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In The News

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IS Partners 06/22/2022 Protecting Patient Records and Transforming Healthcare in the Cloud

Patient Calls 06/14/2022 What to Look for in a Business Associate Agreement

Healthcare Business Today 06/10/2022 Seven Very Common HIPAA Violations and How to Avoid Them

Arkenea 05/27/2022 A Comprehensive Guide To Telehealth HIPAA Compliance 05/08/2022 How to Effectively Compose a HIPAA Breach Notification

Web Hosting Professional 05/13/2022 Atlantic.Net Review (2022)

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VM Blog 10/1/2021 Atlantic.Net 2022 Predictions: Threats to the Supply Chain and Cloud Compute to Dominate 2022

Paubox 9/22/2021 Protecting patients records, maintaining compliance, and transforming healthcare in the cloud 9/17/2021 9 Best Practices for Ensuring Cloud Compliance of Healthcare Data

Host Advice 09/16/2021 HostAdvice Speaks to Brett Haines of

IS Partners 09/11/2021 Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery for HIPAA Compliance in 2021

Cyber News 9/5/2021 Atlantic.Net review: should it be your next scaling partner? 8/26/2021 Dedicated Cloud Hosts: Security and Compliance Considerations

Cloud Zero 8/13/2021 Cloud Agnostic: What Does It Really Mean

Domain Informer 8/12/2021 Why Is Disaster Recovery Needed for HIPAA Compliance?

Host Review 8/11/2021 Guide To Healthcare Data Storage For HIPAA Compliance 8/5/2021 HIPAA Compliant Video Calls: What you Should Know

Cyber Defense Magazine 7/19/2021 Exploring the Synergies Between HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity

Formstack 7/13/2021 FormStack Refocusing on HIPAA Compliance After a Worldwide Pandemic

Drupal 6/30/2021 Drupal How to Find the Best Solution for Drupal Hosting Requirements

Drupal 6/30/2021 Drupal Best Practices for a HIPAA Compliant Drupal Platform

Blog Automox 6/25/2021 Automox Atlantic.Net Chooses Automox for Server and Patch Management

Security Boulevard 6/8/2021 Security Boulevard Best Practices for Ransomware Defense

Cyber Defense Magazine 6/1/2021 Cyber Defense Magazine Exploring the Synergies Between HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity

Renal And Urology News 5/12/2021 Renal and Nurology news HIPAA Needs to Keep Up With Information Technology

Chief Healthcare Executive 5/10/2021 Chief Healthcare Executive How to Mitigate the Insider Threat to Healthcare

Security News Paper 4/28/2021 Security Newspaper As cybercriminals exploit the covid-19 pandemic, what can you do to defend yourself?

Website Planet 4/19/2021 Atlantic.Net – a Market-Leading Hosting Provider

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Medical Economics 12/3/2020 Choosing a HIPAA Cloud Hosting Provider: What are the Key Factors?

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ProviderTech 11/3/2020 7 Tips for Preventing the Most Common HIPAA Violations

Electronic Health Reporter 10/21/2020 Why Are HIPAA Risk Assessments Important?

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HIPAA HQ 06/18/2020 How Can You Maintain HIPAA Compliance When Accessing Information on Your Devices?

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Secure Blitz 05/15/2020 Most Effective Cybersecurity Strategy For A Small Business

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Security Magazine 04/22/2020 Important Questions to Answer Before Paying a Ransomware Demand

IT Pro 04/02/2020 How technology is changing health care

Forbes 03/26/2020 Amazon Files Objection To DoD Motion To Revise Microsoft JEDI Decision

Fortune 03/18/2020 How hackers are exploiting the coronavirus—and how to protect yourself

AIThority 03/17/2020 Is the Coronavirus Threat Forcing Businesses to Create a Remote Workforce?

International Business Times 03/16/2020 U.S. Health And Human Services Department Hit By Cyberattack As Concerns Over The Coronavirus Continue

Media Post 02/29/2020 Cocooning From Coronavirus To Boost Ecommerce, Advertising Platforms, Local Search

Information Age 02/26/2020 Tech titans in arms race to win JEDI cloud war

VMBlog 02/19/2020 Does the empire strike back when we learn what happens to the $10 billion JEDI contract?

Inverse 02/15/2020 Amazon Is Fighting Microsoft Tooth-and-nail Over A Pentagon Contract

WebMD 02/05/2020 Coronavirus Rumor Mill Rampant With Bogus News

USA TODAY 02/03/2020 Hackers are using coronavirus fears to send you a computer virus: How to stop them

Data Center Knowledge 01/21/2020 Should Data Centers Have Common Physical Infrastructure Security Standards?

The Entrepreneur Way 01/13/2020 Getting out There and Doing it Yourself with Marty Puranik Founder and Owner of Atlantic

Enterprise AI 01/08/2020 Machine Learning, Clouds & Pills: Biopharma AI’s Big Impact

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CPO Magazine 12/10/2019 How Can Enterprises Win the Cybersecurity Arms Race?

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Forbes 10/31/2019 Defense Win By Microsoft To Boost All Cloud Services

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Jotform 10/24/2019 The Insider Threat to HIPAA Compliance: Data Breach

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Data Center Knowledge 10/23/2019 Survey: Most Enterprises Still Blame End-User Incompetence for Security Lapses

Forbes 10/18/2019 16 IT Architecture 'Red Flags' That Signal You're Due For An Overhaul

Ecommerce Times 10/02/2019 Leaked Audio Reveals Zuckerberg Spinning Hard

Technews World 10/01/2019 Congress Eyes Google's Chrome Encryption Plans

Chat Bots Journal 10/01/2019 Business Not Keeping Up With AR/VR Have A Lot To Lose!

Medcity News 09/29/2019 The Importance of HIPAA Risk Assessments

Toolbox 09/26/2019 6 Trends in Server Management You’ll See in 2020

Jotform 09/23/2019 Data Security Training: Your Workforce Reference Guide

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Fitsmallbusiness 08/20/2019 Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist

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Disruptordaily 06/29/2019 What Technology Will Most Impact The Future Of Healthcare?

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Forbes 04/19/2019 4 of the Most At-Risk Industries for Cyber Attacks

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Bit Rebels 04/11/2019 How To Protect Your Brand Online

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BestCompany 03/27/2019 2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 2

BestCompany 03/27/2019 2019 Identity Theft and Scam Trends: Part 1

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RT Insights | Real Time Business Insights 03/19/2019 How Edge Computing Can Lead to the First Real Smart City Mar 2019 The ROI of HIPAA Compliance

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Healthcare Business Today 02/20/2019 HIPAA Storage Requirements Explained

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Forbes 11/28/2018 10 Cybersecurity Protocols Every Tech Professional Should Follow

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Medium 10/30/2018 How will GDPR affect AI?

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Reddit Mar 2018 I'm a Managing Consultant who performs HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity Audits – AMA about security and how sensitive medical records are handled online!

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High Tech Newz Mar 2018 im-a-managing-consultant-who-performs-hipaa-compliance-and-cybersecurity-audits-ama-about-security-and-how-sensitive-medical-records-are-handled-online

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