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Major SMS Company Hacked

Atlantic.Net is providing this security advisory as a news item. We want to reassure our customers that Atlantic.Net does not use any of these exploited products internally or in any of our service offerings.

On 27th September 2021, U.S. telecom giant Syniverse filed to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission that they had been hacked. There is a good chance that you have never heard of Syniverse, but if you live in the United States and you have a cell phone, it’s extremely likely that your SMS data flows through Syniverse systems.

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What is Required for HIPAA Compliant Software?

Alexander Wise September 20, 2021 by under HIPAA Compliant Hosting 0 Comments

When choosing which software to use for their business, healthcare organizations must assess whether the software is HIPAA compliant. Many software providers meet HIPAA Security Rule requirements by implementing safeguards to keep patient data secure. However, there’s more to HIPAA-compliant software than security. There are certain requirements that must be met by software providers before they can be considered HIPAA compliant.

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Top 10 Server Monitoring Software Solutions

Richard Bailey September 10, 2021 by under HIPAA Compliant Hosting 0 Comments

Businesses and organizations rely on large numbers of servers, both in the cloud and on-premise, to run smoothly to ensure that their services remain productive and reliable. Poor performance, or even worse, server downtime, can have huge repercussions, impacting company revenue, customer service, and reputation. This means that close monitoring of server performance is vital.

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Characteristics of a Successful Data Protection Officer

The requirement to appoint a data protection officer stems from the passing of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK on May 25th, 2018, which applies to any companies that collect, store, or process personal data from residents of any country in the United Kingdom. Within the GDPR itself, there are clear expectations set for someone before they can even become eligible to be a data protection officer. In this article, we will review the position’s primary functions and five characteristics that aid in success within the role.

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Best HIPAA-Compliant Fax Services in 2021

Despite a move towards digital and paperless alternatives such as email, the fax machine still has a place within many healthcare organizations, providing an effective means of sending and receiving Protected Health Information (PHI). While fax may seem outdated, there has recently been a shift to cloud-based fax services, improving usability and the security of shared information. Cloud fax solutions form a sort of hybrid between traditional fax and email, allowing users to transmit data in a digital format using a secure internet connection, negating the need for expensive machinery.

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Protecting PHI / e-PHI in the Cloud

HIPAA Compliance in Virtualization

Protected Health Information (PHI) is any personally identifiable patient data that specifically relates to a patient. This might be data written to medical files, patients reports, diagnosis data, medical insurance data, and so on. In most circumstances, ePHI is actually electronic protected health information (e-PHI) as it is stored on data storage in a digital format, often using a cloud service provider (CSP) who is a business associate of the organization. 

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HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing: Frequently Asked Questions & Top Considerations

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is all about protecting the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI), and a major part of the Federal law requires a wide range of security and privacy safeguards to protect patient data at rest or in transit according to HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Rule. What this means is that when your medical files are traveling around cyberspace, it must be done with the utmost due diligence in an environment that is designed to protect against any form of a data breach and prevent an unauthorized user’s attempt to access files.

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Top HIPAA-Compliant Chat Applications in 2021

While COVID-19 social distancing measures have significantly limited our physical contact with others over the past 18 months, remote chat applications have enabled healthcare providers to stay in contact with their patients and colleagues. With face-to-face healthcare visits restricted, telehealth solutions have improved access to care and have helped to maintain physician-patient relationships.

When used by healthcare organizations to exchange sensitive patient information, chat applications must operate securely and adhere to all the relevant HIPAA guidelines. Applications within this space must make a considerable investment into ensuring their safety and security.

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