The ITT Technical Institute contacted us to help turn theory into practice for one of their classes.  We welcomed this opportunity to help educate the future Engineers of Central Florida.

We set up Daniel Poremba, Professor at the School of Information Technology, and his class of roughly twenty with Preston C, the Senior Linux Engineer at Atlantic.Net. Preston took the class on a tour of Atlantic.Net and explained the significance of each component, from the fastest cloud Server to the industrial-grade generator and UPS’s.  Preston explained the various systems powered by Linux and why Atlantic.Net chooses to use open source products over some commercial products.  He also explained the applications of Linux in addition to that of an Operating System. He was able to demonstrate further how these systems integrate with other non-Linux systems. For example, Atlantic.Net uses many Linux systems and applications to run a portion of our infrastructure due to its power, flexibility, stability, robustness, and cost. These factors are invaluable when considering the integrity and cost efficiency of operating a cloud hosting center Center like ours.

Throughout the two-hour tour of our facility, these future engineers asked many thorough, well-thought-out questions, and Preston was happy to help them understand the reasoning and logic with his technical insight.

We want to thank Daniel Poremba and his class for visiting our Center and allowing us to give this invaluable experience back to the community. Preston had nothing but good things to say about the group, and he was very impressed with their quality and intellect!

We look forward to exploring other opportunities to give similar rich experiences back to the community that has made us what we are today!  If you or your school would like to schedule a tour of Atlantic.Net to further enhance your curriculum, please e-mail us to set up a tour.  Our world-class fast enterprise-class VPS hosting is only second to our knowledgeable and courteous staff.

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