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Communication has come a long way over the past 50 years from the telephone to the cell phone to email.  Electronic communication has slowly, yet quickly, emerged as the means of contact for the future.  While it is certainly easy to email documents from a computer or smart phone, file sharing has become even simpler in the realm of cloud hosting.

For example, if you are working on a presentation at your office and then want to finish it at home, you could email the files to yourself or put the files on a USB flash drive and then access them at home to edit and complete your work.  However, what if you forgot your USB drive at work?  What if the files were too large to be successfully emailed to your other email address?  What if you wanted to delegate some work among your colleagues but want to be consistent by editing the same document?  By using cloud computing instead, you would save yourself a lot of hassle and headaches.

Cloud computing allows you to work on and save files in a folder in the cloud which you and your colleagues could access both at home and at the office.  You could all edit your various pieces and save them in the same place.  Once someone is finished editing, another could work on the same document.  You could even easily back up your work by saving a copy elsewhere in the cloud.

Electronic communication has evolved over the relatively short time it has been the predominant means of communication.  Consistency is key and sharing files via cloud computing offers much more peace of mind than doing so via email.

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