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Cloud Hosting by Atlantic.Net:

Our World-class cloud hosting platform provides you with the freedom to choose the plans that best fit your budget and business needs. Our plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility to business as well as developers.

Cloud Servers backed by 100% enterprise SSD Storage.

Large storage plans optimized for speed and redundancy at a low cost.
RAM vCPU SSD Transfer Linux Windows
S1.16GB 16 GB 2 500 GB 10 TB $175 $215 Order Now
S1.32GB 32 GB 4 1 TB 10 TB $300 $380 Order Now
S1.64GB 64 GB 8 2 TB 10 TB $550 $710 Order Now
S1.128GB 128 GB 16 4 TB 10 TB $999 $1,319 Order Now
Large memory plans optimized for in-memory applications at the lowest price per GB of RAM in our Cloud.
RAM vCPU SSD Transfer Linux Windows
M1.16GB 16 GB 2 40 GB 10 TB $115 $155 Order Now
M1.32GB 32 GB 4 80 GB 10 TB $225 $305 Order Now
M1.64GB 64 GB 8 160 GB 10 TB $445 $605 Order Now
M1.128GB 128 GB 16 350 GB 10 TB $880 $1,200 Order Now
Large CPU plans optimized with the highest performing processors at the lowest price per compute in our Cloud.
RAM vCPU SSD Transfer Linux Windows
C1.8GB 8 GB 4 40 GB 10 TB $149 $169 Order Now
C1.16GB 16 GB 8 80 GB 10 TB $295 $335 Order Now
C1.32GB 32 GB 16 160 GB 10 TB $585 $665 Order Now
C1.64GB 64 GB 20 350 GB 10 TB $1,025 $1,185 Order Now
The same plans we always offered, now with a new name.
RAM vCPU SSD Transfer Linux Windows
G2.1GB 1 GB 1 40 GB 1 TB $9.93 $14.97 Order Now
G2.2GB 2 GB 2 80 GB 1 TB $19.94 $29.94 Order Now
G2.4GB 4 GB 2 100 GB 1 TB $39.95 $59.96 Order Now
G2.8GB 8 GB 4 160 GB 6 TB $79 $119 Order Now
G2.16GB 16 GB 8 200 GB 7 TB $159 $239 Order Now
G2.32GB 32 GB 12 350 GB 8 TB $319 $479 Order Now
G2.64GB 64 GB 20 650 GB 9 TB $639 $959 Order Now

All prices above are monthly pricing per server. Please contact us for discounted term-commitment pricing

*Prices listed above are based on the service being utilized for the period specified. Actual price is rounded to the nearest second. For example if you only use the service for 47 seconds you are only billed for 47 seconds of usage!

A Few Of Our Cloud Hosting Features

Up in 30 seconds Cloud Servers

Up in 30 Seconds

Who likes waiting around? Seriously fast build times ensure your server is up in 30 seconds.

Blazing Fast SSD Cloud Hosting

Blazing Fast SSDs

All of our Cloud Servers are powered by enterprise solid state drives (SSDs) providing blazing fast performance for your servers and applications

Free Data Transfer

Free Data Transfer

Unlimited inbound and up to 10TB of outbound data transfer is included for free with your Cloud Server. If free outbound bandwidth is exceeded, each additional GB is $0.02/GB

Cloud Hosting in Multiple Data Centers

International Cloud Data Center Locations
Scale Up Your Cloud Servers

Scale Up Servers Anytime

Hosting in the Atlantic.Net Cloud means you have the capacity to provision additional resources whenever you require them.

Daily Cloud Backup

Daily Backup

We'll automatically back up everything stored on your server once per day for 20% of the server price. Minimum $1.00 Backup charge.

No Contract Required

Freedom and Flexibility

We believe in allowing our members freedom and flexibility with monthly pricing and discounted pricing with term commitments.

RAID Cloud Storage

RAID Storage

Our highly redundant architecture ensures that your servers and apps stay up and running when components misbehave.

Additional IP's

Additional IP Address

All Servers include one IPv4 Address. Additional IPs are available for $2.19/month ($0.003/hour).

Guaranteed Cloud Server CPU

Guaranteed CPU Cycles

We not only guarantee access to the CPU cycles you are paying for when you need them, you can also burst to use additional CPU cycles when they are not in use.

Cloud cPanel & WHM Hosting

Add Optional cPanel & WHM

The most powerful web hosting control panel on the market. Add cPanel for only $14.97 per month

Cloud RESTful API


Power and scale web applications easily using Atlantic.Net's RESTful Application Program Interface.

One-Click Cloud Hosted Applications

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Atlantic.Net is a market leader in cloud hosting, with over two decades of experience in the industry. It shows - especially when you look at our support team. Signing up as a cloud hosting member with us means you'll have 24/7 access to a crop of dedicated veterans, capable of solving any technical problem you throw their way.

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