HIPAA Compliant Data Center

The Role of Business Associates in HIPAA Compliant Hosting

  • HITECH and the Role of Business Associates
  • Business Associate Definition
  • Examples and Wide-Ranging Scope

HITECH and the Role of Business Associates

A HIPAA compliant system must be designed conscientiously to include the various security and privacy technologies discussed in the above video.

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Healthcare HIPAA API Explained

  • The Rise of HIPAA-Compliant Mobile
  • The Essence of HIPAA Compliance
  • An API as a HIPAA Compliance Tool

The Rise of HIPAA-Compliant Mobile

The third platform of cloud-delivered mobile allows users to pull in data from various locations (whether stored anywhere online or locally) so that they are operating with real-time knowledge. Although all IT decisions must be particularly conscientious in healthcare both because of compliance and the acceleration of hacking, wearables and other smart devices continue to grow in popularity.

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HIPAA Compliant File Storage

How can you take advantage of the incredible power of cloud hosting while still meeting HIPAA data storage requirements at all times?

The best way currently available to store your medical files and share them between various parties is with HIPAA compliant cloud storage. Various cloud apps are designed for filesharing (examples include Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive), which also allows you to back up the files and synchronize data between various devices. However, general technological solutions are not designed for the special case of healthcare – in particular with regard to encryption.

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Healthcare Hosting Story: HIPAA-Compliant Website and Mobile App

Dell strategist Jim Stikeleather has argued that big data projects should tell a story. He said that by thinking in a similar manner to journalists, data scientists can more deliberately and captivatingly frame and communicate the information and filters they want to explore.

Storytelling can assist with understanding of any situation, particularly technology – which often can seem obtuse, boring, and inhuman. Obviously, people breathe life into technological situations – as when stories are told of people problem-solving using the tools of the technological era.

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HIPAA Compliance for Hospitals & ASP’s: Avoid the Wall of Shame & Stay Within Budget

The current enforcement landscape

“Knowing what’s in the pipeline, I suspect that that number will be low compared to what’s coming up.” – Department of Health & Human Services OCR Counsel Jerome B. Meites, referring to the $10 million collected in HIPAA settlements from June 2013 to June 2014

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Specialty Pharmacy Website – A Real World Scenario

An innovative company recently contacted us for a hosting plan. The firm is a technology and customer service provider to the specialty pharma industry. They needed an architecture that would maintain the regulatory compliance of their new web marketing program for custom drug solutions.

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HIPAA Compliant .NET Web-Based Application Hosting: A Real World Scenario

Hybrid hosting comic

The majority of healthcare organizations – including plans, providers, and clearinghouses – must be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). One aspect of compliance is contracting with outside specialists that can handle certain data-related responsibilities. These technology partners are experts at hosting compliant websites and applications, serving as business associates (via business associate agreements, or BAAs) for healthcare clients and their affiliates.

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Commonly Asked Questions and How-To’s About HIPAA Compliance: Part 2

hippo compliance humor

<<< Part 1

Below is the conclusion of our two-part series covering HIPAA compliance, so that healthcare plans, providers, and clearinghouses have ample information. We continue by addressing the remainder of six common questions, followed by a couple of “snapshot tutorials” that address the needs of those preparing to deploy HIPAA compliant systems.

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HIPAA Hosting Solution for Advanced Directive and Durable Power of Attorney Documents: A Real World Scenario

HIPAA Hosting Solution for Advanced Directive and Durable Power of Attorney Documents: A Real World Scenario
Various marketing sites argue for the power of customer-sourced content, suggesting that individual remarks and questions can create great material for other users. After all, the details of a situation may be unique, but the general concerns tend to be shared by others, at least those within the same industry.

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