We are thrilled to announce the launch of Atlantic.Net Teams (ANT), our latest innovation in cloud collaboration. As Atlantic.Net celebrates its 30th anniversary of providing cutting-edge web services worldwide, ANT represents our commitment to empowering teams with secure and efficient collaboration tools.

What is Atlantic.Net Teams?

With ANT, users can effortlessly collaborate and share resources such as cloud servers, IP addresses, DNS, block storage, and more. This empowers teams to work together efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world without sharing sensitive information like login credentials or billing information.

Key Features of Atlantic.Net Teams:

Secure Collaboration:

ANT enables users to securely collaborate without exposing sensitive information like login credentials or billing details. Teams can effortlessly share resources such as cloud servers, IP addresses, DNS, and block storage, facilitating seamless collaboration without risk.

Multi-Level User Access:

Manage privileged information effectively with ANT’s multi-level user access. Assign specific roles such as administrator, technical, billing, observer, or custom groups, ensuring each team member has the appropriate level of access.

Enhanced Security Measures:

ANT offers a range of security measures to safeguard data and resources. From requiring two-factor authentication for team users to setting password policies and preventing password reuse, Atlantic.Net enforces robust security protocols as standard.

Resource Management Hub:

ANT includes a centralized resource management hub, allowing teams to track actions and access vital information effortlessly. From creating and inviting team members to setting security permissions and tracking user actions via audit logs, everything is conveniently accessible within the ANT interface.

Global Accessibility:

Atlantic.Net boasts a global presence, with data centers strategically located in eight secure locations worldwide. Teams can leverage Atlantic.Net’s fault-tolerant infrastructure and ultra-fast performance by simplifying collaboration from New York to Singapore and London to San Francisco.

Benefits of Atlantic.Net Teams (ANT):

Streamlined Collaboration: ANT simplifies teamwork by enabling seamless collaboration, allowing teams to work together efficiently, regardless of their physical location. This creates controlled, smoother communication and project coordination.

Heightened Productivity: By removing the complexity of sharing sensitive information and optimizing resource management, ANT significantly boosts productivity. Teams can focus more on their tasks, leading to accelerated project delivery and improved outcomes.

SecOps: ANT prioritizes the security of data and resources with its comprehensive security measures. Teams can confidently collaborate, knowing their information is safeguarded against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Scalable Infrastructure: Atlantic.Net’s scalable computing infrastructure gives teams access to the resources they need to scale and expand their projects seamlessly. This ensures that the platform grows with the team’s requirements, effectively supporting their evolving needs.

All new customers will receive a free cloud server for a year, including 2GB RAM, 50 GB SSD disk, and 3TB monthly transfer. Atlantic.Net is also offering a $250 free credit to new customers who sign up for its cloud platform which can be used for up to 60 days.

Ready to elevate your team’s collaboration experience? Get started in the Atlantic.Net Control Panel today!