If you’re starting to notice a system slowdown as your busy server and cloud connections struggle to handle your ever-increasing data volume, you’re ready to upgrade. Newer cloud servers with 40Gigabit InfiniBand vs. 1GB or 10GB can take you to higher bandwidth and lower latency (Latency is another word for the noticeable lag time between server and client. Low latency is important in user interface applications as well as processing large amounts of data backup.)

40Gigabit products give an extra “kick.”

Your IT data center may be coping with cloud applications that need the extra switching capacity of high-performance InfiniBand connectors. The lower capacity of the 1Gb or 10GB is slowing down data transfer. Upgrading to 40Gigabit switching solutions can provide that extra kick to keep up with the competition. This is especially important for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on the cloud to keep IT costs down and scalability up.

End-to-end solutions…

High capacity InfiniBand technology delivers a higher density bandwidth with a low port-to-port latency measured in just 230 nanoseconds. (One nanosecond is one billionth of a second. So latency here would not be an issue. For example, the blink reaction of the human eye is about 6,000 times slower than that.)

For example, Mellanox Technologies markets a 40 Gigabit Ethernet end-to-end switch array that promises a latency of 250 nanoseconds “while providing optimal performance for enterprise data center, financial services, web 2.0, high-performance computing and cloud computing applications.”

40Gigabit NICs (Network Interface Controllers) needed…

The latest 40Gigabit NICs rest right on the computer motherboard, require low power with high acceleration for hungry cloud applications. The higher bandwidth overcomes the need for previous multiple Ethernet connections to the server. Mellanox Technologies also markets a 40Gigabit Infiniband adapter card that is ideal for applications that compete for bandwidth (clustered databases, applications that work in parallel, etc.).

New is better…

Atlantic.Net’s Cloud Hosting solution offers the higher capacity 40Gigabit technology that can process more data backup, handle more network traffic, and give better service to clients. Contact us to learn more about our 40Gigabt InfiniBand services.

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