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Cloud Hosting for 100 Websites – a Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts September 5, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

I’m going to let you in on a little business secret: customers care about customer service. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Customer support software company Zendesk sponsored a research study in 2013, conducted by independent research outfit Dimensional Research. The findings were based on surveys of 1046 people, in response to the customer support they received at midsized businesses.

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What Makes Cloud Hosting Better Than Traditional VPS?

Kent Roberts August 22, 2014 by under Cloud Hosting 0 Comments

In the early days of the Internet, the only option if you wanted to have a website was to use your own dedicated server to host it. Quickly, a more affordable and widely accessible option emerged: shared hosting, which simply allowed the sharing of a single server by a number of different companies. Dedicated and shared hosting met the needs of many organizations, but a middle option was desirable so that costs could be reduced (similar to shared) while customization and control could be maintained (similar to dedicated). The concept of virtualization, via a virtual private server (VPS), gradually became a popular way to structure a server.

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Discussion about Windows, Linux and cPanel VPS – Part II

Kent Roberts July 23, 2014 by under Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

<<< Go to Part I – Scripting Languages & Windows

In the first part of this two-part series, we discussed advantages and disadvantages of the two major operating systems used for hosting: Linux and Windows. The basic differentiation was that Linux is open source, more widely available, and usually much less expensive; but Microsoft is necessary for coding with .NET & ASP. After discussing the pros and cons of each OS, the first part took a closer look at Windows VPS hosting (specifically with Windows Server 2012 R2).

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VPS Mail Server – SMTP for Cloud VPS: A Real World Scenario

Kent Roberts April 24, 2014 by under Managed Hosting 0 Comments

SMTP for Cloud VPS Mail Server – A Real World Scenario

Looking to set up a VPS mail server? Atlantic.Net can help. We do our best to learn from our customers and provide content in our blog that is relevant to their needs. While we have broad information available through our site, clients often turn to our support staff for detailed queries.

By gathering questions from our hosting consultants, we are able to better tailor the information we provide to meet user needs. We call this series of everyday interactions between our clients and our consultants Real World Scenarios.

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Maintaining and Testing the Speed of a Website is Critical

Kent Roberts April 11, 2014 by under Dedicated Hosting 0 Comments

Maintaining and Testing the Speed of a Website is Critical

It’s sometimes difficult for customers of hosting services to determine which plans and companies will best meet their needs. This challenge has become more pronounced in the era of virtual private servers (VPS’s) and cloud computing. Although distributed virtualization has strongly positive attributes – speed, reliability, redundancy, cost-effectiveness, etc. – it also can be unclear exactly what you are getting.

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HIPAA Web/Database Hosting Solution – A Real World Scenario


Healthcare companies must be in full compliance with federal regulations in order to avoid fines. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains law applicable to the handling of protected health information (PHI) by healthcare plans, clearinghouses, and practices. Title II of the act includes a Privacy Rule and Security Rule, which are of special concern to covered entities when working with business associates – such as web hosting companies – on their IT architectures.

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