Atlantic.Net and mesibo released the world’s first one-click deployable real-time Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) for businesses and developers. This partnership brings together Atlantic.Net, a leading global cloud services provider, and mesibo, the leading and most secure CPaaS provider, to enable enterprises, solution integrators, and developers worldwide with easy access to a highly secure and robust real-time communication platform in just one click.

The partnership between Atlantic.Net and mesibo facilitates the adoption of self-hosted CPaaS for businesses covered by regulatory compliance standards, even if they lack technical expertise, thanks to Atlantic.Net’s optional cybersecurity and compliance managed services.

The collaboration marks a significant and disruptive shift in the CPaaS industry, providing businesses with seamless access to self-hosted CPaaS services through Atlantic.Net’s cloud infrastructure. This partnership empowers customers with the world’s most secure and scalable communication platform, enabling them to easily add secure end-to-end encrypted messaging, calls, conferencing, and AI-driven chatbots into their applications and websites. This will result in increased customer market penetration in today’s app-driven landscape, where 90% of apps, such as ridesharing, social media, telemedicine, financial services, customer support, multi-party games, and more, rely on real-time communication.

The CPaaS one-click messaging application will be hosted on the Atlantic.Net cloud, enabling customers to set up communication services, like messaging, calls, and conferencing, in under 30 seconds. Atlantic.Net is offering a free-to-use G3.2GB cloud server for one full year, making it even more cost-effective for businesses to host mesibo CPaaS.