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Dallas VPS

Dallas VPS

Located in the heart of the city of Dallas, Texas, our USA-Central-1 data center offers convenience to clients across the United States and those looking for direct links into Central America. We offer a wide range of services from this carrier-neutral location, including USA dedicated hosting, cloud services, HIPAA Hosting, PCI-DSS Hosting, and much more.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Our Texas cloud center is operated by NTT TX1. The host facility is located in downtown Dallas, which is perfect for businesses needing high-availability hosting. The Dallas VPS network facility is built from the ground up to be highly available, resilient, flexible, and efficient.

Since reliability is fundamental to your experience, we offer a 100% uptime SLA. IPv6 support is also available in this region for our cloud VPS and dedicated hosting services.

Dallas VPS Hosting

Dallas VPS hosting offers a comprehensive selection of hosting plans. All Dallas VPS come with SSD storage as standard and high-speed connections throughout. You can opt for Windows VPS hosting and Linux distributions.

The Dallas VPS plan includes access to the pre-installed Operating Systems and software licensing (where applicable), all at a convenient and affordable monthly cost.

Choose from 24 virtual private server hosting plans available in four categories:

Dallas VPS Hosting

General Purpose:

Our G3 plans range from 1vCPU and 2GB RAM to 96vCPU and 192GB RAM. These are perfect for everyday use, such as website and application hosting.

Storage Optimized:

Our S2 plans feature added SSD storage for those who need extra space. The plans start at 500GB SSD storage, ranging to 4TB SSD storage!

Memory Optimized:

Our M2 plans are perfect for database VPS servers or any application that demands lots of memory. Plans range from 16GB RAM to 128GB of Super fast ECC RAM.

Compute Optimized:

Our C2 plans are for those who need a gold-standard, high-MHz CPU per cycle. Plans start at 4vCPU and go up to 20vCPU.

Dallas VPS Server Hosting Benefits

Dallas VPS Control Panel

VPS Control Panel:

Our user-friendly VPS control panel for easy management and configuration of VPS server resources. With easy access to snapshots, block storage, SSH keys, Private and Public IPs, DNS, and Atlantic.Net popular collaboration tool Teams, all from the ACP Control Panel.

Dallas Linux Distribution

Linux Distribution:

We support various Linux distributions for VPS servers, providing flexibility in choosing the best open-source server operating system. These include Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Rocky, Oracle Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Arch Linux.

Dallas One Click Applications

One Click Applications:

All Linux distributions deploy in less than 30 seconds! Plus, we have a wide range of one-click applications featuring popular pre-configured servers created by the experts at Atlantic.Net. For your convenience, choose between LAMP/LEMP stack, WordPress, Docker, NodeJS, CPanel, and more.

Dallas Rapid Windows VPS Server Setup

Rapid Windows VPS Server Setup

We have every edition from 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022 for our Windows users. Each is available in different flavors and licensed for you to use. The cost is built into the VPS plan. Windows VPS typically deploys in about 60 seconds.

Dallas Expert Support

Expert Support:

Our US-based dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist with VPS server setup, management, and troubleshooting.

Dallas SSD Storage

SSD Storage:

Utilizes SSD storage for VPS servers, ensuring better performance and low latency for websites and applications users.

Dallas Root Access

Root Access:

We provide administrative privileges to VPS servers as standard, allowing users complete control over access to their server environment. Windows Server users have immediate access to the server via a local Administrator account.

Dedicated Dallas VPS Servers

Our dedicated VPS servers offer unmatched speed and reliability. With dedicated IP addresses and DDoS protection, our Dallas VPS servers ensure your online presence remains secure and uninterrupted. Enjoy instant setup and unlimited access to your VPS server, allowing you to customize and manage as desired.

Choose from various operating systems, including the latest versions of Linux, and access a wealth of resources to support your needs. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with queries or concerns, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

Experience the convenience of managing your hosting environment with SSH access and enjoy peace of mind with our robust security measures.

Dallas Dedicated Dallas VPS Servers

Dallas VPS Managed Services

Atlantic.Net Managed Services are available in our Dallas, Texas, Network Operations Center. To complement our hosting experience, maximize your IT support with various managed services.

Server Management

Take the stress out of server management, and let our team of experts manage your server's day-to-day operations. Our support teams proactively monitor your operating system, responding to alerts such as high CPU, disk, or memory - responding accordingly.

Atlantic.Net Managed Firewall

Our intelligent perimeter network firewalls isolate your servers from the outside world. Our intelligent firewall responds automatically to threats, blocking them before they enter the network. The Firewall works hand-in-hand with our DDoS protection and Intrusion Protection Systems.

Multifactor Authentication

Protect your investment with MFA, a two-step process to log on and use software on your system.

Endpoint Protection

Need managed Antivirus Protection? We offer Trend Micro Deep Scan as a managed service. It protects Dallas VPS customers against the latest threats, including viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Managed Backup

Our Managed Backup Solution is the first line of defense against digital information loss. We protect your raw data using a secure 3-2-1 strategy, meaning three copies of your data are protected on our systems.

Compliance Hosting

Our Dallas location is one of our primary compliance hosting business locations. We offer the following options: FISMA, HIPAA, HITECH, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Privacy Shield, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, and SSAE 16 Type 2 hosting.

Plenty more managed services are available for your Dallas VPS; check out our Managed Services pages for more information.

Dallas Hosting facility Features and Specifications:

Dallas VPS Hosting Solutions icon

Dallas VPS Hosting Solutions

The Dallas VPS hosting center is one of our most advanced Data Center locations. Here are some of the outstanding features available:

Dallas Tier IV icon

Tier IV

The Dallas VPS facility exceeds the Tier IV standards of the Uptime Institute, ensuring guaranteed continuous and great uptime.

Dallas Advanced Building Facilities icon

Advanced Building Facilities:

With a 42-acre campus with 230,000 square feet of space, our Dallas VPS facility is vast, with plenty of room for future growth and expansion.

Dallas Data Center Hall Space icon

Data Center Hall Space:

The Atlantic.Net Dallas VPS server suite offers over 118,000 square feet of dedicated floor space, ideal for hosting virtual private servers (VPS) with full connectivity and minimal latency.

Dallas Power Feed icon

Power Feed:

Fed by two 138KV lines connected to five transformers, experience class-leading redundancy with two redundant utility power circuits to each building, guaranteeing a reliable Dallas VPS hosting environment.

Dallas Generator Power Capacity icon

Generator Power Capacity:

The site boasts a 3400 kW generator capacity, ensuring excellent uptime in the event of power interruptions.

Dallas Cooling Redundancy icon

Cooling Redundancy:

Our Dallas VPS servers utilize waterless cooling with indirect air exchange cooling technology, featuring 74 rooftop cooling units for maintaining optimal temperature.

Dallas Parking icon


Need to visit the site? It is secured with an anti-climb perimeter fence and dedicated customer parking, restricting public access for enhanced security of VPS servers.

Dallas Security icon


Security is the number one priority for Atlantic.Net. All of our Dallas VPS server facilities feature manned 24/7 security, strict access controls, and multi-level security zones throughout the building.

Dallas Compliance icon


Our Dallas VPS hosting facility complies with best-in-class industry standards, including SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, FISMA, and HIPAA, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance for VPS hosting.

Why Atlantic.Net Dallas?

Looking for a VPS in Dallas? Experience the power of Atlantic.Net in Dallas for your VPS hosting needs. Our Dallas VPS servers offer high-speed network connections, ensuring lightning-fast performance for your website or application.

With superuser access and DDoS protection, you have complete control and security over your VPS server, while our SSD storage guarantees high performance and reliability.

Upgrade to Atlantic.Net in Dallas today and experience the difference in VPS hosting. Whether you are a small business owner or a seasoned developer, our Linux-based hosting solutions offer the resources and flexibility you need to succeed.

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