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Atlantic.Net Becomes CLEC Certified

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (7/28/99) — Atlantic.Net, one of Florida’s fastest-growing companies, announced today that it has been certified by the Florida Public Service Commission as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC). CLEC certification gives Atlantic.Net Broadband Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlantic.Net, statewide authority to provide local exchange telecommunication services.

Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc. plans to use its CLEC status to bundle voice and data services and to work with incumbent local exchange carriers to co-locate high speed DSL Internet switches throughout Florida.

“The combination of bundled services and increased competition in the telecommunications industry should continue to lower telecomm costs, and we’re happy to be part of the action,” said Marty Puranik, president and CEO of Atlantic.Net. “The Florida Public Service Commission’s recognition of our technical, financial, and managerial capabilities allows us to take our business to the next level. Instead of serving solely as an Internet provider, we can now serve as a Telecommunications provider and everyone stands to benefit.”

About Atlantic.Net

Atlantic.Net was founded in 1994 by two University of Florida students, Marty Puranik and Jose Sanchez. After being denied Internet access through the university in 1995, Puranik and Sanchez launched one of the first commercial Internet services in Florida, serving Gainesville and Ocala. Since then, the company has been rapidly expanding its coverage areas, acquiring smaller access providers and enhancing its service offerings. Revenues have doubled every year and in 1998 Atlantic.Net was recognized as one of Florida’s 100 fastest-growing private companies by UF’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Atlantic.Net now has 22,000 subscribers in 40 locations throughout Florida. By the end of 1999, Atlantic.Net’s network is expected to span nine states in the southeastern United States.

To learn more about Atlantic.Net’s complete line of services, call 1-800-422-2936 or visit the corporate Web site at For company information, check out

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