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Atlantic.Net provides a full line of SSD Cloud Hosting solutions that give you flexibility and control, backed by almost two decades of experience in connectivity, advanced computing, hosting and web technologies. We give you the best SSD Cloud Hosting Solutions available on the market more efficiently. Instead of managing applications on legacy servers, you can power your IT infrastructure with a leveraged pool of shared but dedicated resources.

Comprehensive Cloud Hosting Solutions

We support an array of business models, knowing a one-size-fits-all approach to Cloud Hosting seldom works.Your concerns with latency, security, and modernization are gone. Our SSD Cloud Hosting solution also lessens costs associated with high-traffic sites, redundant storage and large databases.

SSD Cloud Servers

SSD Cloud Servers provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional hosting.

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Cloud vs. VPS

All the benefits of VPS, plus much more, with the latest SSD Cloud Server hosting.

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SSD Cloud VPS Hosting Packages

XXSmall256 MB1 vCPU10 GB 1 TB$0.005$3.65----
XSmall512 MB1 vCPU20 GB 2 TB$0.0068$4.97----
Small1024 MB1 vCPU40 GB 3 TB$0.0136$9.93$0.0205$14.97
Medium2048 MB1 vCPU80 GB 4 TB$0.0273$19.94$0.041$29.94
Large4096 MB2 vCPU100 GB 5 TB$0.0547$39.95$0.0821$59.96
XLarge8192 MB4 vCPU160 GB 6 TB$0.1095$79.97$0.1643$119.99
XXLarge16384 MB4 vCPU200 GB 7 TB$0.219$159.94$0.3287$239.98
* Monthly pricing is an estimate based on a VPS running a full month (730 hours).
The above plans and pricing are valid for new servers created after January 20th, 2014.

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Additional Options & Details

cPanel/WHM: $0.0205/hr ($14.97/mo)

  • 1 Gbps Port
  • Setup: FREE
  • Deploy In 30 Seconds
  • 24/7/365 Live Support
  • Data Transfer In: FREE
  • Hosted Cloud DNS: FREE
  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime
  • Deploy Windows or Linux Servers
  • Each Additional IP Address: $0.005/hr
  • 100% Enterprise Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Data Transfer Out: $0.02/GB (All plans include a minimum of 1,000GB / 1TB free transfer)

Industry Leading Cloud Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Network Uptime: 100% SLA
  • Cloud Server Hardware: 100% SLA
  • Infrastructure: 100% SLA
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What is Cloud Hosting?

The cloud is a virtualized environment that takes advantage of technology to help reduce business IT infrastructure costs.  Cloud is comprised of many servers, working as a pool.That’s the basic nature of cloud hosting: multiple servers. Cloud hosting is a technological framework rather than a defined physical object. A network then delivers data from the cloud to users on the web.

Cloud hosting allows many different servers to function as one unit for storage and processing. The data and files for your site are distributed throughout hard disks that are integrated and organized for optimized efficiency, reliability, and speed (i.e., low latency). A cluster of servers, managed through a cloud hosting platform, draws on the operating power of many machines. If you use a strong cloud hosting provider (CHP) such as Atlantic.Net, your infrastructure scales as needed: there are no limits.

How Cloud Hosting Relates to the Internet

One way of thinking about cloud hosting is with reference to the entire web. Although “the cloud” accesses a finite number of machines, whereas the Internet includes every server on the planet (and every client machine, depending how you look at it), cloud hosting allows your IT architecture a design that is similar in fashion to the Internet itself.

Cloud hosting, like the overall web, is about interconnection between people, organizations, and ideas. It allows users easier access to businesses because the reliability and scalability that is intrinsic to the cloud makes it more possible for large and sophisticated sets of data to compute and transfer at cost-effective pricing. Atlantic.Net is proud to be a part of the cloud hosting revolution.

How Cloud Hosting Works

As your site grows and your traffic grows, cloud hosting essentially allows your server to grow with you. It is beyond robust. Your storage and processing potential is never too big or too small due to the “brain” of the cloud, software that operates in the background to manage resources moment by moment.

Cloud hosting is not by any means a “set it and forget it” solution, though. Administrators at your business or its hosting company monitor the real-time loads of devices throughout the cloud server, using the virtualization capacity of the cloud hosting platform. Sysadmins of cloud hosting environments configure and reconfigure load, efficiency, and backup parameters so that the system operates as smoothly as possible.

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