HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Top 10 Best HIPAA Compliant VOIP Providers

Securing digital communications is an essential requirement of the Privacy and Security Rule amendments of HIPAA legislation. All communications must uphold data integrity and safeguard patient confidentiality.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a digital data phone system that commonly integrates with email and text-based services, and for healthcare organizations and covered entities, VoIP likely must be HIPAA-compliant.

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Best Practices for Creating a HIPAA-Compliant Docker Host

Docker is a popular container platform for running containerized applications and microservices. Docker provides a software-defined abstraction layer for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker has a vast library of official docker images that enables users to download and run containerized and lightweight versions of their favorite applications and operating systems.

Out of the box, Docker is not HIPAA-compliant. However, with the correct HIPAA-compliant hosting infrastructure solution in place and by using well-constructed and security-defined Dockerfiles, it is possible to run a HIPAA-compliant Docker host.

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Top 10 Firewalls in 2022

The network firewall is the gateway to your network, protecting you against threats from the outside world. A firewall can be used to intelligently protect internal and external LAN/WAN. By deploying a top Network Firewall solution, a business can protect its entire infrastructure and save both time and money.

With much of the population working from home over the last two years, the firewall has become more essential than ever. Firewalls are available as physical appliances and are often found at the top of a server rack in a data center. Their job is simple: to allow or deny network traffic between two endpoints. For cloud deployments, the firewall is available as an elastic virtual instance that can be logically positioned anywhere on the network.

Choosing the best firewall solution for your business or organization’s HIPAA Hosting or PCI Compliant Hosting can prove difficult. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 firewalls on the market to help make this choice easier for you.

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What Digital Transformations Are Coming to Healthcare?

It’s no surprise that 2020 was a year of rapid digital transformation in healthcare. Faced with a worldwide pandemic, many healthcare organizations were forced to rethink their digitization strategies and priorities.

In 2021, organizations were able to shift from survival mode into more proactive planning. This year set the stage for reimagining how processes, systems, and technology work, from creating better patient experiences to improving data practices.

So what digital transformations are coming to healthcare in 2022? Below we dig into three ways healthcare will continue to evolve through digital transformation.

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Top 10 Database Offerings

Are you in the market for a top database offering to safely and securely store your data, either on-premise or in the cloud? No matter the size of your business or organization, today’s digital culture leaves us with vast amounts of data to store, such as customer contact details, inventory tracking, or account information. A top database solution will enable you to efficiently organize your data and ensure that it remains secure while enhancing accessibility to the information.

Database offerings are part of a highly competitive market, making it difficult to find the right solution to leverage for your business. While all databases accomplish the same key task, they each offer distinct benefits and advantages. When choosing a suitable database software, you should consider how it will integrate with your existing infrastructure, whether it is user-friendly and scalable, the level of support offered, and the overall cost of the software.

We have compiled a list of the leading database solutions on the market, including both free and paid offerings.

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Post-Pandemic: Top Cybersecurity Threats to Healthcare Security

How have cybersecurity threats changed during the pandemic? Last year started slowly in terms of cyberattacks, with fewer incidents reported in January than in previous years. Then, that all changed suddenly in February and March 2020 at the height of pandemic lockdowns. There was an unprecedented rise in hacking and malicious activity online during this time. Reports from businesses and cybersecurity experts continued to climb, reaching a three-fold spike in April compared to previous years.

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Should You Choose Cloud or Dedicated Hosting for HIPAA Compliance?

Businesses and organizations in the healthcare industry need to comply with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations regarding the handling of patient data. This article will look at achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance using two different cloud computing models. We will compare the traditional cloud model and a dedicated hosting solution. Based on a company’s resources and requirements, it may be difficult to decide which solution is the best fit.

We hope to clarify that issue and help you make this important decision. The right choice needs to consider multiple factors related to the capabilities of the organization and its cloud provider.

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