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How to: Using lsof – 10 Essential Commands To Troubleshoot Your Linux Server

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At some point in their career, everyone is going to troubleshoot an issue. And everyone has their favorite troubleshooting step to use. For a lot of system admins, the first step to do is make sure that everything is up-to-date. For others it’s only a matter of checking log files before finding your solution. For me and others here at Atlantic.Net, it’s lsof; a command line utility used to list information about files that are opened by various processes.

Mostly used for troubleshooting network connection issues, lsof is a powerful yet too-little-known application. If you’re familiar with general Linux commands, lsof is an easy tool to remember because it “lists open files”.


lsof is a Unix-specific command. In order to use it for identifying system information you will need to be using a Unix-style system, such as CentOS or Ubuntu. lsof comes pre-installed on these systems.

If you are using a Windows system, you can get similar results by using the Process Explorer menu, as well as both the netstat and sysinternals commands.

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How to Configure NGINX on a CentOS 7 Server

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NGINX Car by Walker Cahall

NGINX Car by Walker Cahall

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This how-to will help you install and configure NGINX so you can run high traffic websites while maintaining the high level of performance your customers expect. We are also going to install additional software in order to get the most out of NGINX, so this guide will also include the installation and configuration of MySQL, PHP-APC, and PHP-FPM.

Why NGINX? There’s a long back and forth debate over whether you should use Apache or NGINX, and while the overall performance of the two web server platforms is roughly the same, NGINX’s event-based processing model shines by being simple, lightweight and simply better at handling large amounts of concurrent hits for static content without overly taxing your server hardware.

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