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Scalable Hosting

Editorial Team August 5, 2022 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments

One of the key benefits of cloud computing is having the ability to scale your infrastructure on-demand. Cloud scalability gives the user the ability to provide more and less computing resources when needed. A managed service provider hosting platform will typically scale-up, scale out, and scale in; this is sometimes referred to as vertical and horizontal scaling.

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Announcing Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience

Editorial Team March 25, 2022 by under Announcements 0 Comments

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) announced support for Windows Server 2022 in November 2021. We were one of the very first cloud providers to offer the very latest version of Microsoft’s award-winning Operating System.

Today we are proud to support the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience, a finely tuned desktop-focused edition customized for the Atlantic.Net cloud platform.

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Best Penetration Testing Practices You Need To Know

Editorial Team March 23, 2022 by under VPS Hosting 0 Comments

If your organization relies on the Internet to conduct business, you need to perform penetration tests regularly. Penetration testing is the practice of launching a simulated cyberattack on your system to identify flaws that hackers may attack. By identifying and fixing these vulnerabilities, you can improve the security of your systems and protect your data from being stolen or compromised. This blog post will discuss the best practices for penetration testing and how to choose a good penetration testing service provider.

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What Is a 3-2-1 Backup Strategy?

Editorial Team March 15, 2022 by under Disaster Recovery 0 Comments

Everyone with a digital presence should have a robust backup strategy. Home users often have treasured photographs or family videos, documents, and other such digital keepsakes residing on an unprotected hard drive of a PC or Laptop. Businesses know the importance of regular backups, and it is expected that businesses protect precious company assets – including digital ones.

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How to Enable Cloud Backups

Editorial Team March 14, 2022 by under Tutorials, VPS Hosting 0 Comments

The precious data saved on your Atlantic.Net cloud VPS needs a reliable and resilient backup solution. Backups are a critical part of data retention, and we highly recommend that our customers invest in backups to ensure that in the event of server corruption or malware you are able to restore with minimal downtime and data loss.

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Oracle Linux Is Now Available on ACP

Editorial Team March 11, 2022 by under Announcements 0 Comments

Oracle Linux is now available on the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform. This newly available distribution is designed for extremely high performance on a security-defined Linux platform. Oracle Linux is 100% RHEL-compatible and a genuine alternative to CentOS, which reached end-of-life (EOL) in December 2021. CentOS is no longer officially supported by its creators, meaning no further releases are forthcoming.

For power users who are already familiar with Red Hat, CentOS, and Rocky Linux, the transition to Oracle Linux will be a seamless experience. Oracle Linux has been available since 2006, and Oracle has used it directly to power their own cloud solutions.

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What Is PCI Compliance?

Editorial Team March 7, 2022 by under PCI Hosting 0 Comments

To secure credit card transactions and protect related data, the financial industry established operational and technical standards for maintaining the security of payment card transactions. Most notably, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (which is backed by the leading credit card institutions) developed a set of standards known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Payment card companies usually require organizations to comply with PCI standards under their network agreements. PCI standards cover merchant processing and additional requirements such as encryption of Internet transactions. While PCI DSS is at the center of PCI compliance, the National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) and the Card Association Network have also set industry standards.

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What Digital Transformations Are Coming to Healthcare?

It’s no surprise that 2020 was a year of rapid digital transformation in healthcare. Faced with a worldwide pandemic, many healthcare organizations were forced to rethink their digitization strategies and priorities.

In 2021, organizations were able to shift from survival mode into more proactive planning. This year set the stage for reimagining how processes, systems, and technology work, from creating better patient experiences to improving data practices.

So what digital transformations are coming to healthcare in 2022? Below we dig into three ways healthcare will continue to evolve through digital transformation.

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