Author: Kent Roberts

You Have a Supercomputer in Your Hand

Kent Roberts December 1, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

This article recommends a cPanel Cloud Hosting plan to meet your cloud computing needs and have full control of your server environment. First, though, we explore broad cloud technology impact on our lives, through the following sections:

  • Introduction: Where the cloud is headed
  • Wall Street Journal: You have a supercomputer in your hand
  • Atlantic.Net: cPanel cloud hosting.

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What Can You Do with a 256 MB Cloud VPS for $0.99?

Kent Roberts November 3, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

This plan is no longer available as of April 7, 2015

You may think that ninety-nine cents won’t get you far these days. After all, it would only get you about a third a gallon of gas, enough to drive 10 miles in a 2014 Nissan Sentra. It can get you further than you’d think, though, on the web. Since cloud servers are so incredibly efficient, they’ve made it possible for us to create small, 99-cent/month Cloud VPS solutions.

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The Rise of the 3D Printer: Hype or Revolution?

Kent Roberts September 25, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

Electric self-driving cars, Suborbital space flights, cloud computing, content delivery networks, and 3-D printing. All of these tech concepts were seen as extraordinarily innovative when they were first introduced to a mass audience. Although some so-called “new” technologies have actually been in development by various parties for years, once they start to go mainstream, we are easily skeptical: “Is this really as huge as the public and the press want to think it is,” we wonder, “or is it just hype?”

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A Brief History of Linux/Open Source Distributions

Kent Roberts September 16, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

Like Windows or iOS, Linux is an operating system. As such, it serves as an interface between a computer’s hardware and the applications operating on it. Unlike the aforementioned competitors (proprietary software created by Microsoft and Apple), Linux is free and open source. It was created using a kernel developed by Linus Torvalds while he was attending the University of Helsinki in Finland.

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Cloud Hosting for 100 Websites – a Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts September 5, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

I’m going to let you in on a little business secret: customers care about customer service. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Customer support software company Zendesk sponsored a research study in 2013, conducted by independent research outfit Dimensional Research. The findings were based on surveys of 1046 people, in response to the customer support they received at midsized businesses.

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What Makes Cloud Hosting Better Than Traditional VPS?

Kent Roberts August 22, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

In the early days of the Internet, the only option if you wanted to have a website was to use your own dedicated server to host it. Quickly, a more affordable and widely accessible option emerged: shared hosting, which simply allowed the sharing of a single server by a number of different companies. Dedicated and shared hosting met the needs of many organizations, but a middle option was desirable so that costs could be reduced (similar to shared) while customization and control could be maintained (similar to dedicated). The concept of virtualization, via a virtual private server (VPS), gradually became a popular way to structure a server.

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