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Cloud Servers for Travelers On the Go

Kent Roberts
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Do you want to access the power of a strong network from anywhere? Your best bet is private cloud hosting. By connecting your PC to the power of distributed virtualization, you can benefit from groundbreaking cloud speed, no matter where you are.

We find it often helps to look at examples from our current customers. While protecting the privacy of our customers and anonymizing any sensitive details, we hope that these Real World Scenarios can help you to better understand the best path forward.

Below is a request we received from a business professional regularly traveling between the United States and India. The customer submitted the request through our site’s contact page.

After looking at the potential of private cloud hosting for worldwide use, we will look at the field of development to get a better sense of the technology’s powerful speed.


I am looking for a solution to a problem that I am facing.

I travel between the US and India frequently. I have a trading software I run on my desktop and have a 4 monitor display. While in the US it takes only 5-10 seconds initially for my charts to load when I run my trading application. However, when I open the same application while in India – same setup, 1 desktop with 4 monitors – the same file takes anywhere from 1.5 minutes to 55 minutes to load.

Please note the setup in India and the US are identical, and the files I run are also the same. In fact the system in India is more powerful than the one in the US, so that is not the issue. However, I feel running the application remotely and viewing it locally might be the solution.

I am interested to know more about your services. I am currently in India but have a US number you can call me at: 408-XXX-XXXX.  I am 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of EST. If you provide me a number and a contact person’s name, it will be easier for me to call than you to reach me.

I appreciate your response at your earliest convenience.




Thank you for contacting Atlantic.Net. Based upon your description, you seem to be experiencing latency issues. I would recommend conducting a speed test to determine whether or not our services will be a viable option for you. This can be done by visiting Once at the website, please select the location and use the test IP address. Should you have any further questions, please respond back to this email. I’ve also listed several links below that may assist you with answering other questions.

Cloud server pricing page

Cloud server FAQ page


How fast? Fast enough to legitimize daily updates

Cloud Server Hosting is allowing developers to improve the rate at which they deliver versions of software, per a survey completed earlier this year. Paul Krill of InfoWorld reported on the survey on January 23, noting how frequent the updates are becoming:

  • One in four (26%) developers releases updates once or more daily
  • Almost two out of three (63%) release updates once or more weekly.

The Cloud Development Survey, organized by Evans Data in late 2013, marked the 10th time the semiannual poll has been completed (every six months since early 2009).

Evans Data gathered information from over 400 developers who use Cloud Server hosting to deploy their software or access SaaS (software-as-a-service) for development tools. Along with the tendency of developers to release updates and releases on a more regular basis, 51% of respondents agreed on an additional benefit: enhanced integration of development and operations so that continuous delivery can occur.

Michael Rasalan of Evans said developers are starting to realize that being able to release the freshest versions of software immediately is rewarding. As Rasalan explains, the cloud effectively provides a real-time, high-flexibility solution: “A lot of this just comes down to the ability to efficiently provide updates and bug fixes dynamically.”

ISVs (independent software vendors) and corporate developers are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to daily releases, but the numbers are similar at the weekly level:

  • 46% of ISVs publish updates each day, with 74% updating each week.
  • 13% of in-house corporate developers update daily, with 66% updating weekly.

The reason for this is probably the flexibility of smaller organizations. Corporate developers are more likely to run into friction when they seek to achieve continuous delivery and condense the development cycle in general. As Rasalan put it, in some cases, “it’s just the scale of the organizations.”

The smaller, more agile ISVs also seem better able to use the cloud to integrate development with operations: 77% think the cloud enhances that connection while only 35% of internal corporate developers do.

Supercharging your private cloud hosting server

As recommended in the Real World Scenario above, you always want to test-drive a private cloud hosting server prior to purchase. After all, not every cloud is created the same. also offers dedicated, managed and HIPAA cloud hosting – contact us today for a consultation.

By Kent Roberts

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