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Atlantic.Net 56k Internet Service Now Available in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE (February 18, 1998) — Atlantic.Net: Internet Connect Company, Inc. (ICC), one of the most popular Internet service providers in Florida, is pleased to announce that 56K Internet access is now available to subscribers in the Gainesville area.

ICC utilizes K56flex-capable modems, which is the modem protocol developed by Lucent and Rockwell that enables high-speed Internet downloads over standard telephone lines. Subscribers with a compatible modem should be able to access the service at speeds of almost 56Kbps, nearly double the 28.8Kbps speed that most other service providers offer. Over 1,500 Internet service providers worldwide endorse the K56flex protocol. Internet Connect Co. is the first to offer the technology in Gainesville.

“Demand for 56K access has been growing for quite some time,” says ICC President and CEO Marty Puranik, “We’re excited about introducing it to our subscribers in Gainesville, especially as the 56K standard is about to be released.”

Puranik is referring to the debate between the two different competing 56K technologies, K56flex and 3Com Technology’s x2. Since their release in early 1997, the two technologies have not been compatible. This means Internet customers must have the same brand modem as their provider in order to take advantage of the faster connection speeds. The International Telecommunications Union, responsible for determining the 56K standard to be used by all modem manufacturers, announced last month that the new protocol will be released this spring.

After the 56K standard is released, anyone with a 56K modem can connect at faster speeds regardless of the type of modem their particular provider is using. Modem manufacturers expect to begin shipping the new standardized products as early as March. People who already own an older 56K modem should be able to upgrade to the new standard at no charge.

“We believe that the new 56K standard will make the Internet more user-friendly than ever before,” Puranik continued, “This means less time waiting for downloads and more time enjoying the Internet.”

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