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Why Do I Need a Business Associate’s Agreement for HIPAA?

When healthcare companies sign up for a HIPAA-compliant IT environment with a Cloud Hosting service, that outside organization is acting as a business associate according to the guidelines of HIPAA. In order to legally work with that organization and still follow the stipulations of the Act, medical businesses must sign a contract with the service (as with any outside party serving in a similar role) called a business associate’s agreement (BAA). Many companies do not understand why they need a BAA and what exactly is involved. Here, below, are the details.

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SSD Cloud Hosting FAQ – A Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts March 7, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

 A Real World Scenario with Common Questions by SSD Cloud Users

Our blog functions, in part, to present typical interactions between our hosting consultants and individual clients. The users of our hosting solutions often have similar questions, and this “Real World Scenario” series allows us to highlight helpful information provided in these discussions. The below dialogue is based on an exchange between our staff and a potential customer interested in our Cloud Hosting solutions.

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Why you should select Atlantic.Net as your cloud hosting provider

Kent Roberts February 20, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

Why you should select Atlantic.Net as your cloud hosting provider humor

A typical question one of our customers asks us is, “What is your advantage over other cloud providers?” We know at Atlantic.Net that we are just one of many options for cloud hosting. There are numerous ways in which we set ourselves apart. Here are some of the hallmarks of the service that makes Atlantic.Net the best Cloud Hosting provider in the industry:

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Developing a Business Optimization Edge with Cloud Computing

Kent Roberts January 28, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

Developing a Business Optimization Edge with Cloud Computing

Let’s face it: the cloud is growing. Why is the cloud so hot in the technology world and in the business world generally? And is it developing as strongly and quickly as we think? The term cloud is so widely used and frequently misunderstood – with 51% of people thinking the cloud is impacted by changing weather patterns – that it seems at times to resemble a fad. It is anything but.

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Cloud Hosting offers unique options for real time applications

Kent Roberts January 15, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

The speed and agility of cloud-based web hosting has changed the playing field in many industries, expanding the possibilities of technological application. One obvious example is medical research. reports that the growing Cloud Hosting option is being used in genetic profiling research to allow for a much faster and less costly analysis of DNA sequences. Wu Feng, a computer scientist at Virginia Tech, notes that data analysis generally has become more sophisticated because of the speed and scope of the cloud.

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VPS Hosting Providers: Comparison Chart

Kent Roberts January 7, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

web hosting surprise billing humor

Many companies are transitioning from dedicated servers to virtual private servers (VPSs) to take advantage of advances in virtualization technology. VPS software allows servers to be created and configured out of a single or multiple machine(s). In other words, you can either divide one server up into a number of different virtual servers (standard VPS), or you can combine parts of numerous servers to create the virtual machine (cloud hosting VPS).

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Cloud Hosting Providers: A Comparison Chart

Kent Roberts December 23, 2013 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

One of the most difficult things for companies is trying to figure out which hosting provider to choose because there are so many different factors to consider. They may know they want cloud hosting, but exploring different services can sometimes get complicated and confusing. Comparison charts allow a simple, side-by-side view of various parameters offered by a number of different companies so that you can easily determine what you are getting for the price.

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