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Atlantic.Net CEO Named to Board of Directors Florida ISP Association

Gainesville, Fla. (7/16/99) – Marty Puranik, president and CEO of Atlantic.Net, one of Florida’s fastest-growing companies, has been named to the Board of Directors of the Florida Internet Service Providers Association (FISPA). Current FISPA activities include working with other organizations to lobby the Federal Communications Commission and local regulatory bodies for open and fair access to cable systems.

Puranik welcomed the recent ruling by the Broward County Board of Commissioners to open its cable network.

“The Broward County Board of Commissioners made the right decision,” said Puranik. “Open access will give consumers a choice, allow ISPs such as Atlantic.Net to remain competitive and provide cable companies with a much quicker return on their investment in infrastructure. The decision will have nothing but a positive effect on Broward County’s economy.”

In his new role, Puranik will work with executives from 11 other Internet companies statewide to implement quality standards and practices for Internet related businesses in Florida, the mission of FISPA. Made up of 67 Internet companies, the association was instrumental in helping thwart state municipalities’ efforts to impose Internet taxes in 1996.

About Atlantic.Net

In 1995, two University of Florida students launched one of North Florida’s first commercial Internet services, Atlantic.Net.   Over it’s first seven years, Atlantic.Net acquired 13 Internet service companies and augmented its e-business services to include long distance services, dial-up, broadband, web solutions, fractional T-1 through DS-3 connectivity, DSL and ISDN access, Web hosting , Web design and e-commerce.   Atlantic.Net’s staff has grown to more than 100 employees and been recognized both Nationally and in Florida as one of the fastest-growing private companies.  Our award winning customer service and investment in cutting edge technology is still a guiding force behind the company.  Today, Atlantic.Net offers industry leading Cloud hosting, one-click WordPress Cloud Hosting, and many other services.

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