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Announcing Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) announced support for Windows Server 2022 in November 2021. We were one of the very first cloud providers to offer the very latest version of Microsoft’s award-winning Operating System.

Today we are proud to support the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience, a finely tuned desktop-focused edition customized for the Atlantic.Net cloud platform.

You can spin up a Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Desktop Experience instance right now! Simply log on to the ACP Cloud Console and then:

  1. Select Add Server
  2. Give it a name
  3. Choose a location
  4. Choose a plan
  5. Select additional options
  6. Click create.

Windows will be built and configured automatically and you will be able to log in after about 90 seconds.

What Makes the Atlantic.Net Desktop Experience Unique?

If you have ever built a vanilla installation of Windows Server, you will understand that the installation and initial configuration stage is often time-consuming, with Microsoft seemingly putting obstacles in your path to get the configuration you want and need.

Our Professional Services team has created the Desktop Experience edition to remedy this problem. Not only will the server launch in under 30 seconds and be fully operational in under 90 seconds, but the Desktop Experience edition is tweaked to give you the best possible experience.

Some highlights of our Desktop Experience edition:h

  • We disabled IE Enhanced Security protection by default. Don’t be alarmed, as many consider this “feature” unnecessary and annoying since it seemingly blocks almost everything you try to browse on the Internet. We turn off this feature and instead offer security built into Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.
  • We fine-tuned the HD video and audio experience (we recommend at least 2GB RAM or more for the best HD video experience).
  • We have improved the base performance of Windows Server 2022 to take advantage of the Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform. Running applications now take preference over background services, resulting in a smoother experience with less resource usage.
  • We have bundled in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • Dot Net Framework 4.8 is installed by default to make your application experience a much smoother proposition.

Windows Server 2022 on the Atlantic.Net Cloud

Windows Server 2022, the latest Windows Server product from Microsoft, along with Windows 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows 2012, are all available as Virtual Private Cloud Servers (VPS) from Atlantic.Net.

Atlantic.Net’s Windows Server Hosting plans start at only $0.0238095 per hour (or $16.00 per month), with usage calculated on a per hour basis. For a limited time, Atlantic.Net is offering all new clients a free-to-use Windows Server 2022 Cloud Server for one full year on the G3.2GB Cloud Server plan, which includes 3 TB of outbound data transfer.

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform provides fault-tolerant, ultra-fast performance, and includes award-winning Cloud Servers, Secure Block Storage, one-click applications, DNS, Dedicated Hosts, private networking, RESTful API, data backup, a full suite of managed services, 24x7x365 expert U.S.-based support, and more.

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