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Oracle Linux Is Now Available on the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP)

ORLANDO, FLA. (March 11, 2022) – Atlantic.Net now supports Oracle Linux on its Cloud Platform. Atlantic.Net customers can now deploy and scale their Oracle Linux instances across the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform.

This newly available distribution is designed for extremely high performance on a security-defined Linux platform. Oracle Linux is 100% RHEL-compatible and a genuine alternative to CentOS, which reached end-of-life (EOL) in December 2021. For power users who are already familiar with Red Hat, CentOS, and Rocky Linux, the transition to Oracle Linux will be a seamless experience, without incurring any operating system licensing cost. Oracle Linux offers the choice of two Linux Kernels:

• RHCK (Red Hat Compatible Kernel)
• UEK (Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel)

Both are free and 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

“Oracle Linux is a very exciting distribution, and we are delighted to offer 64-bit editions of Oracle Linux 7.9 and Oracle Linux 8.5. Both are available right now on the ACP as one of our many Cloud Server operating systems that launches in less than 30 seconds,” said Josh Simon, Vice President – Cloud Services and Research & Development at Atlantic.Net.

If you are currently using CentOS and are looking for a simple way to switch to Oracle Linux, Oracle offers a user-friendly script that will automatically handle the switch for you.

Atlantic.Net’s Windows Cloud Server Hosting plans start at only $0.00595238 per hour (or $4 per month), with usage calculated on a per-hour basis. For a limited time, Atlantic.Net is offering all new clients a free-to-use Oracle Linux Cloud Server for one full year on the G3.2GB Cloud Server plan, which includes 3TB of outbound data transfer.

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