Helpdesk support software plays a vital role in the day-to-day business operations of countless businesses around the globe. Most medium or large businesses have some sort of support desk, service desk, or operations team that looks after the customer requests, IT problems, change management, and asset management. Helpdesk software categorizes issues and problems into a searchable log, helping users to manage the incident until completion.

There are hundreds of Helpdesk Support Tickets applications available, and most require a business license to unlock every feature. However, there are several fully-featured open source apps that can help your business save cash. The majority are available as SaaS offerings that are managed directly by the supplier; the customer simply consumes the product as needed. Others require a local application server, database, or the corresponding Docker containers to work.

Choosing the right helpdesk support ticket software for your business or organization can prove difficult. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 helpdesk and support tools on the market to help make this choice easier for you.

What are the Top 10 Helpdesk Support Software Solutions?

1. Ubersmith

Ubersmith is a favorite here at Atlantic.Net because it provides an entire suite of products that help our teams work smarter and more inclusively. A key tool used by our support staff is the Ubersmith Ticketing System. This email-based ticketing system integrates directly with monitoring solutions, billing platforms, and asset databases to create a complete solution to manage customer issues end-to-end.

It’s the best solution when working with multiple customers, as the toolset allows our teams to seamlessly manage clients 24×7, aiding our delivery of industry-leading customer support with automated ticket escalation and resolution for repetitive tasks. Department and workflow management tools allow our teams to keep on top of a large number of tickets.

2. Zendesk

ZenDesk is a premium helpdesk platform that focuses on developers by providing a large number of API-driven tools that integrate with cloud platforms and existing collaboration tools such as Teams or Slack. Social integration plays an important role; integration with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc is available out of the box. ZenDesk is popular with customer-facing businesses wanting to deliver an omnichannel presence.

While ZenDesk is expensive, it allows you to build out personalized help centers and community forums, and you can even integrate smart AI customer support into your website if required.

3. HappyFox

HappyFox is a relatively new helpdesk solution that has many social networking services built into the platform, including integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as email, voice, and text. It is a web-based application that focuses on ticket organization to help teams to manage their queues, status, and priority of tickets with minimal fuss.

Assets can be imported from tools like Salesforce to enable detailed customer information to be readily available directly from the ticket. For support teams that handle regular queries, canned responses can be created to give user instructions at the click of a button instead of typing personalized responses for every customer – clever stuff.

4. Jira Service Management (JSM)

JSM is an Atlassian helpdesk and change management product that aims to offer a simple interface with a powerful backend. Tickets can be logged and automatically closed, escalated, or communicated to the correct team using automation, and it can even dial-out to on-call teams with the relevant 3rd party plugins.

Best of all is that it integrates directly with the rest of the Atlassian suite: JIRA for Scrum project management, BitBucket for coding, and Confluence for documentation. Each product can reference the others, making for a highly intuitive environment.

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a SaaS Helpdesk Support tool that is customer-centric and perfect for customer service installations. It provides an omnichannel interface where customers can log tickets and chat with representatives. Much of its automation focuses on cutting down manual and repetitive work, including automating responses to commonly asked questions using the power of AI.

There is a self-service option that includes self-help and chatbots that interact directly with the customer before offloading to an agent if needed. In-house collaboration is great, too, with features such as agent collision detection, shared ownership, and in-app collaboration.

6. Spiceworks Cloud Helpdesk

Spiceworks is the first free helpdesk solution to make it onto our top 10. It is available as cloud-based SaaS helpdesk software and as a locally installable product. Limited tech support is also free, which is excellent. Some manual configuration is needed to get the platform working with other alerting software and to set up monitors, alerts, custom ticket attributes, and ticket rules.

Spiceworks works on mobile and integrates well with existing email products such as Exchange. User access works with LDAP or Active Directory, and it’s straightforward to build out a knowledge base for customers and employees.

7. Richmond Systems (RichDesk)

RichDesk is a helpdesk and asset management tool that strictly observes the ITIL framework for helpdesk ticket management, making it a great choice for Service Desks. The toolset can be hosted locally or in the cloud; customers have access to a web portal, and users have access to a bespoke application. It requires a SQL backend to build out a CMDB that grows as the product is used.

Richmond features change management, ticket automation, and helpful in-ticket SLA timings to ensure the Service Desk is hitting contracted targets.

8. Service Now

Service Now is one of the biggest players in helpdesk support ticket software and now offers multiple spin-off products for IT service management. It is a primarily SaaS-based platform. AI plays a key role in Service Now as IT incidents get auto-assigned to the correct resolution team and DevOps change approvals are automated to speed up implementation timings.

Service Now includes automated support for common requests with virtual agents that understand simple human language. You can gain full visibility with built-in dashboards and real-time analytics. It has great compatibility, too, integrating seamlessly with Oracle, Jira, SAP, Azure, and many other services.

9. OsTicket

OsTicket is another open source and free helpdesk ticket management system. It relies on users being able to install and host it locally, but the implementation is very simple, and it’s even available as a 1-click Docker image. Considering that it’s free, the feature list is very impressive and includes dashboards, filters, a customer support portal, SLAs, and self-help support.

Customization is key with OsTicket. They know that every company has different needs, so it includes powerful customization options to allow the user to create an environment that perfectly suits their business. Some of the customization options include custom queues, fields, help topics, agent collision avoidance, and more.

10. Front

Front is a new help desk tool that aims to interact with customers as people instead of a ticket number. To do this, it heavily relies on social networking interaction, email, SMS, and chat tools to collaborate with the client. Each support channel such as FaceBook, WhatsApp, CRM, live chat, etc is ingested into a single pane of glass, making the management of all these systems super simple.

How Can Atlantic.Net Help?

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