Placing promotions in the sweet spot is different for every web page but, on the home page, it’s usually the corner that all of the eyes will be moving towards. Normally, and this is the case for western culture, Americans are used to going to start in the top left corner when they start reading something.   Atlantic.Net shares top business advice to our Community as well as offering award-winning Cloud hosting solutions.

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Use action-oriented words. This is another best practice that is sometimes forgotten. If your product is the fastest, the strongest, most durable, the softest or the most delicious you need to tell prospective customers that in the very same way.

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This article is beneficial as a reminder for graphic designers or new people to set up their eCommerce online marketplace. As the list of tips are more specific to eCommerce sites and often forgotten about.

Five Tips to a Killer Landing Page « iMediaConnection Blog


There is a hidden wealth of information that analytics can deliver to business owners about their web traffic and conversion rates. When visitors find your company page through advertisements or search results, the first page they see is known as the landing page.

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This blog keeps it REALLY simple for those of you who want to optimize the first thing your potential customers see. It gets you to think about 5 simple starting points to cover all your bases to do with landing pages:

  • Traffic sources
  • Keyword usage
  • Heat mapping
  • Eye-catching elements
  • Mouse movements

Finally! Analytics That Show How Mobile Users Interact With Your Website – Small Business Technology


Mobile website analytics have changed. Now you can track so much more about your customer’s mobile behavior.

humor conversion analytics and Ecommerce Web Design

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You can get heat maps that show where people are clicking, and you can see how far down people scroll on your site. It’s a lot more information than free options like Google Analytics. CrazyEgg, Mouseflow, and ClickTale all offer these features for desktop browsing, but getting a lot of the relevant data from mobile users on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices have not been an option until now. Finally, you can tell if those changes you made have a positive “Sticky” effect on your landing pages.

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