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Internet Connect Company Cans “SPAM”

GAINESVILLE FLA. (October 2, 1997) – Internet Connect Company (ICC), one of Florida’s fastest-growing Internet services, has already developed a reputation for protecting its customers against unwanted commercial e-mail, or SPAM. But last night they had a hand in protecting much of the Internet community as well against this menace.

When someone attempted to host one of the biggest SPAM clearinghouses on ICC’s servers without permission, ICC technicians quickly stepped in and pulled the plug on the entire operation. This move effectively saved millions of people, at least temporarily, from waking up this morning with electronic inboxes overflowing with unwanted mail.

SPAM is the Internet equivalent of junk mail, and it is a much bigger problem than many people think. It is also a serious breach of the Internet protocol, or “netiquette”, that most conscientious Internet service providers and users follow. SPAM costs consumers money by tying up their costly online time and hard drive space, and the servers and routers that make up the backbone of the global Internet are frequently bogged down trying to process the millions of unsolicited messages that are sent every day. This huge volume of traffic results in bottlenecks at various points throughout the world’s networks, slowing down access speeds for everyone.

“We have a strict policy against using our facilities for mass e-mail,” says ICC network engineer Chris Wilson, “So anytime someone tries to circumvent that policy we come in immediately and put a stop to it. It’s just that in this case, the violator was one of the largest bulk e-mail distributors in the country.

“It’s a small victory in the war against SPAM,” Wilson continued, “But we’re happy to do our part and join the growing number of Internet service providers taking a stand against it.”

About Internet Connect Co.

Gainesville, FL-based Internet Connect Company, a recognized leader in the highly competitive Internet access field, offers service in 15 locations throughout Florida. The company is committed to providing the highest possible level of service at a reasonable cost to all of its customers. ICC also offers a variety of high-speed dedicated Internet solutions and Web hosting services for businesses. To learn more about ICC’s complete line of service offerings, call (800) 422-2936 or visit ICC’s web page at

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