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Cloud Hosting requires a high level of expertise in networking and computing, and should be left to the experts. Atlantic.Net Cloud Hosting offers you our 20+ years of experience at a fraction of the cost of upgrading your problematic, outdated legacy servers.
Our experience may reach back decades, but our cloud hosting platform runs on the latest technology: the latest virtualization, 100% enterprise-grade SSD storage, and optional cPanel / WHM cloud hosting. Security, reliability, and simplicity are the hallmarks of our services.
With our powerful, lightning-fast Cloud Services, you can set up and launch Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD servers in 30 seconds. Atlantic.Net service is completely scalable and ready to handle the workload of as many servers as you need.

Cloud Servers backed by 100% enterprise SSD Storage.

One-Click Cloud Hosted Applications

one-click application hosting to support LAMP, LEMP, WordPress, Docker, Node.js, OctoberCMS, and cPanel.

Windows Cloud Hosting

Our cloud servers are available for small businesses up to enterprises and are fully compatible with Windows servers. Our optimum performance, speed, and extensive service options can be tailored into the perfect system for your specific requirements. Atlantic.Net Windows hosting is compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition.

Linux Cloud Hosting

We firmly believe Atlantic.Net is one of the best cloud hosting options for Linux servers as well. Our high performance SSD hosting for Linux systems is supported by professionals fully trained in Linux functionality. Atlantic.Net Linux hosting is compatible with Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Arch Linux, and Fedora. FreeBSD cloud hosting is also available.

A Few Of Our Cloud Hosting Features

Up in 30 seconds Cloud Servers

30-Second Setup

Time is money! We’ll save you both with our insanely fast build times.

Blazing Fast SSD Cloud Hosting

SSD Cloud Hosting

Don’t let sluggish servers and hard drives slow you down. With SSD technology, saving and loading happens in the blink of an eye.

Per Second Billing Cloud Servers

Accurate Billing

We are all about efficiency and economy. We bill you strictly for the time you use so you feel confident using our service for quick testing as well as long-term relationships.

Free Data Transfer

Free Data Transfer

Don’t sweat your data! We give you unlimited inbound and up to 7TB of outbound data transfer.

Cloud Hosting in Multiple Data Centers

International Cloud Data Center Locations
Scale Up Your Cloud Servers

Simple Scalability

We will grow along with your needs. Add additional resources at any time easily within seconds.

Daily Cloud Backup

Reliable Backups

Backing up your data is absolutely essential to avoid tragic and frustrating losses and setbacks. We’ll back up your information daily for a nominal fee.

No Contract Required

No Contract Required

Our service is adaptable and flexible and so are our relationships. Pay for only what you need and change whenever it suits you.

RAID Cloud Storage

RAID Redundant Storage

Our redundant RAID 10 network adds reliability by taking potential glitches in stride and keeping you up and running. With RAID 10, mirroring and striping are employed to provide the maximum amount of protection against hardware problems.

Additional IP's

Additional IP Address

One IP address is included with each server. Purchase more to suit your needs for a small additional fee.

Guaranteed Cloud Server CPU

Guaranteed CPU Cycles

Your CPU cycles are your business. We give you access to them whenever you need them, along with access to additional CPU cycles as needed.

Cloud cPanel & WHM Hosting

Add Optional cPanel & WHM

If you need more power and speed, we’ll set you up with the best control panels in the business. We can add this to any cloud hosting plan for $14.97/month. Even with cPanel, you pay for what you use!

Cloud RESTful API


Our RESTful API is suited to easily scale and will power your web applications efficiently. Programmatically provision one server or hundreds with this feature!

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Private Cloud Server Options

We understand that you may have specifications that require even greater security and control over features that can only be provided on a private cloud server. We are ready and able to accommodate those needs. A private cloud environment provides greater customization and control of hardware specs and a more sophisticated range of security and performance options.

Third-Party Certification

As a leader in cloud-based SSD hosting, Atlantic.Net is dedicated to providing all necessary comprehensive third-party certifications vital to maintaining the health and functionality of your IT infrastructure. No matter the size of your business, Atlantic.Net is the best cloud hosting service available to reliably host your apps, store, databases, critical business performance analytics, or email services. Because of our outstanding scalability, we will grow along with you and support your business expansion. Atlantic.Net brings our industry-leading SLA and robust features that can lower the exorbitant costs associated with high traffic sites and large databases. We essentially provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, peace of mind, and incredibly fast processing for less than the cost of upgrading or expanding your current on-site system.

Around the Clock Support

Atlantic.Net’s experience as a market leader in web hosting services really shines when it comes to our support team. Our team is friendly and dedicated, and you have access anytime — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are well-versed in cloud hosting technology and will be able to handle any problem you bring to them. Reach out for free by phone, email, or live support chat.

Questions About Setup?

Call 800-521-5881 and one of our skilled advisors will explain your options, our functionality and technology, and help you sign up. You’ll then be ready to build, test, and roll out your server on our SSD-powered, extremely secure, and reliable platform.

A Support Team Backed By Decades Of Experience

24/7 Cloud Support

We are always here!

Cloud Expert Support

Experts that care!

Phone, Chat and Email

Phone, Chat and Email

Atlantic.Net is a market leader in cloud hosting, with over two decades of experience in the industry. It shows - especially when you look at our support team. Signing up as a cloud hosting member with us means you'll have 24/7 access to a crop of dedicated veterans, capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

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