Cloud Hosting is experiencing significant growth right now, and cloud reselling is also becoming hugely popular, as small businesses and entrepreneurs realize the affordability of offering Cloud Hosting. Dedicated cloud servers are driving this transformation initiative, allowing resellers to harness the power of new, high-performance server hardware at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own data center.

The reseller performs the role of the hosting company, and they can charge their clients their own fee, making it easy to turn a profit. The reseller can create their own hosting plans that are personalized to their customers. The customer will not know that server space is being resold from a principal cloud hosting provider.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

You may be unsure exactly what reseller hosting is, so in the interests of clarity, reseller hosting is when an individual or small business leverages an existing hosting company’s infrastructure, rebrands it, and resells it to its own customer base. Website hosting is particularly popular for resellers, and frequently resellers offer servers for cryptocurrency mining. Typically a reseller will purchase one (or many) dedicated cloud hosts, then split up the resources and resell them.

Hosting providers often offer incentives to resellers, such as discounts or performance perks depending on how much server space is purchased. The reseller only has to worry about reselling computer resources; they don’t have to worry about keeping the data center lights on, the cost of power and cooling, or maintaining a strong service level agreement, as all these responsibilities are owned by the principal hosting provider.

What Is a Dedicated Cloud Host?

A dedicated cloud host is a physical server that is sold or leased in its entirety to the customer. Techies might refer to it as a dedicated piece of tin. In a typical data center, dedicated hosting will be used by businesses for complex, data-intensive tasks or for reselling purposes.

Depending on the provider, a dedicated cloud host will have a hypervisor installed and will be connected to a pre-existing cloud platform. Resellers usually have a personalized cloud portal for their customers, or they may offer a solution like cPanel to lease personalized server space.

The principal cloud provider’s software then manages the server and opens up the substantial benefits of having cloud connectivity. This makes provisioning availability near-instant, as a customer can lease the server in minutes. Despite cloud connectivity, there is no direct sharing of server resources, and resources are exclusive for the reseller to manage.

Some of the major benefits include the ability to add secure block storage on-demand and scale up the server on demand – great if your reseller business grows rapidly. Also, snapshots, onsite and offsite backup integration, replication, DNS integration, and so on are useful features.

The resellers have complete control to create, manage and remove Cloud Servers on the Dedicated Cloud Host and the freedom and flexibility to provision any resources offered on a plan by the principal hosting company.

A Perfect Match for Resellers?

With evolving technology increasing our dependence on newer developments, it can be difficult for resellers and integrators to manage modern server infrastructure. This is why there is a greater need and desire for services to help make the reseller’s and integrators’ jobs easier.

The reseller has complete control over the disk space, network bandwidth, and CPU allocations per client, enabling the creation of a white label hosting company. The reseller gets all the perks of working with the hosting provider, including 24/7 support options, uptime guarantees, and the option to leverage professional services.

For many years, managed servers helped to fuel business growth for resellers, but a saturation point has been reached where system management overhead overtakes the ability to continue growing profitably. This is not the case with a dedicated cloud host, as most of the emphasis is on the reseller’s customers to manage their own VPS.

Imagine being a reseller with the ability to turn up one-click applications, or the ability to resize a dedicated server with additional resources, not only providing greater power but also meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Dedicated Cloud Nodes are now available that help resellers to become more efficient with their time and help them bring focus to the core business functions. Client cloud servers are available in minutes and come with all the benefits of highly available infrastructure and the option to purchase additional services from the principal hosting company.

The reseller has complete control to create, manage and remove Cloud Servers on the Dedicated Cloud Host, including complete and detailed logging of each VMS, making it easier to charge your customers accurately and enabling the freedom and flexibility to provision any cloud hosting plan.

What Should I Look for in a Hosting Provider?

Hopefully, you can now understand the major benefits of using dedicated cloud hosts as a reseller, but what else should you look for?

  • Integration to a cloud control panel
  • (or) Integration with cPanel
  • High performance dedicated cloud hosts
  • Solid State Hard drives used throughout the infrastructure
  • Flexible bandwidth options
  • Bolt-on secure block storage capability
  • Scalability
  • Ability to manage DNS and Nameservers
  • Around the clock support
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Professional Service Agreements for consulting work
  • Ability to integrate with other cloud services and managed service offerings, such as a backup-as-a-service, firewall as a service, intrusion prevention as a service, and more

If you are a growing business, require the advanced features for disaster recovery and business continuity, have unpredictable growth patterns, have a SAAS offering, have a high traffic website, or want the ability to become a cloud reseller (where you can lease/resell cloud resources to another client), a dedicated cloud host is a perfect match. Not only do you get a powerful server, but the dedicated cloud host also allows you to provision multiple servers in seconds with a fully orchestrated and built cloud mechanism.

With Dedicated Hosts, the tools to accomplish a full DR plan while planning ahead for business growth are already waiting and ready to make your life easier. Atlantic.Net is a market-leading Dedicated Cloud Host, with a presence in eight international data center locations.

With Atlantic.Net Dedicated Cloud Host, you can launch Cloud Servers within minutes, backed by highly available infrastructure. You get complete control to create, manage and remove Cloud Servers with a full log of your servers and VMS, making it easy for you to bill your customers. If you would like to learn more about our Dedicated Cloud Host solution for resellers, please visit our Dedicated Host page, email [email protected], or call +1 (321) 206- 3734.