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Atlantic.Net Pursues WorldCom Customers

Gainesville, Fla. (7/10/02) – Atlantic.Net (, one of the nation’s fastest-growing Internet service providers, today announced a special offer for current WorldCom customers looking for a financially stable company to meet their voice and data communications needs. Atlantic.Net is offering free installation to businesses that sign a minimum one-year contract for digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service. In addition companies that commit to a two-year agreement for DSL get free equipment. Atlantic.Netalso is waiving installation fees for businesses that sign a two-year contract for a T-1 connection.

Atlantic.Net can have DSL circuits up and running within 20 business days after a contract is signed and typically installs a T-1 line in 30 days. In addition Atlantic.Net is offering businesses temporary connections until the new DSL or T-1 circuits are established.

This is the fifth time during the past year Atlantic.Net has extended this offer, as companies such as Broadslate, Verio and BlueStar have announced the discontinuation of service in select areas due to factors including acquisition and bankruptcy.

To sign up for DSL or a T-1 connection call (800) 521-5881. To learn more about Atlantic.Net business services visit

About Atlantic.Net

Launched in 1994 Atlantic.Net is an Internet service provider offering high-speed Internet access, Web site solutions, telecommunications and dial-up. Atlantic.Net business services feature a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, 24/7 network monitoring and connection to an optimized Cisco Powered Network-a designation reserved for the world’s top 1 percent of ISPs. In 2001 Atlantic.Net was named to the Inc 500 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for the second consecutive year, moving up from a rank of 350 to 223. During the past eight years Atlantic.Net has acquired 13 Internet companies, has doubled or tripled revenues annually and has remained profitable every year since inception. To learn more about Atlantic.Net call (800) 422-2936 or visit

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