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Atlantic.Net Introduces “Groove”

Atlantic.Net Introduces “Groove” — The New Communication Solution for Market Leading Businesses Everywhere

  • New services allow companies to do business in entirely new ways
  • Saves money on direct telecommunications costs and other hidden costs associated with legacy communication solutions
  • Extremely flexible, allowing customers to focus on growing and expanding their business instead of managing multiple products from multiple vendors
  • Integrated Intelligence includes Voice-over-IP (VOIP) standard, and disaster recovery at no additional cost
  • Service is available in any mix of PBX Service, Local/Long-Distance Service (VOIP or traditional voice such as PRI/PSTN), ISP, and Web-Based Services


Orlando, Fla. (4/26/05) — Atlantic.Net ( today announced the launch of its new communications solution “Groove” to the business marketplace.

Groove, available in various configurations, is composed of telephones, a PBX, Web-based communication services, and back-office support. When purchased as a total solution, Groove unifies and simplifies communications by providing four major telecom services under one umbrella: Internet service, local telephone service, long-distance telephone service, and PBX (Business Telephone System) services.

Groove is designed to be extremely flexible, allowing customers to purchase only the services they need. For example, a business can maintain local telephone service with a traditional voice company while using Groove for VOIP (“Voice over IP”) to lower long-distance costs. “When we designed Groove, we addressed many of the irritations of how telephony is used today”, stated Marty Puranik, Atlantic.Net CEO. “Because traditional telephony was designed inside a monopoly environment, it wasn’t customer-centric. We have completely reinvented how communications works. Whats really exciting is that for the first time in history we have a company and product in telecom that is designed around the customer – meaning it allows you to do things you couldn’t do before, with flexibility and less hassle than you had in the past. What we’re about is changing telecom from a service you have to suffer through into something that becomes a competitive advantage. It really is encapsulated in the name Groove – a product that makes business run smoother, eliminates hassles and hidden costs, and is flexible enough to address new technologies like VOIP without having to pay extra or continuously upgrade. It’s really exciting to bring a solution to market that addresses so many of the challenges that exist today and delivers real bottom line savings. Most importantly, instead of dealing with the mental pain associated with telecom, businesses can focus on being more productive – selling more, marketing more effectively, and doing more with what they’ve got.”

How are businesses using Groove today?

A key employee is in need of flexible scheduling. Using Groove, her employer is able to accommodate this employee by allowing her to take her phone home. Using VOIP (at no additional charge) customers, vendors, and other employees continue to conduct business with her without interruption. The employee is pleased with the company’s flexibility and the business gains a competitive advantage in the marketplace by attracting and retaining the best and brightest employees.

Using a software based web phone, sales consultants turn their laptops into ‘virtual’ phones to connect to the office PBX and transparently make and receive calls to important clients from remote locations such as airports or coffee shops.

Employees are able to change offices, simply by taking their phone and plugging in at the new location, literally a 30 second process. Normally, companies would have to schedule a PBX vendor to move/add/replace the current configuration and pay associated fees with the truck-roll and re-wiring. A company is interested in hiring an individual who won’t be moving to the local market for a few months. The company is able to hire the employee today by mailing a phone to them. The employee commences work several months before moving to the local office and is able to seamlessly continue working without interruption.

“Cloning”, or allowing a phone to ring in multiple places at the same time, allows busy professionals to work from multiple locations. One executive cloned her desk phone to use at her home office as well as a branch location. This allowed the executive to continue to conduct business from any location, independent of where she physically is located.

Groove is available today. For more information please visit or call toll-free at 1-866-55-GROOVE.

About Atlantic.Net

Launched in 1994 by two University of Florida students, Atlantic.Net is a IP-based solutions provider operating a Tier-1 Data Center in Orlando, Florida. Atlantic.Net business services feature 24/7 network monitoring. Atlantic.Net’s vision is to be “the intelligence behind the network” and focus on providing innovative solutions at a competitive price with fantastic service.

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