.

That’s where our Intrusion Detection Service comes in. Consisting of an overlapping set of sensors, it provides clients with a significantly elevated level of protection against hostile network intrusions. This allows Atlantic.Net’s engineers to more rapidly detect threats before they become a problem and allows you to benefit from minimal interruptions to your organization’s day-to-day.

With Atlantic.Net monitoring your network, you’re free to focus on your core business.

More and more, modern businesses are making use of offsite data storage. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is the fact that it’s simply the most cost-effective option. Of course, cost-effectiveness can only go so far on its own.

Regardless of the type of data your organization needs to store, it must be readily accessible at all times. The platform used to store your information should be easy to use, and, perhaps most importantly, the storage medium needs to be safe and secure. Atlantic.Net can offer all that and more.

Below are just a few of the managed storage options available to our clients, all hosted in our SSAE 16 Type II-Certified facility.


For many applications, failure simply isn’t an option. You need to do everything in your power to eliminate downtime and keep your data’s integrity protected. Unfortunately, in most cases, that tends to cost an arm and a leg. Replication isn’t easy to pull off, after all - and many hosts thus charge a premium for access to it. Atlantic.Net is different.

Our Managed Replication option gives you extraordinary security and data integrity without extraordinary costs. We allow replication within a number of different storage mediums, including FibreChannel, SAS, and SATA. Replication services are linked between Storage Area Network systems at one or more of our data centers, and we’ll provide hands-on installation, configuration monitoring, and management.

In short, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is protected - without having to spend a mint to protect it.

No matter which operating system you choose, you need to regularly maintain it in order to keep your system healthy. All too often, this critical task is left to an already-harried network engineer or sysadmin. This represents a single, devastating point of failure, and one that’s entirely avoidable.

We employ some of the best technical experts in the world; engineers who know exactly what it takes to keep your operating system healthy. At a minimal cost, you’ll free up your IT department to focus on their area of expertise - something which will inevitably benefit your organization in the long term. This, more than anything, is why Atlantic.Net’s OS Management Services are such a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Atlantic.Net OS Management Solution eliminates one of the largest points of failure in your business and makes everything run more efficiently as a result. By implementing tools such as predictive monitoring and patch management, our experts ensure your system is always fully updated, bug-free, and operating smoothly. And should the unexpected occur, our engineers will be there in a flash to get things back to normal.

Our OS Management Services support both Linux and Windows. They include the following features in both cases:

  • Access to a skilled, experienced engineering team

  • Management of infrastructure and lifecycle configuration

  • Service upgrades on an as-needed basis

  • Continual proactive monitoring and maintenance

  • Automatic management and deployment of patches

You need to keep an eye on both your server and your network - that’s a given. The problem, of course, is that it’s next to impossible for a human being to do so unaided. That’s why Atlantic.Net offers OnWatch, a robust monitoring service that’ll keep you apprised of any problems that your server happens to encounter, alerting you immediately so that you can get things back up and running that much faster - whether it’s the result of an application malfunction or something worse.

OnWatch Basic

Our basic monitoring service pings your server every five minutes. If two consecutive pings fail to receive a reply, you’ll be notified via email so that you can take corrective action. It monitors HTTP, DNS, FTP, SQL, and more.

OnWatch Gold

OnWatch Gold works in an identical fashion to OnWatch Basic, but with the additional capability to monitor up to six extra ports.

Perhaps the most frequently overlooked breed of all the managed services, networking is the most overlooked. Nevertheless, it is vital for any client with high bandwidth demands. Hooking up with a well-designed, well-managed telecommunications firm or Internet Provider is all well and good, but what happens when something goes wrong? What happens when your business can’t connect to its regular provider, or when its network performance starts to degrade?

Easy - that’s where we come in. Atlantic.Net offers a diverse, robust portfolio of powerful managed network services which together will ensure that your business never has to deal with networking issues. Have a look at what we offer below:

Remote Hand Services

No one enjoys setting up and configuring networking hardware - whether for business or home use. That’s why Atlantic.Net offers a multi-tiered Remote Hands Service designed to take care of everything from simple reboots to hardware replacement and upgrades. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest; it really is that easy.

The services available through all tiers of Remote Hands include:

  • Receiving and storing equipment deliveries to the DataCenter
  • Visual inspection and or digitally photographing equipment
  • Cabling installation or modification
  • Power cycling, rebooting servers
  • Swapping backup tapes
  • Hardware installations
  • Installing and testing Xconnect circuits

As noted, Remote Hands is available in three separate tiers:


The basic tier covers only the simplest activities. These tasks can be performed by any technician, regardless of what equipment they’ve available to them; they don’t require any special tools, additional equipment, or data input. Such jobs might include:

  • Setting and resetting switches
  • Power cycling
  • Minor cabling
  • Reporting on equipment displays


The Intermediate tier includes everything covered under the basic tier, as well as diagnostics, light hardware modification, and command input. Although Intermediate tasks may require special tools, they generally don’t necessitate a great deal of effort or involvement on the part of IT staff. Some examples of Intermediate services are:

  • Backup and restore services for unmanaged colocation clients; non-standard installation requirements.
  • Running single, built in diagnostic equipment
  • Inputting commands on a keyboard console
  • Changing tapes
  • Cable organization
  • Modifying cable layouts, such as Ethernet
  • Labeling


The highest tier of our Remote Hands Service is Advanced. In essence, signing up for Advanced Remote Hands means you have your own outsourced IT department on call to assist you whenever necessary - and with whatever necessary. Advanced Remote Hands tasks could include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Replacing hardware components with spares and upgrades
  • Upgrading drive capacity by installing new or additional disk drives
  • Tasks involving senior System Administration/Special Project staff members
  • Tasks involving unscheduled emergency procedures (installations, troubleshooting etc).
  • Adding memory
  • Installation of equipment in existing rack space

Cross Connect Services

All of Atlantic.Net’s data centers are carrier-neutral and strategically located near major North American interconnection points. As a result, we’re able to readily provide cross connects and direct access to Tier 1 Providers, MPLS networks, CDNs, ISPs, and carriers. Clients using our managed cross connect service are thus given access to a broad range of different options. Even better, we've a team of experienced engineers ready to provide quick turnaround implementation for the following media:

  • Coax
  • Fiber Optics
  • CAT5
  • CAT6
  • POTS

In other words, our managed cross connect service can provide for your business’s networking needs no matter what they happen to be.

Blended BGP

Atlantic.Net’s Blended BGP Internet Access is a top-tiered Internet solution designed to give businesses the highest possible level of redundancy coupled with the lowest possible level of latency. Through one of our carrier-neutral facilities, we can create a blended Internet solution comprised of virtually any carriers you desire, with support for some of the world’s top tier carriers. This service has become increasingly popular for businesses that seek 100% network uptime, and is built with the most performance-sensitive applications in mind.

How it works is simple. If any of our Internet peers should experience a service outage, we’ll re-route traffic accordingly without an interruption of service. In addition to this automatic re-routing, our Blended BGP solution features an advanced routing protocol that always selects the fastest, most efficient path for your network traffic.

Atlantic.Net’s Blended BGP Internet Access also comes standard with 24x7x365 live monitoring, managed routing, and managed switching - all at no additional cost.

Managed MPLS – Multiprotocol Label Switching

With more and more employees telecommuting and working on the road, the need for a system to manage all of their simultaneous connections has never been greater. That’s where Atlantic.Net’s Managed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Service comes in. Designed so that it seamlessly integrates with your existing network infrastructure, our MPLS appliance enables us to provide our clients with an unprecedented degree of scale, security, flexibility and reliability where their global business network is concerned.

New locations can be activated quickly, and there’s no need to stitch together a network from multiple carriers. Everything works as part of one contiguous whole, allowing for easy expansion, increased productivity, and significant cost savings. In short, our Managed MPLS service allows you to forget about all your networking issues, and instead grow your business the way you want to.

Content Distribution Network Services

People today are impatient - that should come as no surprise to you. They don’t want to wait a few extra moments at a stop light, let alone a few extra seconds for a website to load. In order to remain competitive on the modern web, you need to ensure that content reaches your global audience as quickly and securely as possible.

Atlantic.Net can help. No matter where your customers are, we can get your data to them faster - and we can keep it totally secure, in the process. Whether you’re running a music hub, a video game, or an imageboard, you can’t afford to make your visitors wait for your site to load.

Managed Internet

Usage is tough to predict- we get it. That’s why Atlantic.Net’s Managed Internet Services use a burstable WAN access method, allowing clients to temporarily exceed their maximum allotted bandwidth when needed. Our high-capacity, carrier-neutral Internet already provides connectivity to a number of Tier I providers; when you factor in the option for multi-site redundancy, the deal only gets sweeter.

Here are just a few of the benefits of making use of Atlantic.Net’s Managed Internet Services:

  • Multi-site data centers give you the option for low-cost business continuity solutions by leveraging data center connections as your private data network
  • Our team provides 24/7/365 monitoring and management of your connections.
  • Access speeds start at 1.0 Mbps increments from 1 Mbps to Multiple Gbps
  • Our core infrastructure design allows for a highly available, always-on configuration
  • Edge devices can be connected with either single or high-availability connections
  • IP Addresses are allocated based on your needs
Best of all, with Managed Internet, you get a trusted, experienced partner to help implement and maintain whatever internet connectivity solutions you need, without putting a burden on your in-house team.

Dedicated Telco Service

As you well know, you've plenty of options as far as Telco services are concerned. That doesn't mean all those options are good, however. By utilizing one of Atlantic.Net’s business partners, you’ll be connected with a provider that’s guaranteed to give exceptional service, and one that already has a presence in our data center.

Managed Load Balancing

If your business delivers content-rich web applications, then you’re familiar with the significant demands these applications place on backend servers. Without proper load balancing, response times can drag to a crawl, if not an outright halt. This is only further exacerbated by SSL-based transactions and interface throughput.

Of course, your users aren't aware of this logistical nightmare - they only know if your site works. And if it doesn't, they’ll simply go to one of your competitors. With the help of Atlantic.Net, you can prevent that from happening.

Our load balancing solutions implement a number of industry-leading platforms, and provide clients with 24/7 access to our expert support staff. By taking care of SSL offloading, caching, and compression, load balancing platforms increase server efficiency and response time - and prevent crashes. Atlantic.Net offers the following load balancing services:

  • Optional High-Availability (HA) with intelligent load-balancing and failover for application, database, web, and storage related server farms
  • Configuration variables can be tailored to your application requirements and direct end-users to the most appropriate data center
  • Dedicated load balancers

Managed Switches

There can be no doubt that Cisco’s enterprise-level network switching solutions are extremely powerful, with a host of advantages to those who use them. Unfortunately, they’re also rather expensive - keeping them in-house is a financial burden many businesses are unable to bear. That’s why Atlantic.Net provides its clients with everything they need to install, configure, manage, and monitor their network switching gear.

Our managed switches are completely hands-off. Sign up, and you’ll receive expert advice on installation and configuration, 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, daily backup, and the ability to either acquire switches from us or provide your own. Most importantly, you’ll get all the functionality of Cisco’s switching solutions with none of the hassle involved in configuring and maintaining said solutions on your own.

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